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1. The correct statements concerning heat transfer is __________.


2. A tanker vessels which are equipped with power operated cargo tank valves, the type of power actuator most commonly used is __________.


3. As per SOLAS regulation for prevention of fires and explosion, no oil fuel shall be used with a flash point of __________.


4. Fuel oil, lubricating oil and other flammable oil shall not be carried in __________.


5. In order to protect high temperature surface, surfaces with temperature above 220 degree Celsius which may be impinged as a result of a fuel system failure shall be properly __________.


6. Where daily service fuel oil tanks or settling tanks are fitted with heating arrangement, a high temperature alarm shall be provided if __________.


7. As per SOLAS regulations for prevention of fire and explosion, flash point of fuel oil used for emergency generators must not be less than __________.


8. Fuel oil service tank temperature has to be maintained not more than __________.


9. The bearing between crankshaft and the engine block on diesel engines is known as __________.


10. On a small auxiliary diesel engines, heat exchanger is mounted for cooling its __________.


11. lubrication of a diesel engine includes __________.


12. Faulty photocell detector in an automatically fired auxiliary boiler will cause __________.


13. The formula “PLAN/33,000” is a formula used to solved __________.


14. The steam soot blower piping should be thoroughly drained before operating to prevent __________.


15. An increase in the pressure drop between the inlet and outlet of the waterside feed-water heater which is not due to a waterside obstruction would indicate __________.


16. If there is a sudden drop in the outlet temperature of an uncontrolled super-heater, you should __________.


17. Excessively low air pressure occurring in the inter-cooler of a reciprocating air compressor may be caused by __________.


18. If the compressor of a water cooled refrigeration system short cycle on the high pressure cut out switch, one reason could be __________.


19. Every vessel with automated machinery plant must have an “engineer's assistance” alarm. The power for this alarm is taken from the __________.


20. After starting a small high speed engine you should immediately check the ___________.


21. When starting a diesel engine the major operating condition to be checked immediately after the start up is __________.


22. Fuel oil droplets injected into the cylinder of diesel engine must have adequate penetration in order to thoroughly utilize the __________.


23. An automatically fired low pressure boilers must have a/an __________.


24. An automatic auxiliary boiler which produces black smoke has a burner of __________.


25. When cylinder No. 6 of a four stroke cycle in-line six cylinder with a firing order of 1-5-3-6-2-4 is firing at top dead center, piston on cylinder No. 4 is __________.


26. A diesel engine running with late ignition may produce __________.


27. Which of the following event does not occur during an instant that the piston reaches top dead center?


28. Many diesel engines are designed with a concave heads piston, this designed served to increase __________.


29. A thermocouple of an exhaust gas pyrometer accumulated with carbon will result __________.


30. The position of a piston commonly called bottom dead center is the __________.


31. A diesel engine with black exhausting smoke may be caused by __________.


32. When air is admitted during starting and the engine turn slowly without firing, the caused may be __________.


33. While turning the engine using turning gear it was noticed that oil is coming out from the test cock, this problem may be caused by __________.


34. Which of the listed conditions will result in the failure of an auxiliary diesel engine to shut down?


35. Which of the following problems can occur if you continually fail to drain off condensate from a starting air receiver?


36. If a diesel engine continues to run after attempting to shut it down, the probable cause is __________.


37. A diesel engine experiences a sudden loss in speed, accompanied by black exhaust smoke, with the fuel rack at maximum, and the speed remaining below normal. The probable cause is __________.


38. Which of the following conditions is most likely to occur if the electric starter motor pinion gear fails to disengage from the flywheel of a diesel engine after the engine has started?


39. Which of the listed items should be secured before performing any maintenance on a solenoid operated air start valve?


40. Bouncing of the valve gear in a diesel engine can be caused by __________.


41. The exhaust gases in a supercharged two-stroke/cycle diesel engine are expelled from the cylinder by __________.


42. Diesel engine cranks properly during starting but immediately stall, which of the following systems is most likely at fault?


43. If an auxiliary diesel engine frequently stalls, the trouble may be caused by __________.`


44. Spring surge in diesel engine valve springs can result in __________.


45. The satisfactory operation of diesel engine exhaust valves usually depends on __________.


46. An operating diesel engine that suddenly loses power, is due to a/an __________.


47. When restarting a heavy fuel diesel engine that has been stopped for some time, the engineer should __________.


48. When attempting to start a main propulsion diesel engine, the engine turns at the proper speed but will not start. You should check the __________.


49. If an auxiliary diesel engine equipped with an electric starting system cranks very slowly after repeated attempts to start, the cause could be a/an __________.


50. Which of the listed diesel engine starting systems is most susceptible to difficulties in cold weather?


51. If cranking a diesel engine is too slow while attempting to start, it will result in __________.


52. If while attempting to start a diesel engine, the cranking speed is too low, __________.


53. On a diesel engine with direct-cylinder admission air starting, a leaking air starting valve would be indicated by __________.


54. What could be the cause of inadequate starting speed during the cranking of a cold diesel engine?


55. A diesel engine is turned at normal cranking speed and no ignition occurs. This could be the result of __________.


56. A two-stroke/cycle diesel engine operates erratically, over-speeds, and fails to restart when cranked at normal speed. Which of the following problems is the most likely cause for the engine failing to restart?


57. If an auxiliary diesel engine will not crank but can be barred over, the trouble may be in the __________.


58. A diesel engine fails to start even though it can be barred over, but not cranked over. The probable cause is __________.


59. When starting air is admitted, a diesel engine turns over very slowly without firing. The cause may be __________.


60. An accumulation of carbon on one of its thermocouples of an exhaust gas pyrometer the pyrometer will __________.


61. A piston is at bottom dead center when it is __________.


62. If carbon accumulates on a pyrometer thermocouple, it will cause __________.


63. A piston is said to be at top dead center when it is __________.


64. Black smoke exhausting from a diesel engine may be caused by __________.


65. Open combustion chambers are designed to __________.


66. When starting a diesel engine at temperatures below 70°F, the frictional resistance to turning will be __________.


67. Starting aids, such as glow plugs, are usually installed on __________.


68. Cold weather starting of a diesel engine is more difficult than warm weather starting due to __________.


69. The cetane number of a diesel fuel oil indicates its __________.


70. Air motors used for starting some auxiliary diesel engines are generally the type known as a/an __________.


71. Fluid type starting motors used for starting auxiliary diesel engines may either be of the piston type or the __________.


72. Which internal combustion engine starting system uses a vane type fluid motor?


73. An air starting motor for a diesel engine is protected from over-speeding by __________.


74. Starting air supply for a diesel engine is generally produced by a/an __________.


75. Where is the air charge for an air starting system stored?


76. Intercoolers installed on starting air compressors, reduce the possibility of __________.


77. A two-stroke/cycle diesel engine requires less starting air than a four-stroke/cycle diesel engine, of equal displacement, because the two-stroke/cycle diesel engine __________.


78. With respect to diesel fuel, the ease with which a cold engine will start is dependent upon the __________.


79. Which of the listed types of starting systems is often used on large, low-speed, direct reversing, main propulsion diesel engines?


80. The pilot valves in an air pilot starting system for a two-stroke/cycle, direct-reversing, main propulsion diesel engine are operated by either a ported distributor disc or a/an __________.


81. Cams used to activate mechanically operated air starting valves on four-stroke/cycle diesel engines should have which of the valve lift profiles listed?


82. The timing of diesel engine air starting valves is controlled by __________.


83. During the starting of a diesel engine, compression gases are prevented from backing into the air starting system, by the __________.


84. Which of the following methods is used to prevent throttling of compressed air through the diesel engine air starting valves?


85. Starting air check valves are held firmly on their seats by __________.


86. Following an overhaul of a crosshead type diesel engine, the engine is jacked over with the turning gear as part of the pre-start procedure. Which of the listed pre-start procedures should be carried out?


87. A six-cylinder, four-stroke/cycle diesel engine is fitted with a rotary distributor type air starting system. The speed of the rotating distributor disc is __________.


88. Accumulator used in a hydraulic starting system is generally located between the __________.


89. The device used to store a charged pressure for an hydraulic starting system is called the __________.


90. The function of evaporator in refrigerating system is to _____.


91. The requirements for control of emission from ships requires emission of nitrogen oxides (calculated as the total weighted emission of NO2 ) from the engine is within the limit of _____.


92. The requirements for control of emission from ships requires emission of nitrogen oxides (calculated as the total weighted emission of NO2 ) from the engine is within the limit of _____.


93. The requirements for control of emission from ships requires emission of nitrogen oxides (calculated as the total weighted emission of NO2 ) from the engine is within the limit of _____.


94. On sulfur oxide (SOx)l, general requirements of sulfur content of any fuel oil used onboard ships shall not exceed _____.


95. The day and month of each year which will correspond to the date of expiry of the International Air Pollution Prevention Certificate is known as/a _____.


96. When operating a diesel generator, raising the generator’s field excitation will cause the DC propulsion motor to _____.


97. Moisture damage caused by condensation occurring inside of the cargo winch master switches can be reduced by _____.


98. When stopping the fresh water generator, the ejector pump shall be run at least one hour after stopping the distillate pump in order to _____.


99. Before starting the main engine the turning gear is engaged and the main engine is turned with indicator cock open for a few minutes in order to _____.


100. Which of the following statement is correct, when a steam turbine is running efficiently and its revolution suddenly decreases?


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