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1. C9 - Which of the actions listed and instituted on your part will have the greatest lasting effect on the crew with respect to safety?


2. C9 - Before you enter a pumproom what is the first thing you should do?


3. C9 - Which of the following aspects that ergonomist should consider the psychological aspect of a person?


4. C9 - When is the most critical time for preventing an accidental oil spill during bunkering?


5. C9 - Which of the following conditions can contribute to accidents?


6. C9 - Fire doors are released by a/an__________.


7. C9 - Which of the following is an example of biological hazards? I. Exposure to high temperatures, too high levels of relative humidity II. Zoonotic diseases III. Fungal diseases


8. C9 - How can ergonomics improve health and safety to the work place? I. reduces the potential for accidents II. reduces the potential for injury and ill health III. improves performance and productivity


9. C9 - Which of the following aspects that ergonomist should consider to assess the fit between person and their work? I. the job being done and the demands on the worker II. the equipment used III. the senses, especially vision, hearing and touch


10. C9 - Some of the hazardous of working with electric power tools may be avoided if the operator insures that _________. I. they are properly grounded II. Eye shields and gloves are worn III. Loose clothing and jewelry are not worn


11. C9 - Some of the hazards associated with air-operated power tools may be avoided if the operator would_________. I. inspect the hoses for cracks and other defects II. Remove jewelry and loose clothing III. Bleed air pressure from the lines before breaking the connections


12. C9 - Fire prevention during welding or burning aboard any vessel should include_______. I. Posting a fire watch in the immediate area II. Providing an extinguisher which is ready for immediate use III. Requiring the fire watch to remain on post for an adequate cool down period after the completion of welding of burning


13. C9 - A fire and boat drill on a tank vessel shall, by regulation, include which of the following? I. starting the fire pumps II. Checking fireman's outfits and other personel resuce equipment III. Checking relevant communications equipment


14. C9 - Regulations require gears, coupling, flywheels, and all rotating machinery capable of injuring personnel to be__________.


15. C9 - Why is it that a good housekeeping on a vessel prevents fires?


16. C9 - When working around deck machinery it is a good safety practice to avoid standing in a ‘bright’ of a rope because_________.


17. C9 - To safeguard the operator and other personnel working on or near a hoisting operation, which of the following precautions should be observed?


18. C9 - To prevent oily rags from spontaneously igniting, what should you do?


19. C9 - The knife edges and gaskets of watertight doors should be _________.


20. C9 - Before the seas get rough, it is good safety practice to_________.


21. C9 - When a ship is expected to encounter rough seas, it is a good safety practice to ____________.


22. C9 - Which of the following must be eliminated to prevent accidents?


23. C9 - You are replacing a section of heavy piping on deck and using a chain fall to lift the pipe. Which of the following precautions should be taken to prevent personal injury?


24. C9 - Which of the listed conditions can be considered as the single greatest cause of accidents?


25. C9 - Safety is dependent on orderliness and cleanliness. Order may be maintained by __________.


26. C9 - Which of the following actions is required to be carried out during a fire drill on board?


27. C9 - What do all portable electric tools require a ground connection?


28. C9 - Which of the following statements represents the FIRST precaution to be taken prior to working in any installed electrical component?


29. C9 - Which practices should be followed at all times when using an electric bench grinding machine?


30. C9 - Which practices should be followed at all times when using an electric grinding machine?


31. C9 - Approved buoyant work vests may be carried aboard tank vessels and shall be worn by crew members’ ____________.


32. C9 - When should you wear safety glasses aside from when using a hand portable grinder and scraping paint with a hand scraper?


33. C9 - Machinery driving fuel oil transfer and fuel oil service pumps must be fitted with a remote means of stopping the machinery. Where is its location?


34. Which of the following is/are the typical ergonomics problems found in the workplace like display screen equipment? I. The screen is poorly positioned - it is too high/low/close/far from the worker, or is offset to one side. II. The mouse is placed too far away and requires stretching to use. III. Chairs are properly adjusted to fit the person, forcing awkward and comfortable postures.


35. C9 - For proper air temperature control in an air conditioning system using chilled water circulation, which condition should remain constant regardless of load changes ______.


36. C9 - Before doing any work on a hydraulic system equipped with accumulators, you should_______.


37. C9 - The first step when beginning to set the slide valves on a duplex reciprocating pump is to_________.


38. C9 - To safely remove the piston rod packing from the steam end of a reciprocating pump, you should_________.


39. C9 - In order to properly remove air from the casing of a centrifugal pump when starting, the pump should have a ______.


40. C9 - When fire safe or fire resistant fluid is to be used in a hydraulic system, it is important that _______.


41. C9 - To properly remove packing from a valve stuffing box, you should use a ________.


42. C9 - When replacing ball bearings on an electric motor shaft, you should ________.


43. C9 - To remove a hand held right-handed straight cut reamer after it has gone all the way through a hole, you should _____.


44. C9 - An acetylene pressure regulator should never be adjusted to maintain pressures exceeding (15psig) 103.4 kPa because______.


45. C9 - When securing a flash-type evaporator for an extended period of time, you should______.


46. C9 - Why should a person performing maintenance on an air compressor wire and tag the system valves closed?


47. C9 - Some engines are using auxiliary electrically driven blowers, which is continuously running during maneuvering. At what scavenging air pressure or load these blowers will automatically cut-off?


48. C9 - Before opening any part of refrigeration system for maintenance, what precaution must be taken?


49. C9 - Which of the following precautions should be observed when taking on a diesel fuel?


50. C9 - Which of the following aspects that ergonomist should consider the psychological aspect of a person?


51. C9 - Who is responsible for reporting a casualty for a mobile offshore drilling unit?


52. C9 - What is an occupational injury?


53. C9 - Which of the following events shall be conducted during a fire and boat drill?


54. C9 - Regarding battery charging rooms, where should the ventilation be located?


55. C9 - For the protection of personnel, moving parts of rotating machinery are required to be fitted with ___________.


56. C9 - What should you do before any work is done on a burner in an automatically fired auxiliary boiler?


57. C9 - When taking over the engine room watch, what should you check concerning the operational lubricating oil purifier ?


58. C9 - Which safety valves have four times the discharge capacity of an ordinary spring-loaded valve?


59. C9 - All exposed and dangerous areas machinery, such as gears and rotating parts, shall be properly protected with__________.


60. C9 - Before any work on electrical or electronic equipment is performed, which of the following precautions should be carried out?


61. C9 - What should you do before disconnecting a joint in a pipeline?


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