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1. One advantage of a vacuum feed sight glass indicator used on cylinder lubricators over the discharge side liquid filled type sight glass is __________.


2. Mechanical lubricators for diesel engine cylinders are usually small reciprocating pumps which are __________.


3. The rate of cylinder lubricating oil metered to each cylinder of a large, low-speed, main propulsion diesel engine is __________.


4. The adverse effects of burning high sulfur fuel can be compensated for by using a cylinder oil having sufficient __________.


5. A 'Blotter test' is a test performed on the lube oil of a diesel engine which can determine ______.


6. Which of the following test indicators should be considered the most significant factor in determining as to whether or not a diesel generator’s lube oil should be drained and renewed?


7. If the analysis of used lube oil indicates a high content of iron particles, this could indicate __________.


8. A decrease in the flash point of diesel engine lube oil indicates the lube oil has become __________.


9. A bronze bearing liner with a lead-tin flashing has a milky-white color over most of its surface and some areas of exposed bronze. The white coloring indicates __________.


10. A dirty lube oil strainer can result in __________.


11. Oil oxidation, as a result of excessively high lube oil temperature, is harmful to a diesel engine because __________.


12. Oil analysis for a crosshead type diesel engine indicates the TBN of the crankcase lubricating oil is increasing. This is most likely associated with which of the following?


13. Both crosshead type and trunk type lubricating oil are received on board a vessel. These two oils cannot be interchanged due to which of the following reasons?


14. When is fuel injected into a cylinder of diesel engines?


15. The time between injection and ignition of the fuel is known as __________.


16. For a given fuel, a change in the compression ratio will affect the ignition lag by which of the listed means?


17. The rate of pressure rise during the period following fuel ignition in a diesel engine is influenced by the length of the ignition delay period and the __________.


18. The pressure in an operating diesel engine cylinder continues to rise for a short period after the piston passes top dead center as a result of the __________.


19. Which statement about diesel engine combustion is true?


20. Fuel combustion in a diesel engine cylinder should begin just before the piston reaches top dead center and should __________.


21. As Chief Engineer of a slow speed diesel propelled vessel operating with constant slip, when considering the effect on the fuel consumption in barrels per mile of a planned increase in operating RPM you utilize which of the following?


22. You are on board a vessel with a slow speed crosshead type engine. The fuel just received has a significantly lower sulfur content then the previous bunkers. Which of the following would be a concern due to the reduced sulfur content?


23. Heavy fuel oils generally have an upper average ash content of 0.1% by weight. Which of the following conditions could be expected if the ash content increases above this amount?


24. If the bowl of a disk type centrifugal purifier when operated as a separator is not primed, the __________.


25. As Chief Engineer of a slow speed diesel engine vessel equipped with an ALCAP fuel oil purification system. You note a definite increase in the rate at which the purifier sludge tank is rising. One of the first items to check on your system would be which of the following?


26. Differential needle valves used in fuel injectors are directly closed by __________.


27. Carbon deposit build up on the injection nozzle orifice is least likely to occur when using which type of fuel injector nozzle?


28. The amount of fuel delivered by a unit injector is controlled by the __________.


29. What is the purpose of the "window" installed in the housing of an individual jerk pump?


30. Injection pressure in a common rail fuel system is controlled by __________.


31. When disassembling or assembling an injection pump plunger and barrel you should __________.


32. You are testing a closed fuel injection nozzle using a nozzle tester. A pressure slightly less than design valve opening pressure is applied. If no fuel appears at the spray tip, the __________.


33. Because of the close tolerances used in diesel engine fuel oil pumps, a worn plunger requires __________.


34. Uneven bolt tightening during the installation of a fuel injection pump can result in __________.


35. Which of the fuel nozzles listed requires the LEAST maintenance?


36. Which of the following statements concerning the factors affecting ignition delay is correct?


37. Poor combustion in a diesel engine can be caused by __________.


38. Diesel fuel oil having a low cetane rating can result in __________.


39. Which of the following problems is the main source of fuel pump and injection system malfunctions?


40. Problems with the diesel engine fuel injection pump are usually caused by __________.


41. One cause of diesel engine surging can be a result of __________.


42. High firing pressures and a low exhaust temperature in a diesel engine may result from __________.


43. Which of the following devices will increase the power output of a diesel engine without increasing its frictional load?


44. Clearance volume scavenging in a turbocharged, four-stroke/cycle diesel engine is accomplished __________.


45. In a turbocharger, inlet air velocity is increased in the __________.


46. Which of the following statements is correct regarding a turbocharged four- stroke/cycle diesel generator?


47. Large, two-stroke/cycle, main propulsion, diesel engine cylinders can be successfully pressure charged during normal operation, by using the __________.


48. In a two cycle diesel engine, a Roots type blower is usually __________.


49. Which of the couplings listed is normally not repairable, and is usually replaced if completely damaged?


50. When an additional load is applied to a diesel engine which is using an inadequately inflated air bladder clutch unit, you can expect __________.


51. Misalignment of the drive shaft and propeller shaft flanges can be detected by using a dial indicator or __________.


52. Auxiliary boilers are divided into several classifications, one of which is __________.


53. Downcomers installed on auxiliary package boilers are protected from direct contact with hot gases by __________.


54. Which of the listed design features is most common with a two-stroke cycle, low- speed main propulsion diesel engine?


55. The piston rod scraper box incorporated in a two-stroke/cycle, crosshead diesel engine serves to __________.


56. Telescopic pipes which are attached to water cooled pistons of large slow-speed main propulsion diesel engines are designed to __________.


57. Piston cooling fins are located __________.


58. Ring groove inserts are occasionally used on aluminum alloy pistons to __________.


59. High-speed, multi-cylinder, diesel engines commonly use counterweights placed opposite to the crankpins to __________.


60. During main engine performance testing it is noticed that the firing pressure of one cylinder is higher than the average, but cylinder compression pressure is normal. Which of the following would most likely be the cause?


61. During main engine performance testing it is noticed that one cylinder has firing and compression pressures lower than average. Which of the following would most likely be the cause?


62. During main engine performance testing it is noticed that the firing pressure in one cylinder is lower than the average, but cylinder compression pressure and fuel pump delivery rate are normal. Which of the following would most likely be the cause?


63. Worn diesel engine intake valve guides can result in __________.


64. Excessively worn, or polished ends on a diesel engine valve spring, indicate__________.


65. Low compression pressure in a diesel engine can be caused by __________.


66. When one cylinder has a lower compression pressure and higher exhaust gas temperature than any of the other engine cylinders, which of the conditions listed will be indicated?


67. Worn main bearings will cause the compression ratio of a diesel engine to __________.


68. Which of the conditions listed could cause the cylinder relief valves on a large, low- speed, propulsion diesel engine to lift?


69. The ring lands on a large, low-speed, main propulsion diesel engine piston may crack due to __________.


70. When inspecting pistons, liners, and rings of a large two-stroke/cycle diesel engine through the cylinder ports, a wet piston crown would indicate a __________.


71. The most practical way of detecting an overload in one cylinder of an operating large, low-speed, main propulsion diesel engine is to __________.


72. One method of determining crankshaft misalignment is by __________.


73. A main propulsion diesel engine crankshaft bearing lacking sufficient 'crush', will __________.


74. Which of the following procedures should be carried out to permit the continued operation of a crosshead engine with a leaky after cooler?


75. While at sea, the first engineer reports the jacket water expansion tank water has become discolored and has a smell of exhaust on a slow speed two stroke engine. Which would be the most likely cause


76. A diesel engine emits blue exhaust smoke as a result of __________.


77. Before any auxiliary diesel engine hydraulic starting system is opened for servicing or repair, you must __________.


78. When two cams of the same diameter, one with tangential flanks and the other with convex flanks are compared, the cam with tangential flanks will cause___________.


79. In diesel engines, hydraulic valve lifters are used to __________.


80. The service life of a worn aluminum piston for an auxiliary diesel, for which no spares are readily available, can be extended by __________.


81. In an auxiliary diesel engine, one reason for knurling the piston skirt is to __________.


82. If an auxiliary diesel engine equipped with an electric starting system cranks very slowly after repeated attempts to start, the cause could be a/an __________.


83. On small diesel engines, a noticeable decrease in the time interval between the replacement of the lube filter cartridge indicates __________.


84. A diesel engine may fail to start when being cranked, due to __________.


85. High exhaust temperature and black smoke exhausting from an auxiliary diesel engine can be caused by __________.


86. One remedy for a high firing pressure, in addition to a high exhaust temperature in one cylinder of a diesel engine, is to __________.


87. In a four-stroke/cycle diesel engine, badly worn intake valve guides can cause excessive __________.


88. In a medium-speed marine propulsion engine equipped with direct admission air starting valves, the cylinders without air starting valves fire first because the __________.


89. Which internal combustion engine starting system uses a vane type fluid motor?


90. When an engine fitted with a hydraulic starting system starts up, the starter is protected from the higher speed of the engine by __________.


91. Which of the following operating characteristics of the Bendix drive friction clutch is associated with a Bendix drive starter?


92. Auxiliary diesel engine electric starting motors use __________.


93. An oil-operated, direct-reversing mechanism on a large, low-speed, main propulsion diesel engine, can serve to __________.


94. In order to reverse the rotation of a two-stroke/cycle loop scavenged, direct reversing, propulsion diesel engine, the cam positions must be changed for the __________.


95. Intercoolers installed on starting air compressors, reduce the possibility of __________.


96. You are the Chief Engineer on a Ro/Ro vessel powered by a MAN two stroke, direct reversing, slow speed diesel engine. While maneuvering into New York with the main engine in Bridge control status you receive low pressure alarms on both main air receivers. Both ship's main air compressors are operational and running at the time of the alarms. What should you do?


97. What type of engine lubrication oil filter system sends filtered oil directly to the high pressure supply gallery?


98. In a by-pass type lubrication system for a diesel engine, the dirty oil line to the centrifuge should be taken from the __________.


99. The purpose of an oil mist detector in a main propulsion diesel engine is to warn of __________.


100. Which of the following problems could develop due to the accumulation of oil vapors in the crankcase of a diesel engine?


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