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1. C13 - How can you indicate that your vessel is in distress?


2. C13 - The object of plugging holes below the waterline on a MODU should be to _________.


3. C13 - When more than six short blasts and one long blast of the ship's whistle, accompanied by the same signal on the general alarm bell is sounded, What is the signal for?


4. C13 - Repairing damage to the hull of a MODU at, or above the waterline, reduces the threat of __________.


5. C13 - After being launched, what does a totally enclosed survival craft which has been afloat over a long period of time require?


6. C13 - Which visual distress signal is acceptable for daylight use only?


7. C13 - What is the use of EPIRB during abandon ship ?


8. C13 - A hole in the hull above the waterline may be temporarily patched with _________. I. pillows II. blankets III. Mattresses


9. C13 - What is the purpose of wire stretched between the lifeboat davit heads?


10. C13 - How does the hand brake of a lifeboat winch being applied?


11. C13 - The person-in-charge shall insure that each rescue boat on a OSV is lowered to the water, launched, and operated at least once every _____________.


12. C13 - Which of the following represents the emergency signal for a fire aboard ship?


13. C13 - Where would you find the FCC authorization for transmitting on your rig's EPIRB?


14. C13 - All of the following are recognized distress signals under the Rules of the Road except__________.


15. C13 - Class "B" EPIRB's transmit on frequencies that are monitored by ________.


16. C13 - What is an approve signaling device required on inflatable liferafts from among the choices?


17. C13 - When you are firing a pyrotechnic distress signal, it should be aimed__________.


18. C13 - The master or person-in-charge of a MODU shall ensure that each deck from which lifeboats are launched is______________.


19. C13 - What must be accurately determined to assess the potential for progressive flooding after your vessel has been damaged?


20. C13 - What is the important points to remember when operating davits?


21. C13 - You are in a survival craft boadcasting a distress message. What information would be essential to your rescuers?


22. C13 - Why are lifeboats usually double-ended?


23. C13 - When should distress flares and rockets be used?


24. C13 - Progressive flooding in the engine room may be minimized by securing watertight boundaries and what other measures?


25. C13 - What is the signal for lowering the ship’s lifeboats which is sounded on the ship’s whistle?


26. When you hear three short blasts on the ship’s whistle and the same signal on the general alarm bells, what does it signify?


27. C13 - Which is TRUE concerning immersion suits and their use?


28. C13 - You are underway when a fire breaks out in the forward part of your vessel. If possible, you should __________.


29. C13 - The required number and type of hand portable fire extinguishers to be carried in the vicinity of the radio room exit for a tank vessel on an international voyage is one __________.


30. C13 - Records of tests and inspections of a cargo vessel's fire extinguishing systems shall be kept on board __________.


31. C13 - In areas where CO2 piping is installed, such piping may not be used for any other purpose except __________.


32. C13 - What is the use of a flame screen ?


33. C13 - You notice oil on the water near your vessel while taking on fuel. You should first __________.


34. C13 - The galley on your cargo vessel has an area of 232 square meters. What would fulfill the minimum requirements for fire protection?


35. C13 - You are fighting a fire in a watertight compartment using hoses and seawater. Stability may be reduced because of_______.


36. C13 - A fire is discovered in the forepeak of a vessel at sea. The wind is from ahead at 35 knots. You should __________.


37. C13 - When two fire hose teams are attacking a fire they should __________.


38. C13 - Each distress signal and self-activated smoke signal must be replaced not later than the marked date of manufacture?


39. C13 - What is the maximum validity distress flares are approved for?


40. C13 - By regulation, orange smoke distress signals will expire not more than how many months from the date of manufacture?


41. C13 - When a vessel signals her distress by means of a gun or other explosive signal, the firing should be at intervals of approximately _____________.


42. C13 - The traditional signal to commence lowering lifeboats and liferafts is__________.


43. C13 - Which of the following is used to signal crew members to report at boat stations or for boat drill?


44. C13 - Which of the items in the lifeboat equipment listed would be the most suitable for night signaling to a ship on the horizon?


45. C13 - Signaling devices required on inflatable liferafts include_____________.


46. C13 - When should the emergency position-indicating radio beacon(EPIRB) be activated after abandoning?


47. C13 - What should you do with your emergency position indicating radio beacon if you are in a liferaft during storm conditions?


48. C13 - What is the most important item to check prior to lowering the lifeboat?


49. C13 - When patching holes in the hull of a MODU, pillows, bedding and other soft materials can be used as _____________.


50. C13 - The order of importance in addressing damage control on a MODU is _________.


51. C13 - Why it is important to test lifeboat davit limit switches on a regular basis?


52. C13 - If doublebottom fuel tank levels are found to have increased after a ships grounding, what might be the possible cause?


53. C13 - A man aboard a vessel, signaling by raising and lowering his outstretched arms to each side, is indicating __________.


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