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1. The functions of DC Heater is to __________.


2. A lower than normal boiler stack gas temperature usually indicates __________.


3. The number '29' on a fuel oil burner sprayer plate marked '2909' indicates the __________.


4. Eight (8) ounces of oxygen, dissolved in 500,000 pounds of water, is a concentration of __________.


5. The steam separator as used in conjunction with a steam whistle normally drains to which of the listed drain systems?


6. Allowance for axial expansion of the steam turbine due to temperature changes is provided for by the use of __________.


7. Which of the following statements concerning boiler steam drum surface blow piping is correct?


8. Clean low pressure steam drains are collected in the __________.


9. In a single-element feed water regulator, the amount of valve opening and closing is controlled by the __________.


10. Which statement is true concerning drain inspection tanks?


11. From which of the areas listed are condensate drains normally collected and returned to the low pressure drain system?


12. Economy and efficiency in the operation of a marine boiler have traditionally been characterized by __________.


13. When warming up a fuel oil service system, you should open the steam supply to the fuel oil heaters __________.


14. A dissolved oxygen concentration of 8.0 ppm represents __________.


15. The level in the atmospheric drain tank is normally maintained by the use of a/an __________.


16. In a boiler equipped with a convection type super-heater, the super-heater tubes are located __________.


17. Single-element automatic feed water regulators are controlled by the __________.


18. If live steam is supplied directly to the tank heating coils, the collected drains in the “clean” section of the contaminated drain inspection tank are removed directly to the __________.


19. A light brown haze issuing from the boiler smoke stack generally indicates __________.


20. The entire unit which houses the burner, air scoop, air doors and bladed cone is correctly called the __________.


21. If it should become necessary to abandon a compartment because of the danger of a large steam leak on a boiler, which of the following actions represents the best avenue of escape?


22. The percentage by weight of steam in a mixture of steam and water is called the __________.


23. The correct radial clearances between the rotor and the casing in a propulsion turbine are maintained by the turbine __________.


24. Excessive water flow beyond the design limits of a feed-water heater, will be indicated by a/an __________.


25. The two element boiler feed-water regulator is controlled by __________.


26. A high water level in a deaerating feed heater will cause the automatic dump valve to drain condensate to the __________.


27. As steam accomplishes work in an engine or turbine, the pressure of the steam is reduced because it __________.


28. The greatest single overall loss of efficiency in a marine propulsion steam plant cycle results from __________.


29. The most serious fireside burning of the boiler super-heater tubes is the result of __________.


30. If the theoretical quantity of dry air required to burn one pound of fuel oil is 13.75 pounds, what weight of air will be necessary to burn one pound of fuel to operate a boiler at 10% excess air?


31. As steam accomplishes work in an engine or turbine, it expands and __________.


32. The purpose of the division plates installed in boiler super heater headers is to __________.


33. A two-element feed water regulator responds directly to changes in __________.


34. The DC heater automatic level dump valve is used to __________.


35. Which of the following conditions in a water-tube boiler generating tube could cause tube failure, even if the water gage glass shows the proper level?


36. Efficient combustion in a boiler is indicated by a __________.


37. When seated, the disc of a safety valve has an area of 0.75 square inches (1.9 sq cm). When the valve lifts the area is increased by 10%. If the valve lifts at 300 psig (2170 kPa), at approximately what pressure will the valve reseat?


38. When a boiler water test indicates a pH value of 6, you should __________.


39. In a D-type boiler, which of the tubes listed would be located in the generating tube bank?


40. Two-element feed water regulators operate by sensing __________.


41. High pressure steam drains are normally discharged to the __________.


42. When securing a boiler, the burner registers are to be left open for a few minutes to __________.


43. In modern reaction turbines, thin tipping is a procedure designed to __________.


44. Boiler screen tubes are used to protect which of the listed components from high furnace temperature?


45. The best conductor of heat in a marine boiler is __________.


46. A two-element feed water regulator reacts to changes in the steam drum water level and the __________.


47. Damage to deck machinery from water hammer developing in the steam lines can be prevented by __________.


48. If the theoretical quantity of dry air required to burn one pound of fuel oil is 13.75 pounds, what is the weight of air per pound of fuel when operating a boiler at 5% excess air?


49. The boiler fuel oil system “hot” strainers are also known as __________.


50. Turbine casing flanges are sometimes provided with a system of joint grooving to __________.


51. A convection type super-heater in a D-type boiler is protected from radiant heat by __________.


52. One of the operating conditions sensed by a two element feed water regulator is __________.


53. In the boiler steam and water system, pressure is highest in the __________.


54. The boiler fuel oil system suction strainers are also known as the __________.


55. On an automatically fired boiler, the loss of forced draft fan will result in which of the listed actions to be carried out?


56. A boiler super-heater support tube differs from a standard generating tube in that the __________.


57. Scavenging air is supplied to steam soot blowers to __________.


58. A two-element feed water regulator not only responds to changes in water level, but is also designed to react to __________.


59. The leakage of air into the pump casing by way of the packing gland of a condensate pump, is prevented by __________.


60. Strainers are installed in boiler fuel oil service lines to __________.


61. Under constant boiler load, the superheated steam temperature may rise above normal for the existing load if __________.


62. A turbine diaphragm functions to __________.


63. Which of the methods listed would be most effective in repairing a steam cut on a seating surface of a super heater hand-hole plate?


64. Which type of feed water regulator listed provides the most effective regulation of boiler water level under all operating conditions?


65. Flooding of the DC heater, due to the addition of excessive makeup feed, is normally corrected by the use of __________.


66. Excess air must be provided to an operating boiler to allow for __________.


67. Air accumulated in the after-condenser of the air ejector unit is discharged directly to the __________.


68. High impedance multi-meter is used in trouble shooting electronic equipment so as not to __________.


69. An alternating current motor that used a rheostat in the motor circuit in order to vary the speed is called __________.


70. When the piston is very close to the cylinder head this is said to be at __________.


71. Clogged air cleaner from an operating diesel engine may produce __________.


72. Test cocks on cylinder heads of diesel engines are used to __________.


73. When the viscosity of lube oil suddenly decrease in the operating diesel engine it is an indication that there is __________.


74. Coast Guard regulation (46 CFR) concerning diesel engines emergency generator must operate satisfactorily up to __________.


75. The minimum number of consecutive cranking cycles of diesel engine emergency generators starting system according to coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR) must be capable of __________.


76. When the fuse are busted and you wanted to change the fuses, you should always __________.


77. When engine personnel are working on electrical equipment, all electrical supply switches of that equipment should be secured in an open position and tagged by the __________.


78. Before any work has to be carried on electrical or electronic equipment, which of the following precautions should be carried out?


79. When the components of a printed circuit board has to be soldered, safety measures has to be taken not to damage the printed circuit board by __________.


80. While a DC diesel engine driven generator No. 1 is operating, you noticed excessive sparking of the brushes, as a duty engineer, you should __________.


81. During maintenance and inspection of circuit breaker, important part to be checked is __________.


82. During maintenance and inspections, you found out that one of the fuse is busted thus, if you replace the fuse with one of a higher rating it will __________.


83. If the useful life of the fluorescent lamp had reached its end and you failed to replace, its continuous flashing may __________.


84. During maintenance and repair of electrical generating machines with a pedestal insulated bearing, you should not __________.


85. If the synchroscope of the generator is out of order but the synchroscope lamps is satisfactorily operating, how will you determine with the use of synchroscope lamp when to close the circuit breaker of incoming generator in order to have them parallel?


86. If all of the ground detection lamps are lighting with equal brilliance, whether the test button is depressed or released, it indicates __________.


87. The first step to be done when removing one generator from parallel operation is __________.


88. If you wanted to parallel two alternator using the three synchronizing lamps and the flickering of all three lamps becomes progressively slower and slower, this indicates that the __________.


89. Before touching a small capacitor by a naked hand that is connected to a de-energized circuit or even the one that is completely disconnected, as a safety measures you should __________.


90. During maintenance and repair of electrical contact, delicate parts should be __________.


91. A device installed into pipelines to protect traps, regulator, pumps, meters, burners and lubricators against damage caused by foreign matters such as scale, dirt, etc. is called __________.


92. Bearing wear on a split sleeve type bearing is normally measured with a __________.


93. The amount of wear on a split precision main bearing can be accurately determined by comparing the data from a previous reading to the present readings taken with a __________.


94. Crank web deflection readings will give a positive indication of __________.


95. Where diesel engine speed and clutch controls are combined into one operation by a single control lever, movement of the lever from the 'stop' position to the 'ahead' position will FIRST __________.


96. Fusible plugs are installed in fire-tube boilers to __________.


97. The replacement piping for diesel engine high pressure fuel systems must be the same length and diameter as the original piping to __________.


98. Shrouding on impulse turbine blading is held in place by __________.


99. The means of circulation commonly found in water-tube boilers is __________.


100. Which of the following statements is true concerning the operation of a boiler thermo-hydraulic feed-water regulator?


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