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1. C10 - The tendency of flammable liquid to vaporize is indicated by its:


2. C10 - What percent of cargo in international trade moves by container ship?


3. C10 - Which of the following could result in an incorrect oxygen concentration reading on the oxygen indicator?


4. C10 - You are loaded with bundles of steel from Yokohama to Manila. On passing Northern Luzon, the dew point of the ambient air was observed to be higher than the dew point inside the cargo hold, under this condition, should you ventilate?


5. C10 - "Long Hatch is;


6. C10 - "Optional Cargo" refers to cargo that;


7. C10 - "Overstowing" cargo occurs when;


8. C10 - What is the weight of the product carried at 15 deg. Celsius?


9. C10 - What is NOT a problem when carrying coal?


10. C10 - In a general cargo ship, bales of LINEN or FABRIC should not be stowed together with sacks of TEA because:


11. C10 - Liquids that evaporate readily are known as___________ liquids. Any petroleum product with a flash point below 60C is classed as:


12. C10 - You are to load styrene in bulk, which is subject to self-polymerization. You must __________.


13. C10 - In grain loading computations at all times during a voyage, the ship shall have sufficient intact stability to provide adequate dynamic stability after taking into account the ________.


14. C10 - To remove any odor on your cargo holds after discharging refrigerated cargoes, you should .


15. C10 - The first layer of dunnage should be laid down _______, if you are to load a bagged cargo in lower hold of a ship with drain wells at the after end of the hold.


16. C10 - When carried at a lower temperature than required, bananas are chilled. At higher temperature, they ripen. What is the carrying temperature of bananas?


17. C10 - To separate different kinds of bulk grain stowed in the same hold separation cloths should______.


18. C10 - What is the frequent incidents of tanker pollution?


19. C10 - Which of the following is the advantage of having a (COW) crude oil washing?


20. C10 - You are planning to use crude oil washing system. What precaution must be taken with the tank as the source for the washing machines?


21. C10 - What will happen if the flash point of kerosene which is 100 deg F be heated above 110 deg F?


22. C10 - To remove the effects of free communication flooding, it would usually be most advantageous to:


23. C10 - Some cargoes are stowed in a secured place. They are known as "special cargoes". What does "special cargoes" means?


24. C10 - For package freight, an average allowance for "broken stowage" is.


25. C10 - Good left over at the completion of discharging operation which is eventually sold by the ship owner to meet claims for short delivery are called:


26. C10 - To facilitate faster discharging operation, each port of discharge is allocated a distinctive color mark.


27. C10 - Actions to take once cargo has shifted include the following EXCEPT:


28. C10 - You are on a fully loaded tanker on a even keel. Which of the following actions would create the biggest trim by the head?


29. C10 - This is a modern method of welding where there is actual melting of the materials being joined although the weld metal is composed largely of added materials having the same characteristics as the metal being joined.


30. C10 - What is the name called to a single fitting installed in a pipeline that either blanks off the pipe or allows a full flow passage of a liquid through the pipe?


31. C10 - What kind of gauging is used in airtight enclosed cargo tanks?


32. C10 - Which factor is not important when calculating the best use of the cubic capacity of a ship's hold?


33. C10 - These are devices which secure standing and running riggings that includes cleats, bitts, chocks, fairleads and pad eye.


34. C10 - When heating a metal and cooling it down for desired fashion. This is called:


35. C10 - You are arriving at Edinburgh to load 1,000 cases of Scotch whiskey. The cases are packed with 12 bottles of one liter each to a case. The flash point of the Scotch isF. Which of the following is TRUE?


36. C10 - In preparation for receiving chilled reefer cargo, the reefer space has been pre-cooled for over twenty-four hours. Loading may begin when the space has been cooled to a temperature between ____________.


37. C10 - What is usually NOT required in preparing a hold for reception of a bulk grain cargo?


38. C10 - Under normal weather and sea conditions when securing a stack of containers with non-locking fittings, lashings are required when the tier exceeds what height?


39. C10 - When referring to dry bulk cargoes, the term "flow state".


40. C10 - When a two-leg sling attached to one hoist line is used to lift a load, a sling of 40 ft. in length is better than one of 30 ft. because the ____________.


41. C10 - Your ship has been holed in amidships compartment and partially flooded. If flooded compartment does not have free flow with the sea, you should use which of the following method to calculate the effect of flooding on your stability.


42. C10 - Which of the following will NOT increase friction of a liquid flowing in a pipe and cause a loss of suction head?


43. C10 - When the dew point of the outside air is lower than or equal to the dew point of the air is cargo hold, you should _________.


44. C10 - Which of the following statements is true? I. Dunnages should be cleaned and dried before being used in frozen compartments. II. Dunnages should not be pre-cooled prior loading in refrigerated compartments.


45. C10 - Which of the following is one major advantage of the load-on-stop system?


46. C10 - Which of the following is not a precaution to be taken when topping off?


47. C10 - Which of the following contains all the information necessary to check that a proposed loading plan complies with the stability requirements of the regulations at all stages of the voyage.


48. C10 - When viewed from above, the best position for the guy in relation to the boom is_____.


49. C10 - Under IMDG Code, acids are labeled with a _________ placard


50. C10 - This is a piece of securing dunnage that runs from a high supporting level down to the cargo to prevent shifting.


51. C10 - Packages containing dangerous goods shall be provided with ______, as appropriate, so as to make clear the dangerous properties of the goods contained therein.


52. C10 - On a manned ship carrying packaged hazardous cargo, the hazardous materials shall be inspected __________.


53. C10 - Determine whether the following statements are true or false? I. The separation of odorous and sensitive cargo into separate airtight compartment would prohibit tainting. II. An odorous cargo may well leave a well tainted atmosphere behind after discharge.


54. C10 - Container spreader are used to ________.


55. C10 - Argon is classified as a __________.


56. C10 - A condition in which the oxygen content throughout the atmosphere of a tank has been reduced to 8percent.


57. C10 - IMO Grain Regulations assume a pattern of movement of grain in the void spaces above the grain surfaces which give ________.


58. C10 - If you are on duty and observe any situation which presents a safety or pollution hazard during fuel transfer operations what action should you take first?


59. C10 - The IMDG Code ensures safety mainly by stipulating the packaging required and _____.


60. C10 - Ullages are measured from the_________.


61. C10 - Which material should not be used to secure cargo on deck for a voyage?


62. C10 - A vessel has an amidships superstructure. Which location would be most suitable for on-deck stowage of automobiles?


63. C10 - Your ship has been holed in amidships compartment and partially flooded. If flooded compartment has free communication with the sea, you should use which of the following method to calculate the effect of flooding on your stability.


64. C10 - Under normal weather and sea conditions when securing a stack of containers with twist locks, lashing are required when the tier exceeds what height?


65. C10 - What group of refrigerated cargoes requires oxygen and gives off carbon dioxide while in storage?


66. C10 - When loading containers into the cell guides in the hold of a container ship, which statement is true?


67. C10 - Which of the following is not an advantage of filler cargo?


68. C10 - How should the first layer of the dunnage be laid for loading of bagged cargo in the lower hold of a ship equipped with side bilges?


69. C10 - Of the general methods of stowing bagged cargo, which method will allow for maximum ventilation?


70. C10 - Which factor is the most important in preventing sweat damage within a cargo hold?


71. C10 - The heaviest type pallet is the __________.


72. C10 - Which of the following is the main purpose of ventilating cargo holds?


73. C10 - Which data cannot be found on a moisture equilibrium chart?


74. C10 - What International Code Flag is hoisted to denote loading of flammable liquid is going on?


75. C10 - Which term describes a part of a natural fiber line?


76. C10 - Which of the following is an example of a fundamental objective of cargo stowage?


77. C10 - Where will the Master find the detailed guidance for proper precaution prior loading a explosive cargoes ? A. Carriage of dangerous goods in vessels B. IMDG code


78. C10 - Strips of timber fixed to the frames of a vessel, either in horizontal or vertical direction, which keep cargo away from the sides of the vessel.


79. C10 - Signal man assisting the crane operator has his arm extended downwards, forefinger pointing down and moves his hand in small horizontal circles. This is the signal to;


80. C10 - Precaution/s to be taken to avoid spontaneous heating when bulk cargoes are carried in a general cargo vessel?


81. C10 - The measurement from the tank top to the beams beneath the overhead and from sweat batten to sweat batten is called a vessel's _______.


82. C10 - The label on a package of an oxidizing hazardous material is___.


83. C10 - The REID vapor pressure is used for the classification of:


84. C10 - If a fruit or other strong smelling cargo has been carried in the compartment previously, it is necessary to ____.


85. C10 - In case of loss overboard of packaged of marine pollutants into the sea what must be done?


86. C10 - On a reefer vessel, the compartment has been prepared and cooled to the loading temperature. This makes the vessel ready for ______.


87. C10 - What is the proper method of lashing cars?


88. C10 - What is the usual carrying temperature of frozen cargoes?


89. C10 - When chilled meat is to be carried, the requisite number of metal bars, hooks and chains will have to be placed in the compartment for pre-cooling. What important concern would you look into regarding the hooks and chains?


90. C10 - When loading Frozen beef it is necessary to put ( 75mms x 75 mms) dunnage on decks and inserted every five or six tiers. What is the purpose?


91. C10 - One of the major advantage of the "load-on-top" system is that:


92. C10 - A most important consideration in loading cardboard cartons is to keep the tiers ____.


93. C10 - A port mark shows;


94. C10 - A reel;I. Should be stowed on its side whenever possible II. If not possible to stow flat, stow it with its axis running athwartships


95. C10 - Mousing a cargo with marline or small line:


96. C10 - Open or partially opened hatches should not be:


97. C10 - Proper stowage for cardboard cartons is __________:


98. C10 - Segregating a cargo of finished lumber is best done by _______:


99. C10 - Shoring under a deck load is usually required when the deck load exceeds how many pounds per square foot?


100. C10 - The pre-wash procedure for ships carrying non-solidifying substances which have a viscosity equal to or greater than 25 mPa at 20C is hot water wash of at least:


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