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1. C11 - A pneumatic pressure tank is installed in a sanitary system to _____.


2. C11 - What is the main reason for implementing provisions of International Conferences or Conventions onboard?


3. C11 - Which of the following document given to the officer of a vessel issued by an administration a certificate of competency in exceptional necessity to fill a vacant position in short period?


4. C11 - Load line is assigned to a vessel to ensure adequate stability and ___________.


5. C11 - The purpose of International Safety Management Code is to provide an international standard for the safe management and operation of the ship and for_______________.


6. C11 - IMO was established to adopt legislation while the signatory governments are responsible for its __________ .


7. C11 - Which of the following can be a member of IMO?


8. C11 - Who is authorized to approve any alteration on the structure of the vessel after it has been previously surveyed and certificated?


9. C11 - What is the primary reason why International Conventions and agreements necessary to be implemented onboard worldwide plying vessels?


10. C11 - It is the recommended procedure as provided in the1974 SOLAS convention in discharging ballast water in double bottom tank designed and previously loaded with fuel oil. What is it?


11. C11 - As per the ISM Code, in matters of safety and pollution prevention, whose commitment, competence, attitudes and motivation determines the end result?


12. C11 - How many years is the validity of a load line certificate issued to a cargo ship?


13. C11 - Which type of Marine Sanitation Device (MSD) is used solely for the storage of sewage and flushwater at ambient air pressure and temperature?


14. C11 - What do you call the drainage from medical premises such as wash basins, tubs, as well as drainage from loading spaces of living animals onboard as defined in the 73/78 MARPOL conventions?


15. C11 - Each operation involving the transfer of oil or oily mixture that requires an entry in the OIL Record Book shall be fully recorded ________________.


16. C11 - What does OCIMF stand for


17. C11 - International Convention on control of harmful “Anti-Fouling Systems” on ships entered into force on___________.


18. C11 - The number of certificated able seamen and lifeboatmen required on board is listed in the __________.


19. C11 - The Safety Equipment Certificate shows that the vessel conforms to the standards of the __________.


20. C11 - The order of importance in addressing damage control is __________.


21. C11 - What does International Convention on control of harmful “Anti-Fouling Systems” requires all ships to have/carry?


22. C11 - During the course of a voyage, a seaman falls on the main deck and injures his ankle. The Master should submit a Report of Marine Accident, Injury or Death if the __________.


23. C11 - The organization that certifies the safe working load of cargo cranes on a vessel is the __________.


24. C11 - In controlling pollution, which action should be taken after all dirty ballast has been transferred to the slop tank and prior to discharge through the oily water separator?


25. C11 - The supplement to the IOPP Certificate contains what type of data?


26. C11 - How many months is the maximum validity of derrating certificate.


27. C11 - Which of the following document is used to verify lowest number of crew that can safely run a vessel?


28. C11 - Under the ISM Code, what is an identifiable deviation that poses a serious threat to the safety of personnel or a serious risk to the environment that requires immediate corrective action and includes the lack of effective and systematic implementation?


29. C11 - Oil pollution regulations require any transfer, or discharge of oil or oily water should be recorded in ________.


30. C11 - Before setting out on a three day voyage, Regulations require that the steering gear, whistle and communications system between the bridge and engine room must be tested within how many hours prior to departure?


31. C11 - Each pressure gage used in an oil transfer operation must be accurate to within ____________.


32. C11 - Passenger vessels shall maintain an Oil Record Book, if the vessel is ________.


33. C11 - What is the validity of a load line certificate issued to a cargo ship?


34. C11 - Which ship must maintain Part II (Cargo/Ballast Operations) of the Oil Record Book?


35. C11 - What do you call a document certifying the correctness of the load line marks on a vessel?


36. C11 - The International Maritime Conventions covers which of the following areas?


37. C11 - The overall responsibility in maintaining the Oil Record Book is given to _______________.


38. C11 - If the vessel's load line certificate is expired, are you allowed to sail?


39. C11 - What do you call the highest governing body of IMO composed of all member states?


40. C11 - Which of the following kind of document or certificate verifies that the ship carries the number of crew that can run the vessel safe and effective?


41. C11 - The sections of an Oil Record Book preceeding the log pages contain a _______.


42. C11 - What do you call a tank constructed in tanker intended to collect drains or oily mixture used in cargo tank cleaning as provided in the 73/78 Marpol Conventions?


43. C11 - Who shall provide evidence of its commitment to the development and implementation of the QMS and continually improving its effectiveness?


44. C11 - The process of grinding, shredding, or reducing the size of sewage particles is known as _____.


45. C11 - The process of grinding or shredding sewage into smaller particles is known as _____.


46. C11 - Oil Pollution Prevention Regulations states that a ship’s oil bilge slops may be pumped in port only if__________.


47. C11 - If an incorrect entry were made in the Oil Record Book, you should __________.


48. C11 - What are possible consequences of shipboard operations that is a risk to environment?


49. C11 - An overload in which of the listed motors will result in the illumination of an indicating light at the propulsion control station alarm panel?


50. C11 - MARPOL 73/78 covers not only accidental and operational oil pollution but NOT pollution by_________.


51. C11 - A vessel is in compliance with federal regulations regarding the discharge of sewage by _____.


52. C11 - Prior to entering a shipboard on compartment containing spilled sewage, you should test the atmosphere in the compartment for _____.


53. C11 - What is the most important of all UN treaties dealing maritime safety?


54. C11 - Which of the following is often considered to be the "branch of jurisprudence that governs ships and shipping?


55. C11 - Which of the following kind of statutory certificate is being renewed where the "plimpsoll" works are measured and conform to the measurement during its construction?


56. C11 - Which of the following represents the maximum percent of oxygen by volume, permitted to be discharge by a ships inert gas system when operating properly?


57. C11 - What is an entity responsible for implementing the provisions of International conferences and Conventions?


58. C11 - As provided in Regulations I of Annex V of MARPOL 73/78, what is defined as domestic and operational wastes?


59. C11 - As per the ISM Code, what is a statement of fact made during a safety management audit and substantiated by objective evidence?


60. C11 - Disposal of floating dunnage lining & packing materials outside special area can be made if ___________.


61. C11 - In the Oil Record Book, a comprehensive list of operational items are grouped into operational sections. Each section is codified by a/an __________.


62. C11 - Which of the following type of garbage allowed to be discharge at sea under the Marpol convention in the high seas?


63. C11 - When would scuppers on deck during bunkering should be plugged?


64. C11 - Some fleets registered to irresponsible governments have a hundred times casualty rates than those of the best so the IMO created which of the following to address this problem?


65. C11 - In sewage treatment, the term ’maceration‘ refers to the process of _____.


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