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1. C7 - Operating a reciprocating air compressor without an air filter will cause _____.


2. C7 - How can an engineer confirm a suspected leak in an operating fuel oil heating coil?


3. C7 - What may cause a persistent gland packing leakage on a reciprocating steam pump?


4. C7 - The engine room high level bilge alarm keeps sounding every few minutes even though the bilge is empty. What action would you take?


5. C7 - What is the best emergency repair to a crack forming in the vessel's hull?


6. C7 - The cylinder liner forming the cylinder wall and the inside of the water jacket is called a ____________.


7. C7 - When one belt of a multiple V-belt requires replacement, it will be necessary to _____.


8. C7 - What would be the best remedy if the fuel injection pump plunger or barrel becomes damaged?


9. C7 - With reference to overhauling of machinery before any repair or maintenance work is commenced what measure and precaution is necessary for the safety of those concerned?


10. C7 - What may cause by improper fireside water washing of a steam boiler?


11. C7 - Integral water jacket liners use O-rings near the bottom of the liner. These O-rings serve to ___________.


12. C7 - Which of the conditions listed could cause a boiler economizer to leak?


13. C7 - In a diesel engine, an integral liner is one in which the cooling water _______. I. flows through the cylinder liner jackets II. touches the outer side of the liner


14. C7 - What should you do to ensure that a refrigeration unit will not start while undergoing repairs?


15. C7 - When changing a lube oil purifier from a separator to a clarifier, what should you do?


16. C7 - Which of the diesel engine cylinder liners listed has internal cooling water passages?


17. C7 - Which of the following maybe the possible cause for a turbo-charged four-stroke cycle diesel engine to have a high exhaust gas temperatures from all cylinders?


18. C7 - If the salinity indicator located in the main condensate pump discharge piping causes an alarm to sound there is a danger of __________.


19. C7 - Which of the listed items should be secured before performing any maintenance on a solenoid operated air start valve?


20. C7 - In a single-acting diesel engine. The cylinder liner area that is most difficult to lubricate is the __________.


21. C7 - During a maintenance inspection of a turbogenerator, the integral turbine wheels are tapped with a hammer.What condition may be indicated by a dull non-resonating sound?


22. C7 - During an inspection of the main turbine, you notice flow marks or discoloration across the diaphragm joints. What does this condition indicate?


23. C7 - Failure to use the turning gear prior to warming up a main turbine will damage the __________.


24. C7 - What is the best way to recondition a defective fuel injector?


25. C7 - Which of the following should be replaced when the capacity of a centrifugal pump decreases gradually over a long period of time?


26. C7 - What is the FIRST thing to do to ensure that a refrigeration unit will not start while undergoing repairs?


27. C7 - Which of the listed procedures is the most important factor to take into consideration when making repairs to the refractory surrounding the burner openings?


28. C7 - A properly honed diesel engine cylinder liner will ___________.


29. C7 - What calibrations are taken to determine piston ring wear on a diesel engine?


30. C7 - When the automatic combustion control fails, what should you do to control the air supply to a boiler?


31. C7 - What will happen to governor if there is a friction in the moving parts, linkage, and control valve?


32. C7 - On a diesel main engine, the water cooling space on the turbocharger is damaged and you have no spares. The cooling water must be closed. What steps would you take to ensure least possible damage?


33. C7 - Failure to remove the carbon ridge from the top of the cylinder when replacing the piston rings, will result in _____________.


34. C7 - When the timing gear backlash for a Roots-type blower has become excessive, how is problem properly repaired?


35. C7 - Scuffed cylinder liner surfaces in a diesel engine can result from ___________.


36. C7 - The minimum feedwater inlet temperature to a boiler economizer is determined by the _________


37. C7 - What preventative maintenance should be done frequently to diesel engine starting air receivers?


38. C7 - If the foundation bolts of a reciprocating air compressor are loose, which of the conditions below will occur?


39. C7 - The rate of cylinder lubricating oil metered to each cylinder of a large, low-speed, main propulsion diesel engine is ___________.


40. C7 - One advantage of a vacuum feed sight glass indicator used on cylinder lubricators over the discharge side liquid filled type sight glass is _________.


41. C7 - A dirty intercooler on the ship's service air compressor will result in____________.


42. C7 - Once the thrust collar is scored, marks can be removed by machining acid polishing. To what extent an allowance is left to the collar thickness?


43. C7 - If an operating propulsion unit requires excessive quantities of gland sealing steam, you should suspect a _____.


44. A pump shaft that is bent or distorted should normally be __________.


45. C7 - Which of the following safety measures should be taken to prevent personal injury when you are replacing a section of heavy piping on deck?


46. C7 - Before opening any part of refrigeration system for maintenance, what precaution must be taken?


47. C7 - Before performing any maintenance on a hydraulic system storing energy in an accumulator, you should_______ .


48. C7 - Before doing any work on a hydraulic system equipped with accumulators, you should______.


49. C7 - To prevent overheating and scoring of the shaft after repacking the stuffing box, which of the following procedures should be carried out?


50. C7 - When replacing a steam pressure reducing valve, what information is required for the selection?


51. C7 - Centrifugal pump shaft and casing damage is usually prevented by___________.


52. C7 - When conducting a hydrostatic test on the distillate cooler shell of a flash type evaporator, liquid appears well inside one of the tubes. In order to correct this, you should___________.


53. C7 - When replacing ball bearings on an electric motor shaft, you should_____.


54. C7 - When troubleshooting electronic equipment, you should use a high impedance multimeter .


55. C7 - How many months interval is the appropriate time in drawing lube oil sample from the system of the diesel generator engine on board for the complete test as means of cost saving and a good maintenance system?


56. C7 - What control procedures must be done before putting into operation a steam driven cargo pumps?


57. C7 - If it becomes necessary to clean the spray holes in a diesel engine fuel injector,what should you use aside from a suitable size piano wire?


58. C7 - After disassembly, the safest way to remove carbon deposits from air compressor inlet and discharge valves is to use _____.


59. C7 - You are installing new piston rings on a single acting diesel engine piston. To check the ring gap clearance,Where should the rings be placed?


60. C7 - A high water level in a deaerating feed heater will cause the automatic dump valve to drain condensate to the ______.


61. C7 - How will you secure nuts of main bearings, connecting rod bolts and all other moving parts?


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