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1. Which of the following is an example of head hazard? I. Impact from falling, II. Flying Object, III. Hair entanglement


2. Air trapped in the hydraulic fluid of a steering system would be indicated by _____. I. An improper rudder response II. Hammering noises in the equipment or transmission lines III. Popping or sputtering noises


3. Which of the DC heater operations listed will result in excessive dissolved oxygen in boiler water? I. Excessively high water level in the heater II. Adding excessive make up feed III. Operating the heater with a closed air vent


4. In a flash-type evaporator, an electrical salinity cell would be installed in the _____. I. Distillate outlet from the distillate cooler II. Distilate inlet to the distillate cooler III. Condensate drains from the distiller feedwater heater


5. C1 -The hours of rest may be divided into no more than two periods, one of which shall be at least how many hours?


6. C1 -"What is the limit that each Administration shall establish for the purpose of preventing alcohol abuse for masters, officers and other seafarers while performing designated safety, security and marine environmental duties? "


7. C1 - Which of the listed fuel oil ignition methods are commonly found on automatically fired auxiliary boilers aboard merchant vessels?


8. C1 - What should you do first before any work is to be carried out on a burner in an automatically fired boiler?


9. In a diesel engine closed freshwater cooling system, the cooling water pressure drop through the engine is 10 psig, and the pressure drop through the heat exchanger is 4 psig at maximum flow rates. The cooling water pump must produce a discharge head of atleast _______.


10. All persons who are assigned duty as officer in charge of a watch or as a rating forming part of a watch and those whose duties involve designated safety, prevention of pollution, and security duties shall be provided with a rest period of not less than ________________.


11. Operating a diesel engine for prolonged period at temperature lower than the normal design temperature may cause _____.


12. A diesel generator has just been paralleled with an AC turbogenerator, but the load can not be properly divided. This could be caused by _________.


13. When the engine is running, a leaking air starting valve is indicated by_____.


14. If the main propulsion diesel engine governor works irregularly with a jerking motion, a possible cause can be __________.


15. While inspecting the steering gear at sea, you should check for __________.


16. A lube oil filter can be used to remove most contaminants from lube oil. What contaminant will remain in the lube oil after filtering?


17. Which of the following statements concerning the factors affecting ignition delay is correct?


18. Which of the conditions listed would cause the stern tube lube oil header tank level to decrease?


19. What would be the possible cause of high diesel engine cooling water temperatures?


20. As a duty engineer you should know that some auxiliaries are not designed to handle steam at boiler pressure. Which of the following devices is usually fitted in the branch line to deliver steam at the correct pressure?


21. Which of the following is the most critical information that the officer in an engineering watch be relayed during taking over a watch?


22. Diesel engine control can be obtained by the bridge __________.


23. Where is the contaminated oil enters the centrifuge in a disk type centrifugal purifier?


24. When the machinery spaces are in the periodic unmanned condition, the designated duty officer of the engineering watch shall be ________________.


25. If the diesel engine fuel injection timing is changed to delay the start of injection until the pistons are at top dead center, the engine will ___________.


26. Why is condensate being pumped from the condenser to the DC heater instead of directly to the boiler?


27. To ensure that a bearing is receiving the proper oil supply, you should check the _______________.


28. All portable electric tools should have a ground connection to prevent _________.


29. The device most commonly used to measure the exhaust gas temperature of a diesel engine cylinder is called a _______.


30. Exhaust valve grooving and corrosion is caused by certain components of residual fuel oil. These components are sodium, sulfur, and ___________.


31. A dirty atomizer sprayer plate in the burner of an auxiliary boiler, would be indicated by


32. Under what condition may the master suspend the schedule of hours of rest and require a seafarer to perform any hours of work necessary?


33. In a closed cooling system for a turbocharged, four- stroke/cycle diesel engine, fluctuate water pressure can be caused by _________.


34. Not properly vented main engine jacket cooling water can __________.


35. Which of the following statements is true concerning the centrifuging of lubricating oil?


36. Why do most temperature control valves in diesel engine closed freshwater cooling systems bypass the flow of jacket water around the cooler instead of around the engine?


37. A diesel generator governor is hunting. After changing the oil the governor is flushed and the compensation needle valve is adjusted; but the hunting persists. You should NOW ___________.


38. When maneuvering, you discover heavy smoke coming from the turbocharger casing. What action should you take first?.


39. Which system should be tested and used when required to raise the water level in an idle boiler?


40. A pyrometer is capable of producing a voltage by _____.


41. The DC heater functions to _____.


42. While standing watch in the engine room, you notice a high reading at a salinity cell located in the loop seal between two stages of a flash type evaporator. This would indicate _____.


43. As an engineer which action should you normally take during each watch when the auxiliary boiler is operating?


44. If one fuel oil strainer of a duplex unit becomes clogged while the vessel is steaming at sea, the first action is to __________.


45. If the operating speed of a diesel engine increases without an apparent change in the engine control settings, you may suspect a __________.


46. Excessive lubricating oil consumption in a running diesel engine can be caused by _________.


47. When the cold tappet clearance is less than that specified by the engine manufacturer, the diesel engine valves will __________.


48. Increasing the valve clearance between a valve stem and rocker arm, will in the valve ________.


49. Under what condition shall the officer in charge of the engineering watch shall ensure that permanent air or steam pressure is available for sound signals?


50. Oil accumulating in the exhaust piping or manifold of a diesel engine can be caused by ______.


51. Valve lash, or clearance refers to the _________.


52. What is the most important parameter to check right after any diesel engine is started?


53. Crank web deflection readings will give a positive indication of ___________.


54. Cooling water pumps driven by direct-reversing diesel engines are usually ______.


55.   A boiler feed stop-check valve would be located at the _____.


56. Rapidly discharging condensate into the DC heater during normal steaming conditions could cause _____.


57. Most large main propulsion diesel engines use a duplex lube oil strainer to _______.


58. Throttling a burner air register on an auxiliary boiler could result in ________.


59. Significant retardation of diesel engine fuel injection timing will result in _________.


60. One result of operating a diesel engine at light load with excessively low cooling water temperatures is a/an _________.


61. Which of the following problems can cause fluctuating pressure in the closed cooling system of a main propulsion diesel engine?


62. The effective stroke of a constant-stroke, individual, fuel injection pump is varied by the __________.


63. The minimum design height of the DC heater is determined by the _____.


64. You are operating a main propulsion diesel engine at a constant load when the jacket temperature begins to rise. This could be caused by _________.


65. If two compressors must be operated in parallel in order to maintain the box temperatures, a careful watch should be kept on the __________.


66. The bulk of the solid material entering a centrifugal purifier with lube oil is ________.


67. A solenoid operated distillate three-way valve is installed in the discharge line between the distilling plant and the potable water tank. This valve will trip and dump the distillate discharge if the _____.


68. The DC heater automatic level dump valve is used to _____.


69. While at sea, the flash type evaporator is discharging the output to the distill tanks. If it becomes necessary to reduce the feed water temperature below 165oF, you should _____.


70. Exhaust pyrometer readings provide an indication of the _______.


71. A salinity indicating system functions on the basic principle of measuring the _____.


72. Fuel combustion in a diesel engine cylinder should begin just before the piston reaches top dead center and should ___________.


73. An auxiliary diesel generator continues to run after you try to shut down. Your next course of action should be to _________.


74. Dark exhaust gas from the engine is caused by ______.


75. During the fuel injection period, fuel pressure must exceed cylinder gas pressure to __________.


76. The main propulsion diesel engine jacket water temperature rises above normal, with the raw water sea suction and the expansion tank water level being normal. Which of the following problem is most likely the cause?


77. Below are some of the causes of high exhaust gas temperature except __________.


78. Cracked cylinder liner of a 2-stroke engine is indicated by___________.


79. Which of the following conditions can cause oil to accumulate in the cooling system of a diesel engine?


80. The purpose of an oil mist detector in a main propulsion diesel engine is to warn of _____________.


81. The pressure in an operating diesel engine cylinder continues to rise for a short period after the piston passes top dead center as a result of the __________.


82. During cold ship start-up you should open the feedwater outlet and condensate valves to a DC heater in order to _____.


83. Which of the filters listed will deplete the additives in lubricating oil?


84. The direct cause of a crankcase explosion can be attributed to ___________.


85. A burned exhaust valve may be detected by a higher than normal _______.


86. The flash point of a residual fuel oil should be used to determine the highest temperature to which the oil may be heated __________.


87. In an operating diesel engine, which of the following is true concerning a tube and shell type jacket water heat exchanger?


88. The major cause of trouble in a mechanical-hydraulic governor is contamination of the hydraulic fluid by ___________.


89. If fuel injection in a diesel engine begins earlier than the design earlier than the design start of injection, ignition may be delayed because the __________.


90. An engine fails to start even if all temperatures and pressures are normal because______.


91. Mist detectors used on large low-speed and medium speed main propulsion diesel engines monitor and check for the presence of __________.


92. Improper maintenance of an automatic auxiliary boiler oil burner could result in ______.


93. If fuel injection occurs too early, a diesel engine will lose power because the ________.


94. A change in engine speed is required before a governor is able to make a corrective movement of fuel rack. This aspect of governing is commonly expressed as a percent and is known as


95. Sensitivity for a diesel engine governor is described as the ___________.


96. Reducing the clearance between a valve stem and rocker arm will result in the valve __________.


97. The effect of too much heating in the fuel oil of main engine is ___________.


98. Diesel engine injection lag is caused by ____________.


99. Which steam plant watch operating condition will require priority attention over the other conditions listed?


100. Which of the following procedures decreases the total dissolved solids concentration in the water of an auxiliary boiler?


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