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1. C19 - "When several salvors are on-scene at the same time to assist a vessel that has not been abandoned, which principal governs the decision as to which one's services will be accepted? "


2. C19 - "Your vessel is disabled and in imminent danger of grounding on a lee shore. The Master agrees to salvage services using Lloyd's Standard Form of Salvage Agreement. Which is TRUE? "


3. What is the Masters responsibility under a time charter party?


4. What does the term means Sous Palan as used in charter parties?


5. A seaman leaves a vessel before it sails from a foreign port. He informs the Chief Officer that he wont return. After the vessel sails, the Chief Officer finds the seamans work clothes in his locker. How should the Master handle this matter?


6. A vessel is entering port A for the first time and has a Pilot conning the vessel. The Master is unsure that the Pilot is taking sufficient action to prevent a collision. What should the Master do?


7. A vessel while enroute to a dry dock sank. Under these circumstances, what are the vessels owner can claim?


8. According to the IMO Code, what are the minimum number of securing points that should be on each side of a road vehicle, whose gross vehicle mass is between 3.5 tons and 20 tons, when carried on RoRo vessels?


9. According to the IMO Code, what are the minimum number of securing points that should be on each side of a road vehicle, whose gross vehicle mass is between 30 tons and 40 tons, when carried on RoRo vessels?


10. Due to the nature of a vessels construction for a particular trade, it does not fully comply with the provisions of SOLAS. Where will this be indicated?


11. C19 - A crew member has suffered frostbite to the toes of both feet. What should you do?


12. C19 - A crew member suddenly becomes blind in both eyes. Which code should your message contain?


13. C19 - A man has a burn on his arm. There is reddening of the skin, blistering, and swelling. What burn is this using standard medical terminology?


14. C19 - A man has suffered a burn on the arm. There is a reddening of the skin but no other apparent damage. What burn is this using standard MEDICAL terminology?


15. C19 - A man has suffered a burn on the arm. There is extensive damage to the skin with charring present. How is this injury classified using standard medical terminology?


16. C19 - A message giving warning of a hurricane should have which prefix when sent by radiotelephone?


17. C19 - A package contains nitric acid solution and is radioactive. The radiation level at the package surface is .36 millirems per hour. How should this package be labeled?


18. C19 - A patient in shock should NOT be placed in which position?


19. C19 - A person has suffered a laceration of the arm. Severe bleeding has been controlled by using a sterile dressing and direct pressure. What should you do next?


20. C19 - A shipmate chokes suddenly, cannot speak, and starts to turn blue. What should you do?


21. C19 - A vessel arrives in port and the Master files a Marine Protest with a Notary Publi Why would a Master effect this documents?


22. C19 - A vessel has a charter party for one voyage to carry a full load of manganese from Durban, South Africa, to Baltimore, Maryland, at a stipulated rate per ton. Which type of contract is involved?


23. C19 - A vessel is involved in a casualty. What includes the cost of property damage?


24. C19 - A vessel loads 5000 tons of manganese ore. The railroad cars that brought the ore to the vessel were previously loaded with iron ore so the ore is contaminated. The agent requests the Master to sign a Clean Bill of Lading and in return the shipper will give him a Letter of Indemnity. What is the best procedure to follow?


25. C19 - A vessel puts into the port of Kobe, Japan to discharge cargo. While awaiting completion of the cargo operation, the vessel contracts with a local shipyard to have the hull chipped, scaled, and painted. How is the cost of this maintenance handled with the Collector of Customs?


26. C19 - A victim has suffered a seconddegree burn to a small area of the lower arm. What is the proper treatment for this injury?


27. C19 - A victim is coughing and wheezing from a partial obstruction of the airway. What an observer should do?


28. C19 - According to the Chemical Data Guide, propylene oxide is assigned a health hazard rating of 3,2,2. What does the last digit 2 of the rating means?


29. C19 - According to the Chemical Data Guide, what flash point (degrees F) of fuel oil number 6 has?


30. C19 - According to the Chemical Data Guide, what is NOT a recommended extinguishing agent for an ethyl chloride fire?


31. C19 - At least one reinspection shall be made on each vessel holding a Certificate of Inspection valid for two years. What should be the duration of certificate inspection besides being held between the tenth and fourteenth months?


32. C19 - During the course of a voyage, a seaman falls on the main deck and injures his ankle. When should the Master submit a Report of Marine Accident, Injury or Death?


33. C19 - For whom does the qualification requirements apply?


34. C19 - How could Arbitration be international?


35. C19 - How is a portable fire extinguisher is placed in operation?


36. C19 - If a Master must jettison a container loaded with hazardous material, whom he must, as soon as possible?


37. C19 - If safety representatives are elected on any ship, the employer must appoint a ______. This is mandatory on any ship that has elected safety representatives.


38. C19 - If there is a possibility of confusion, which signal should be used to send the group True Bearing 045 Degrees?


39. C19 - If you are the curriculum developer and director of the training program, which of the following general jobs should comes FIRST?


40. C19 - In authority and assertiveness, which of the following thoughts is correct if a master or pilot is considered to be of too high authority? I. Total command expected II. Lack of communication III. Cannot delegate IV. Performance orientation


41. C19 - In writing up the logbook at the end of your watch, you make an error in writing an entry. What is the proper way of correcting this error?


42. C19 - Principles to be observed in determining the safe manning of a ship the PSCO should take into account the following no board functions when applicable EXCEPT drill or training?


43. C19 - Several merchant ships are arriving at the scene of a distress incident. One of the them must assume the duties of the Coordinator Surface Search (CSS). Which of the following statements is TRUE?


44. C19 - What first, second, and third degree burns are classified according to?


45. C19 - What ia called as Effective and efficient organizations that has a hierarchical structure?


46. C19 - What immediately followed does a vessel in distress should send by radio telephone the two tone alarm signal?


47. C19 - What is a treatment for traumatic shock?


48. C19 - What is an emergency lifesaving procedure that consists of recognizing and correcting failure of the respiratory or cardiovascular systems?


49. C19 - What is the next step to do once the problem has been defined?


50. C19 - What should be done to a person suffering from possible broken bones and internal injuries?


51. C19 - What should the Master do before he/she relieves the Pilot of the conn?


52. C19 - What should you do when a crew member is unconscious and the face is flushed?


53. C19 - What should your radiotelephone log must contain according to the Vessel BridgetoBridge Radiotelephone Act?


54. C19 - What would precede to a signal indicating Greenwich mean time?


55. C19 - What would you do if a person gets something in his or her eye and you see that it is not embedded?


56. C19 - When and only when does a tourniquet should be used to control bleeding?


57. C19 - Where in the pulse to check where a rescuer can most easily determine whether or not an adult victim has a pulse?


58. C19 - Why is preserving knowledge is important?


59. C19 - Why should a person being treated for shock should be wrapped in warm coverings?


60. C19 - Your vessel is in a foreign port and you find that one of the crew members has been incarcerated for drunkenness. The Official Logbook shows that the seaman doesn't have funds to cover the costs of the fine. Which action should the Master take?


61. C19 - You are on a large merchant vessel entering a U.S. port. There is a Pilot on board and he has the conn. Which statement is TRUE?


62. C19 - While the Pilot is maneuvering the vessel to a dock, what is the primary responsibility of the watch officer?


63. C19 - Before a Master relieves a Pilot of the conn, the __________.


64. C19 - You are standing the wheel watch on entering port and the Master gives you a rudder command which conflicts with a rudder command from the Pilot. What should you do?


65. C19 - You are on a multiple-product chemical tanker with orders to load diethylamine. What is NOT a requirement for transporting this cargo?


66. C19 - The American Consul has asked the Master of a vessel bound for a port in the U.S. to transport a destitute seaman back to the U.S. Which action may the Master take?


67. C19 - You are the Master of a 500-gross ton passenger vessel operating on rivers. Your vessel accidentally runs aground. Under the regulations for passenger vessels, you must notify the __________.


68. C19 - You are in port A in the United States, and your Certificate of Inspection has expired. You wish to go to port B in the United States for repairs and to complete the inspection. If the Officer-in-Charge Marine Inspection deems it safe, he may issue a __________.


69. C19 - "You are signing on a crew. A man presents a Merchant Mariner's Document that you suspect has been tampered with. Which action should you take? "


70. C19 - "When loading a container vessel, the operation is basically that of vertical loading. The important factors to be considered when loading containers are port of discharge, __________. "


71. C19 - The Certificate of Inspection for your tankship authorizes the carriage of grade A and lower products. Which chemical may NOT be carried unless it is specifically endorsed on the Certificate of Inspection?


72. C19 - "You are on a containership. Which statement about the stowage of hazardous materials in containers is TRUE? "


73. C19 - The containers provide automatic segregation of hazardous materials except for class A explosives.


74. C19 - You are planning to use a crude oil washing system. What precaution must be taken with the source tank for the washing machines?


75. C19 - At least one reinspection shall be made on each vessel holding a Certificate of Inspection valid for two years. This inspection shall be held between the tenth and fourteenth months of the duration period of the certificate and shall be __________.


76. C19 - You are signing on a deck officer, who will be designated as one of the GMDSS operators, before sailing foreign. Which statement is TRUE?


77. C19 - What should you be concerned with when loading and securing vehicles aboard a Ro-Ro vessel?


78. C19 - "Your vessel has been ordered to proceed to the United Grain Growers Wharf at Thunder Bay, Lake Superior, for the purpose of taking on a load of wheat. Which publication(s) would you consult for such information as the length of the wharf, the depth of the water alongside, and the loading capacity at the facility? "


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