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1. C1 - In general, where should you expect to find the greatest amount of wear on a cylinder liner?


2. C1 - If there is a change in the degree of fuel atomization in a diesel engine, what could be greatly affected in the combustion process?


3. C1 - Which of the following operations listed below will have a direct impact on the rate of wear in a cylinder liner?


4. C1 - For a continuous operation of diesel engine, why is it that the use of a duplex filter unit would be the best arrangement?


5. C1 - What part of diesel generator engine that must be checked first if heavy smoke is emitting from the funnel during it's operation.


6. C1 - What is a practical way of checking for excessive fuel injection in one cylinder of an operating diesel engine?


7. C1 - What component normally stops an auxiliary turbine boiler feed pump?


8. C1 - What do you call the process of supplying a diesel engine cylinder with air at a pressure greater than atmospheric?


9. C1 - What is one of the operating conditions sensed by a two-element feedwater regulator?


10. C1 - A two-element feedwater regulator responds directly to changes in ________.


11. C1 - What is the caused of heat blisters forming on the first row of the generating tubes?


12. C1 - The effective pump stroke of an individual port-and-helix fuel injection pump is determined by the ____________.


13. C1 - Movement of the control rack of the fuel injector change the ___________.


14. C1 - Where can a heat exchanger commonly found in small auxiliary diesel engine?


15. C1 - Where is the major heat loss in a marine boiler coming from?


16. C1 - What can cause poor combustion in a diesel engine?


17. C1 - Diesel engine injection lag is caused by ____________.


18. C1 - Compared to the return flow oil burner system, an internally mixed steam atomizer requires_________.


19. C1 - What is the possible cause of an individual piston to knock when at TDC on a slow-speed, two-stroke/cycle main propulsion diesel engine? I. early fuel injection II. excessive bearing play within the running gear III. overloading of the cylinder


20. C1 - Downcomers are installed between the inner and outer boiler casings for what purpose? I.  Increase the end point of combustion II.   Increase the end point of circulation


21. C1 - The efficient burning of fuel in a diesel engine is dependent upon what factors? I. temperature of compression II. atomization of the fuel III. penetration of the fuel


22. C1 - In describing basic diesel engine operation, what is the term event? I. the production of high pressure gases II. the removal of expended combustion gases III. the admission of air to the cylinder


23. C1 - Why is a diesel engine not to be operated at low loads for long periods of time? I. heavy carbon deposits will buildup on the valves and in the exhaust II. fuel dilution is increased at low load III. exhaust valves may be damaged


24. C1 - In addition to a nozzle,which of the choices is part of fuel oil atomizer?


25. C1 - Exhaust valve openings in a two-cycle diesel engine cylinder head are made as large as practical to __________.


26. C1 - What is an advantage of installing water wall tubes in a boiler furnace?


27. C1 - If a single cylinder relief valve on a main propulsion diesel engine begins to lift, but it is not possible to secure the engine, which of the following actions should be taken?


28. C1 - The most important factor in engine performance is the actual power output at the end of the crankshaft available for doing work. What do you call this factor?


29. C1 - What is termed as the average pressure exerted on a piston during each power stroke?


30. C1 - The bottom blow valve should be used to remove sludge and solids which have settled out of circulation after the boiler __________.


31. C1 - What will happen if you fail to remove the carbon ridge from the top of the cylinder when replacing the piston rings?


32. C1 - For a given size engine, the two-stroke/cycle diesel engine will deliver more power than a four-stroke/cycle diesel engine because ___________.


33. C1 - What will happen to the steam turbine propulsion unit at medium speed operating in an area with extremely cold seawater and the main circulating pump providing full cooling water flow to the condenser?


34. C1 - Increasing the load on an engine using a double-helix type injection pump varies the effective stroke of the pump to start __________.


35. C1 - What should be multiplied to the area of the piston in order to get the volume displacement of a cylinder?


36. C1 - What might be the cause of improper fuel oil burner atomization?


37. C1 - What might be the possible cause why a marine diesel engine will have poor combustion?


38. C1 - What condition would cause panting in steaming auxililiary boiler?


39. C1 - What would be probably result if an auxiliary diesel engine turbocharger failure?


40. C1 - As part of a safe and effective maintenance onboard, what is the first valve to be opened after completing the assembly of a newly ovehauled and clean big lube oil cooler?


41. C1 - In a steam propulsion plant, where is the primary source of auxiliary exhaust steam coming from?


42. C1 - What is the purpose of variable capacity pressure atomizing fuel oil burner?


43. C1 - What is the reason why when turbine rotor shafts extend through the casing, an external source of sealing steam is used in conjunction with labyrinth packing?


44. C1 - When you are transferring fuel oil to the storage tanks, what is the precaution to be observed?


45. C1 - A disadvantage of a two-stroke/cycle diesel engine is ____________.


46. C1 - Where is chloride collected in a steaming boiler?


47. C1 - In a diesel engine cooling water system, what does pH of 6.0 indicate?


48. C1 - As compared to a typical front fired boiler, which of the listed conditions represents an advantage of a top fired boiler?


49. C1 - Which characteristic of the theoretical Otto cycle does not occur in the theoretical Diesel cycle?


50. C1 - The amount of oil atomized by a straight mechanical fuel oil burner depends on the sprayer plate size and the ________.


51. C1 - In a single acting, two-stroke/cycle, diesel generator engine, the power impulse in an individual cylinder occurs _____________.


52. C1 - How many power strokes per crankshaft revolution are there in an eight cylinder, two-stroke/cycle diesel engine?


53. C1 - While you are on duty and the M/E suddenly stopped by the oil mist detection system, which of the following procedures should be carried out?


54. C1 - Which of the following causes a cylinder liner to crack?


55. C1 - In comparing engines of equal horsepower, where is higher exhaust gas temperatures?


56. C1 - What component is used to maintain the level in the atmospheric drain tank when underway at sea?


57. C1 - If the engine jacket water temperature rises rapidly, what should be the cause?


58. C1 - Where could be the source of contamination if during your routine inspection in the engine room you noticed that the Generator Engine expansion tank has fuel oil?


59. C1 - What could be the possible cause why a piston crown may crack?


60. C1 - The camshaft on a four-stroke/cycle engine is used to operate the __________.


61. C1 - The highest pressure in a diesel engine cylinder normally occurs_________.


62. C1 - Fine adjustment to a boiler combustion control system, to bring about near perfect combustion should be made by manually adjusting the __________.


63. C1 - A diesel engine should not be operated at low loads for long period of time because a _________.


64. C1 - The component of engine used to provide pressurized fuel oil is called__________.


65. C1 - When water washing a boiler, the proper sequence for washing the sections should be the __________.


66. C1 - Reduction gears for main propulsion turbines are lubricated by __________.


67. C1 - Which of the following relationships exist between the temperature developed in a combustion space, and the compression ratio of the engine?


68. C1 - Turbulence of the compressed air charge in a diesel engine cylinder will increase ________.


69. C1 - What function is provided by the crankcase ventilation system on some diesel engines?


70. C1 - If a boiler is panting, which of the following actions should be taken?


71. C1 - What is the sign of a diesel engine blow by?


72. C1 - Which heavy rotating object that serves as reservoir for absorbing and re-distributing kinetic energy in a diesel engine?


73. C1 - The type of fuel injection where the pressure builds-up independently and provides high pressure even at low load is called_______.


74. C1 - The longer the ignition delay period occurs in a diesel engine, the __________.


75. C1 - In a marine diesel engine, what parameter is being controlled by the governor?


76. C1 - An important design characteristic of an explosion relief valve for a diesel engine is the ability to ________.


77. C1 - An intermediate chamber is used in conjunction with labyrinth packing on main turbine shaft glands to provide a ______ .


78. C1 - What is the reason why helical gears are preferred over spur gears for readuction gear units ?


79. C1 - The expansion tank for the jacket cooling water which is a closed cooling type is used to ___________.


80. C1 - A pilot valve and servomotor are utilized in mechanical hydraulic governing systems on a turbo-generator unit in order to _____.


81. C1 - Which of the following problems could develop due to the accumulation of oil vapors in the crankcase of a diesel engine?


82. C1 - Lubricating oil is supplied to the journal bearing of engine by means of__________.


83. C1 - What type of valve is appropriate to use as crankcase explosion relief valve?


84. C1 - The labyrinth packing ring in an inter-stage diaphragm of an impulse turbine is prevented from rotating by _____.


85. C1 - Which of the listed boiler components is used to provide space for the accumulation of loose scale and other solid particles present in the boiler water?


86. C1 - The greatest resistance to heat transfer from the fireside to the waterside of a water-tube boiler generating tube takes place in the ________.


87. C1 - In a modern internal combustion diesel engine, the load carrying part of the engine is the _________.


88. C1 - Which of the following statements concerning boiler steam drum surface blow piping is correct?


89. C1 - How could lubricating oil and grease get into the boiler water system?


90. C1 - The type of bearing used to support the crankshaft is called____ .


91. C1 - What are the purposes of expansion tank for a diesel engine closed cooling system?


92. C1 - Why is the ring belt narrower in diameter than the skirt of a piston designed for a diesel engine?


93. C1 - In a low speed diesel engines, what is the main function of tie rods?


94. C1 - How can the dissolved and suspended solids in boiler be kept at minimum level?


95. C1 - Why is the average exhaust temperature of a two-stroke/cycle diesel engine with a turbine-driven supercharger is lower than a similar four-stroke/cycle diesel engine at equal loads ?


96. C1 - The amount of fuel delivered by a helical plunger fuel injection pump is controlled by ___________.


97. C1 - What rows of tubes installed along the walls, floor, and roof of the furnace ?


98. C1 - What could be the cause of a low compression in diesel engine?


99. C1 - To effectively limit the load of diesel engines, which of the following components below must governors be equipped with?


100. C1 - Fuel is ignited in a diesel engine cylinder by __________.


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