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1. C6 - Electrical machinery insulation will break down more rapidly due to _______.


2. C6 - When troubleshooting console circuit card suspected of being faulty; first, check for proper voltages to the card and then_______.

3. C6 - A device which can be used to check the calibration of a circuit breaker is a ___.


4. C6 - Excessive heat in an operating motor controller can result from ___.


5. C6 - Which of the listed conditions will occur if dirt and grease are allowed to accumulate between the commutator segments of a motor?


6. C6 - Which of the listed conditions might contribute to very rapid wearing of a DC machine's commutator bars?


7. C6 - If a single-phase induction fails to start, the problem may be ____.


8. C6 - Voltage failure of an AC generator may be caused by ____.


9. C6 - A loss of field excitation to an AC generator while operating in parallel will cause it to ____.


10. C6 - When correcting specific gravity readings of a lead-acid battery for existing temperature conditions, you should ____.


11. C6 - During maintenance of circuit breakers, ____.


12. C6 - What is the caused of sparking of DC motor brushes?


13. C6 - Regarding battery charging rooms, ventilation should be provided __________.


14. C6 - When a megohmmeter is used to test the winding insulation of a large motor, an initial dip of the pointer toward zero is caused by ____.


15. C6 - The brushes in a generator must be positioned in the neutral plane to avoid sparking. Where is its proper position?


16. C6 - The air gap in an induction motor should be periodically checked with feeler gage, to prevent possible ____.


17. C6 - To perform an insulation resistance test of an individual electric motor coil, the megohmmter should be connected to ____.


18. C6 - Periodic testing of circuit breakers is necessary to assure that a correct rated and properly installed unit ___.


19. C6 - To determine the state of charge of a wet cell nickel-cadmium battery, you should ____.


20. C6 - When troubleshooting an alkaline storage battery, a weak or dead cell is best located by ____.


21. C6 - What might be the cause of abnormal temperature rise in an electric motor ball bearings?


22. C6 - When a megohmmeter is used to test insulation, what is the caused of gradual rise of the pointer reading as a result of continued cranking?


23. C6 - While standing watch underway at sea in the engine room, there is a complete loss of electrical power. When power is restored, the steering gear pimp motor will ___.


24. C6 - To determine the state of charge of a nickel-cadmium battery, you would use a/an _____.


25. C6 - A split-phase induction squirrel-cage motor will not come up to speed ,even though the rated voltage, rated frequency, and rated load are supplied. The suspected trouble could be due to _____. I. a faulty centrifugal switch II. broken rotor bars II. worn bearings


26. C6 - When paralleling two alternators, the synchronizing lamps remain lit as the synchroscope pointer approaches the 0º position. This indicates the _____.


27. C6 - The state of charge of a lead-acid battery is best indicated by the ____.


28. C6 - Which of the following problems is indicated iof lead-acid battery begins to gas violently when it is first placed on charge?


29. C6 - Moisture absorbed in the winding or condensed on the surface of electrical machinery insulation____


30. C6 - What might be the cause if the electric motor on an electric driven compressor fails to start?


31. C6 - Which of the listed conditions could indicate the need for cleaning electrical insulation?


32. C6 - If a magnetic controller contactor fails to pick up when the operating coil is energized, one possible cause may be ____.


33. C6 - A current carrying_ conductor making an electrical contact with a wiring metal conduit is indicated by a_______.


34. C6 - The type of feature afforded auxiliaries vital to the operation of propelling equipment, where automatic restart after a voltage failure would not create a hazard, is termed _____.


35. C6 - Relative to the secondary winding of a step-up transformer, the primary winding will have_______________.


36. C6 - An open occurring within the field rheostat of an AC generator can be detected by short circuiting its terminals and observing a_______.


37. C6 - Motor starter or controller contacts may become welded together if the contacts ____.


38. C6 - Motor controller or started contacts may become pitted and welded together if the contacts ___.


39. C6 - A three-phase, induction motor experiences an open in one phase. Which of the listed automatic protective devices will prevent the machine form being damaged>


40. C6 - The function of no fuse breaker is to isolate the defective circuit from the system so as to protect it from_______________.


41. C6 - What is the use of commutators and brushes in DC generators?


42. C6 - Two paralleled alternators are operating near rated load. If one trips out mechanically, which of the listed actions should be taken FIRST?


43. C6 - Moisture accumulating in electric motors and generator windings having a cold insulation resistance greater than 50,000 ohms may be baked out with internal heat. This heat can be developed by ___.


44. C6 - A single-phase induction motor starts, comes uo to about 75% rated speed slows down to a lower speed, and accelerates again. The problem is most likely in the ___.


45. C6 - Which of the following methods should be used to test for an 'open' coil in an AC motor stator?


46. C6 - The state of charge of a lead-acid storage battery is best indicated by the ___.


47. C6 - A result of an overloaded circuit __________.


48. C6 - An alternator switchboard has a synchroscope and synchronizing lamps. If the synchroscope is broken, which of the steps listed is the most essential before an alternator can be paralleled with the bus?


49. C6 - Which of the following problems will most likely occur if the starting winding of a split-phase induction motor failed to cutout once the motor was in continuous operation?


50. C6 - Under which of the following conditions will a lead-acid battery be given a ‘test discharge?


51. C6 - A short in the shunt field of a DC motor is best located by_______.


52. C6 - The function of no fuse breaker is to isolate the defective circuit from the system so as to protect it from_______________.


53. A generator has been exposed to water and is being checked for its safe operation. Therefore, it is necessary to_______.


54. Which of the listed procedures should be carried out to prevent moisture damage to electrical apparatus during extended periods of idleness?


55. If a magnetic controller relay fails to drop out when the coil voltage is removed from the relay, the probable cause may be____ .


56. A fuse that blows often should be replaced only with a fuse of _____.


57. Electric strip heaters are used in motor controllers to ____________.


58. Which of the following precautions should be taken when troubleshooting various power circuits using an electronic solenoid type voltage tester?


59. The standard method of controlling the output voltage of a 440 volt, 60 Hz, AC generator is accomplished by adjusting the ______. .


60. The governor control switch of an alternator is moved to the "raise" position. This action will______.


61. “Low Voltage Release” (LVR protection used in some shipboard motor starters and other control equipment will have which of the following characteristics?


62. C6 - Protection against sustained overloads occurring in molded-case circuit breakers is provided by a/an .


63. C6 - Which of the following represents the accepted method of cleaning dust and foreign particles from electrical equipment while limiting damage to electric components?


64. C6 - As a general rule, the first troubleshooting action to be taken in checking faulty electric control devices is to________.


65. C6 - The electrical energy necessary to transmit a person's voice over a sound-powered telephone circuit is obtained from______.


66. C6 - To repair a small electrical motor that has been submerged in saltwater, you should _______.


67. C6 - It is a single-phase induction motor having a relatively high starting torque.


68. C6 - A low-voltage protection circuit is used in electric motor starting equipment to .


69. C6 - A Silicon diodes designed for a specific reverse breakdown voltage, become useful as an electronic power supply voltage regulator.


70. C6 - Which of the listed precautions should be observed before spraying liquid solvent on the insulation of an electric motor?


71. C6 - Before testing insulation with a megohmmeter, the windings of large machines should be grounded for about 15 minutes prior to the test, because the _______.


72. C6 - Before testing insulation with a megohmmeter, the windings of large machines should be grounded for about 15 minutes just prior to the test as the______.


73. C6 - When replacing a power transistor fitted with a heat sink in a circuit, a coating of silicone grease is applied between the transistor case and the heat sink. This is done to ______.


74. C6 - When troubleshooting an electronic circuit, a cold solder joint can be located with the aid of an ohmmeter. Once the problem has been located, you should .


75. C6 - During its operation, loud buzzing and resultant welding of contacts of a magnetic relay may be caused by .


76. C6 - When troubleshooting electronic equipment, the FIRST step to be taken before testing the circuit voltage is to______.


77. C6 - When testing a capacitor with an analog type ohmmeter, a good capacitor will be indicated when ______ .


78. C6 - While troubleshooting a circuit in an engine room central control console, a resistor is suspected of being faulty. Which of the following precautions must be observed if an ohmmeter is to be used to check its value?


79. C6 - In troubleshooting a circuit, you suspect that a resistor may be faulty. Which of the precautions listed must be observed when using an ohmmeter to carry out this test?


80. C6 - When troubleshooting a magnetic controller, it is found that the contacts are welded together, the most probable cause is _____.


81. C6 - To test fuses in an energized circuit, you should use a ______.


82. C6 - One diode of a full-wave rectifier burned out in a shorted condition. Therefore, the output will be______.


83. C6 - If a transformer is connected to a DC source, the transformer will overload at the _______ .


84. C6 - Magnetic controller contacts may become welded together during operation because of ________ .


85. C6 - The charge of a lead-acid battery is checked with a/an ________.


86. C6 - As an armature revolves within a magnetic field, friction is developed between the rotated magnetized particles as they pass through each magnetization cycle. This results in _______.


87. C6 - The main purpose of an electric space heater installed in a large AC generator is to ___________.


88. C6 - Decreasing the frequency in a capacitive circuit while maintaining a constant circuit voltage will result in a/an______.


89. C6 - Which of the following actions must be carried out before a voltage tester can be used to test the three line fuses to a three- phase motor?


90. C6 - The frequency of an AC generator is adjusted by means of the _______.


91. C6 - AC and DC generators are similar because they ____.


92. C6 - The first nomal step in troubleshooting a transistor circuit card is to_______.


93. C6 - When an alternator is to remain idle for even a few days, ______.


94. C6 - Cleaning of electrical insulation should be ________.


95. C6 - One method of troubleshooting digital circuits in a console is to _______.


96. C6 - Which of the following meters uses a shunt connected in series with the load, but parallel with the meter movement?


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