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1. C14 - Which is the primary reason why all lifting appliances be tested and certified by competent person before putting into service?


2. C14 - As per the ISM Code, in matters of safety and pollution prevention, whose commitment, competence, attitudes and motivation determines the end result?


3. C14 - One leadership theory states that “leaders are born and not made,” which refers to which of the following theories?


4. C14 - An applicant for certification as Chief Engineer Officer under Regulation III/2, must have served a total of 36 months of approved sea service (mandatory) while acting as Second Engineer Officer for at least__________________.


5. C14 - Which of these would be the best thing to do, if you know that one of the staff is experiencing burnout?


6. Which of the following would fit MOST on motivation?


7. Centralized organizations have some advantages. Which of the following statements are TRUE? I. Highly cost-effective II. Makes management easier III. Reflects the interest of the worker


8. Which of the following are the qualifications of a good trainor? I – Mastery of instructional techniques II – Competence in his field of expertise III – Does not conduct periodic evaluation if he/she feels trainees are learning in fast pace


9. Why is good communication important in managing personnel? I. It motivates personnel to do their jobs well II. It promotes independence and collaboration III. It fosters influence and power


10. Why is it necessary for officers and crew to have knowledge in human relations? I. Because one’s relationship with another is something which affects all of us day in and day out II. It is something that concerns everyone in all phases of shipboard activities III. For oneself improvement


11. What are the basic rules in training communications? I – Know what to say II – Get your idea across III – Trainees must know you


12. In order to manage and implement the International Management system, the senior officer must have an outstanding traits such as : I. conversant II. Initiative III. Knowledgeable


13. C14 - What is the minimum number of fire pumps required on a cargo vessel of 2,000 GT?


14. C14 - What is the minimum number of fire pumps required on a cargo vessel of 900 GT?


15. C14 - MARINA was created and geared towards the following objectives except______.


16. C14 - The Oil Record Book on a vessel not engaged on a foreign voyage shall be maintained on board for not less than __________.


17. C14 - Watchkeepers should have a mandatory minimum rest periods of _______ in any one week.


18. C14 - Oily mixtures according to Marpol means:


19. C14 - The ABC-rules are an important part of the First Aiders know how. What does the First Aid ABC-rules stands for?


20. C14 - Who countersigns any completed pages of the Oil Record Book?


21. C14 - Sludge are to be disposed off at sea.


22. C14 - When oil is discharged overboard, an entry is required in the __________.


23. C14 - Recruitment, training and development of organization members is _____.


24. C14 - When installing a new independent fuel tank for the emergency lighting unit, which of the following statements must be strictly adhered to in accordance with Coast Guard Regulations?


25. C14 - A shipmate suffers a heart attack and stops breathing. You must:


26. C14 - This is the most effective management development technique.


27. C14 - In accordance with SOLAS convention, how long shall the auxilliary steering gear be capable of turning 15 degrees on one side to 15 degrees on the other side?


28. C14 - The routes, zones or areas of operations of domestic ship operators are prescribed by which government agency?


29. C14 - When oily ballast has been pumped overboard, an entry must be made in the __________.


30. C14 - ____ is contained in Annex II of MARPOL 73/78?


31. C14 - Annex V of MARPOL 73/78 contains requirements pertaining to the discharge into the marine environment of______.


32. C14 - Which of the following would fit MOST on motivation?


33. C14 - The Safety Management Certificate should be issued to a ship for a period of how many years?


34. C14 - Which one is NOT correct if you are asked by to differentiate a leader and a manager?


35. C14 - Which of the following behaviours best describes charismatic leadership style?


36. C14 - Which type of conflict management technique is described as cooperating and that one side gives in to the other?


37. C14 - On board a vessel, he is an officer who gives responsibilities to his followers gradually so that in the future, they can stand on their own. Which leadership styles is he practicing?


38. C14 - As a young Senior officer, you know that conflict occurs in the engine department, which of the following statements regarding conflict is NOT true?


39. C14 - What is the skill or ability of a manager to be self-control and regulation of own behaviour?


40. C14 - What is the skill or ability of a manager that tenacity needed to overcome barrier when achieving goals?


41. C14 - What is the skill or ability of a manager that creation of visions and imaginations about future?


42. C14 - When asserting the importance of promoting a positive organizational culture in their departments. Which of the following behaviors indicate that this is attained by the group?


43. C14 - What is the skill or ability of a manager to use specific methods and techniques in doing the managerial work?


44. C14 - Which type of leadership theories consider people inherit certain qualities that make them better suited to leadership?


45. C14 - Which of the following management styles have been adopted when a manager, focuses energy on both the quality of services rendered as well as the welfare of the staff?


46. C14 - Company managers know that performance appraisal consists of all the following activities EXCEPT___________.


47. C14 - What action is a priority when there is an increasing unrest of the staff due to fatigue brought about by shortage of staff?


48. C14 - What is the skill or ability of a manager that an effort to look for new possibilities and solutions for reaching set goals?


49. C14 - What is the skill or ability of a manager that belief in own strength and ability to achieve goals?


50. C14 - What is the skill or ability of a manager that has the courage to make decision based on own judgment?


51. C14 - Behavior of a leader that deals with long range plan, broad relationship and ideas ______.


52. C14 - What is conceptual skill?


53. C14 - What is human relation skill?


54. C14 - What is technical skill?


55. C14 - What is leadership skill?


56. C14 - What is not a characteristic of an organizational chart?


57. C14 - What leadership style utilized to maintain a strong control in the department?


58. C14 - Which of the following elements is NOT included to illustrate the organizational structure?


59. C14 - The following are basic steps in the controlling process of the department. Which of the following is NOT included?


60. C14 - Which of the following is evidence that the controlling process is effective?


61. C14 - Which of the following terms refer to when wanting to influence the customary way of thinking and behaving that is shared by the members of the department?


62. C14 - Supervision and delegation fall to what phase of the management process?


63. C14 - Which phase of the employment process includes getting on the payroll and completing documentary requirements?


64. C14 - When presenting the operational procedures to be followed, one refers to what type of standards?


65. C14 - What are the qualities that define a leader who uses Laissez- faire?


66. C14 - What do you call a person/s ashore having a direct access to the highest level of management?


67. C14 - What is the skill or ability of a manager to be able to make decision under stress and unsure conditions?


68. C14 - What is a common trait of a leader which is defined as his ability to possess honesty, responsibility and maturity in the working area?


69. C14 - It is a managerial function that indicates leading the staff in the most effective method.


70. C14 - The manager wants to ensure that every task is carried out as planned. Which of the following tasks is NOT included in the controlling process?


71. C14 - Which of the following is the most ideal in maintaining behavioral working group?


72. C14 - Which of the following principles apply, if Senior Officer likewise stresses the need for all crew to follow orders and instructions from him and not from anyone else?


73. C14 - The management plans of assigning competent people to fill the roles designed in the hierarchy. Which process refers to this?


74. C14 - Which of the following statements best describes transformational leadership?


75. C14 - What is that needed in the Filipino Hierarchy of Need wherein in a Filipino gives weight to what other people would say about him or his behaviour?


76. C14 - Which management theory states “when managers make decision, they must take into account all aspect of the current situation and act on those aspects that are key to the situation at hand”?


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