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1. C8 - What should be used when language difficulties exist which cannot be resolved by the used of the IMO Standard Marine Communication Phrases?


2. C8 - What channel is designated by the Radio Regulations for Bridge-to Bridge communications?


3. C8 - In the event of a collision, why is it important to transmit MAYDAY or PAN_PAN signals, even if not in distress?


4. C8 - A warship indicates that it wishes to communicate with a merchant ship by hoisting:


5. C8 - For a vessel at anchor, what are the additional and optional fog-signals?


6. C8 - How is the letter "T" pronounced when spoken over the radiotelephone?


7. C8 - In the event of a collision, after the impact, which of the following should NOT be done?


8. C8 - Determine among the International Code single-letters the equivalent fog signal of a "vessel restricted in her ability to maneuver".


9. C8 - Approaching a bend where other vessels may be obscured by an intervening obstruction, what signal shall a vessel sound?


10. C8 - The maneuvering and warning signal of a vessel intending to overtake another vessel on her port side when in a narrow channel or fairway shall be a:


11. C8 - Signaling by flag hoist is completed by the vessel hoisting the:


12. C8 - When a vessel is sounding a single-letter signal "ROMEO", this indicates that:


13. C8 - To attract the attention of other vessel, a vessel may use any sound or light signals as long as:


14. C8 - What is the purpose of VHF Channel 06?


15. C8 - How is the International Code Signal of distress indicated?


16. C8 - If a receiving station cannot distinguish a signal sent by flag hoist it should __________.


17. C8 - A vessel in distress should send by radio telephone the two tone alarm signal followed immediately by the __________.


18. C8 - According to the "Vessel Bridge-to-Bridge Radiotelephone Act", your radiotelephone log must contain __________.


19. C8 - Which statement about transmitting distress messages by radiotelephone is INCORRECT?


20. C8 - A message warning of a tropical storm should be sent as a(n) __________.


21. C8 - A message giving warning of a hurricane should have which prefix when sent by radiotelephone?


22. C8 - If you wished to transmit a message by voice concerning the safety of navigation, you would preface it by the word __________.


23. C8 - The VHF radiotelephone calling/safety/distress frequency is __________.


24. C8 - The radiotelephone safety message urgently concerned with safety of a person would be prefixed by the word __________.


25. C8 - A bell or gong, or other device having similar sound characteristics shall produce a sound pressure level of not less than ________


26. C8 - The Rules concerning the display of lights starts and ends under which of the following?


27. C8 - Which is NOT a distress signal?


28. C8 - Which communications functions must all vessels be capable of performing under GMDSS as defined by the International Maritime Organization?


29. C8 - The VHF radiotelephone frequency for Channel 14 is:


30. C8 - The VHF radiotelephone frequency for Channel 13 is:


31. C8 - Channel 70 for digital selective calling for Distress, Safety and Calling frequency operate at:


32. C8 - Channel 16 - Safety and calling frequency which operates in:


33. C8 - An urgent marine storm warning message would be broadcast on:


34. C8 - When bunkering at a dock which of the following signals must be displayed?


35. C8 - In shore-ship use, what is useful range of VHF?


36. C8 - In case a vessel seeks medical advice including the onward transmission of medical messages by radio or satellite communication between a ship and those ashore giving advice, how does the payment for such medical advice being made?


37. C8 - In the International Code of Signals, the code signal meaning "I require immediate assistance" is:


38. C8 - If you wanted to ask a nearby vessel if he had a doctor on board, you would hoist the flag signal:


39. C8 - Approaching the anchorage to pick up pilot, what will be your required signal during daylight?


40. C8 - Distress, Safety and Calling Channel.


41. C8 - When using the International Code of Signals to communicate, the end of a radiotelephone transmission is indicated by the signal:


42. C8 - Hoist which relates to phrases that are very urgent, important and of common use is a:


43. C8 - My ship is infected with infectious disease, what international flag signal will I hoist?


44. C8 - The appropriate landing signals for small boats with crews or persons in distress to indicate "this the best place to land" is:


45. C8 - How would the letter "I" be pronounced over the radiotelephone?


46. C8 - A high intensity all-round flashing red light is exhibited by a WIG craft only when:


47. C8 - The Master is allowed by the rules to depart from the normal requirements:


48. C8 - As per Annex II of the Rules, which of the following is the additional day signal for trawlers when the net has come fast an obstruction?


49. C8 - As per Annex II of the Rules, the additional signals for trawlers when hauling their nets is:


50. C8 - What does this signal displayed by a small craft signify when in passage up a river, she is showing a rigid replica of the international code flag "A"?


51. C8 - While at sea, a tug is seen displaying a black square flag below a black ball on its mast. What action should be done?


52. C8 - At sea you sight a tug displaying this signal. What should you do?


53. C8 - Three letter hoists that begin with the code flag MIKE signifies:


54. C8 - If a "man overboard" is heard over the radio, what precedes the message?


55. C8 - During a search, a RU would like to communicate by VHF radio telephone on channel indicated, she must signal what code group?


56. C8 - In restricted visibility, a power-driven vessel making way through the water shall sound which of the following fog signals?


57. C8 - Vessels engaged in pair trawling show what day signals?


58. C8 - A vessel being towed shall sound a fog-signal of:


59. C8 - How should the letter "O" be pronounced over the radiotelephone?


60. C8 - RT message giving warning of a hurricane should have which of the following prefixes:


61. C8 - The signal consist of three letter signals "MCW" means:


62. C8 - How is the letter "Q" pronounced when spoken on the radiotelephone?


63. On a clear, warm day, you notice the approach of a tall cumulus cloud. The cloud top has hard well defined edges and rain is falling from the dark lower edge. What follows should this cloud pass directly overhead?


64. You are steaming in the open ocean of the North Pacific between the Aleutian Chain and Hawaii. A warning broadcast indicates that an earthquake has occurred in the Aleutians and has generated a tsunami that is predicted to hit Hawaii. What action is neces


65. What is known as the winds you would expect to encounter in the North Atlantic between latitudes 5degrees and 30degrees are known?


66. You are docking an oceangoing singlescrew vessel under normal circumstances with a single tug. When do you usually use the tug?


67. You are landing a singlescrew vessel with a lefthanded propeller, starboard side to the dock. As you approach the dock you back your engine with your rudder amidships. What should you expect the vessel?


68. The intentional grounding of a vessel as a result of a heavy weather damage, collision or other accidents, where water is being taken in so rapidly that the pumps are unable to cope up with it is called:


69. While your vessel is impaired by stormy weather, a pumproom is suspected of accumulating gases after a ventilation machinery breakdown. Where should the combustible gas indicator case be placed when testing the pumproom atmosphere for combustible gases?


70. You are steaming in the open ocean of the North Pacific between the Aleutian Chain and Hawaii. A warning broadcast indicates that an earthquake has occurred in the Aleutians and has generated a tsunami that is predicted to hit Hawaii. What action is necessary for the ships safety?


71. You are docking a vessel starboard side to with the assistance of two tugs. What are you going to ensure while you are attempting to hold the vessel off by operating both tugs at right angles to the vessel and at full power?


72. You are 15 feet off a pier and docking a vessel using only a bow breast line and stern breast line. Once the slack is out of both lines you begin to haul in on the bow breast line. What is the effect on the vessel?


73. You are docking a ship with a singlescrew tug assisting on your starboard bow. How should the tug be tied up if you are anticipating that she will have to hold your bow off while you stem the current?


74. You are docking a vessel in a slip which has its entrance athwart the tide. You land the ship across the end of the pier, stemming the tide, preparatory to breaking the ship around the corner. You have one tug to assist. Where would you generally tie up the tug?


75. A tropical storm is building strength some distance from your ship. Waves are coming from the east?with periods increasing from 5 seconds to 15 seconds. The swell is from the east. Where was the storm when these new swells were generated?


76. For the purposes of distress signaling, small passenger vessels that operate on runs of more than 30 minutes duration on lakes, bays and sounds, and river routes must carry __________.


77. The color of the signal flare sent up by a submarine about to surface because of an emergency on board is __________.


78. Distress flares and smoke signals for small passenger vessels __________.


79. You have sent a visual signal to an aircraft. The aircraft then flies over your position on a straight course and level altitude. What should you do?


80. You have abandoned ship and after two days in a liferaft you can see an aircraft near the horizon apparently carrying out a search pattern. You should __________.


81. If your radiotelephone fails while underway, __________.


82. Signaling by flag hoist is completed by the vessel hoisting the __________.


83. At sea, you are approaching a small vessel and see that it has the signal flag "P" hoisted. What should you do?


84. While underway and towing an unmanned tank barge you are required to __________.


85. A warship indicates that it wishes to communicate with a merchant ship by hoisting __________.


86. You are signaling by flag hoist using the International Code of Signals. You wish to send the signals CL and IW and have them read in that order. What would ensure this?


87. Several vessels are at an anchorage. You wish to communicate with the vessel bearing 046°T from you but do not know the vessels call letters. Which flag hoist should NOT be used to establish communications?


88. While in port, what signal flag would inform the vessel's crew to report on board because the vessel was about to proceed to sea?


89. A distress signal __________.


90. If you wanted to ask a nearby vessel if he had a doctor on board, you would hoist the flag signal __________.


91. By day, the signal meaning, "This is the best place to land" is a __________.


92. Which distress signal is required for a liferaft in ocean service and could be effectively used to attract the attention of aircraft at night?


93. When using a hand held smoke signal from a lifeboat, you should activate the signal __________.


94. An aircraft has indicated that he wants you to change course and follow him. You cannot comply because of an emergency on board. Which signal should you make?


95. Which vessel is required to carry an efficient daylight signaling lamp? (Uninspected Vessel Regulations)


96. What is the meaning of the flashing light signal "D0910"?


97. By day, the horizontal motion of a white flag, or arms extended horizontally, by a person on the beach indicates __________.


98. INTERNATIONAL AND INLAND Your 18-meter vessel is propelled by sail and power. What action is required when the engine is stopped?


99. A jack-up drilling rig being towed must __________.


100. The lifesaving signal indicated by a horizontal motion of a white light or white flare means __________.


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