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1. The air gap provided an induction motor should be checked periodically with a feeler gage to detect ____.


2. The proper way to apply plastic electrical tape to an electric cable splice is to______.


3. Regarding battery charging rooms, ventilation should be provided __________.


4. The air gap in an induction motor should be periodically checked with feeler gage, to prevent possible ____.


5. If violent gassing occurs when a lead-acid storage battery is first placed on charge, the ____.


6. When a lead-acid battery begins gassing freely while receiving a normal charge, the charging should ____


7. Controller contacts should be routinely cleaned by___


8. A capacitor discolored due to excessive heat should be______.


9. Which of the following represents the accepted method of cleaning dust and foreign particles from electrical equipment while limiting damage to electric components?


10. To determine the state of charge of a wet cell nickel-cadmium battery, you should _


11. In addition to testing the calibration of a circuit breaker, maintenance should include all of the following EXCEPT


12. Maintenance of alkaline batteries should include_____.


13. Air gap readings should be periodically taken for electrical generation equipment. The best tool to use to take these measurements is a ____.


14. Proper maintenance of a DC motor’s commutator includes ____.


15. coating the copper surface with tight machine oil for the first four hours of operation


16. Which of the following statements is true concerning the cleaning of electrical contacts


17. In an impressed current cathodic protection system, the anode is_______ .


18. Temporary repairs to an open DC propulsion armature coil can be made by_____.


19. While troubleshooting a circuit in an engine room central control console, a resistor is suspected of being faulty. Which of the following precautions must be observed if an ohmmeter is to be used to check its value?


20. For routine cleaning of a commutator, you should apply ____.


21. To properly seat the brushes on slip rings, you should use _


22. The charging of lead-acid storage batteries will always result in_________. .


23. A hydrometer measures specific gravity by comparing the ____.


24. Air gap readings should be taken periodically on electrical generation equipment to ___.


25. The rotation of a three-phase induction motor can be reversed by ____.


26. When troubleshooting an electronic circuit, a cold solder joint can be located with the aid of an ohmmeter. Once the problem has been located, you should______.


27. As a general rule, the first troubleshooting action to be taken in checking faulty electric control devices is to______


28. A lead-acid battery is considered fully charged when the ____.


29. Multiple grounds have developed and were initially indicated by the ground-detecting system as one ground. The FIRST step in locating the grounds is to ___.


30. Under normal conditions, storage batteries used for starting the emergency diesel generator are maintained in a charged state by which of the following methods ?


31. Which of the following statements best describes the material known as varnished cambric?


32. Which of the following methods should be used to dress the face of silver-plated contacts?


33. Which of the listed procedures should be carried out to prevent moisture damage to electrical apparatus during extended periods of idleness?


34. When a megohmmeter is being used to test insulation resistance, current leakage along the surface of the insulation is indicated by the megohmmeter's pointer ______ .


35. When you are making a high potential test (megger) on the motor coils of repaired electrical machinery, a rise in leakage current indicates __


36. When a megohmmeter is used to test the dielectric strength of wire insulation, the intial dip of the pointer toward “zero” is caused by ___.


37. When a megohmmeter is used to test the insulation of a large motor, the initial dip of the pointer toward “zero” is caused by ___.


38. The specific gravity of the electrolyte in a lead-acid battery is measured by a __


39. Which of the following materials is recommended for finishing the slip rings after grinding or turning?


40. To avoid damaging the components of a printed circuit board when testing it with a DC volt-ohmmeter, you should___


41. Electrical leads and insulation on a motor should be painted with______.


42. A fuse the blows often should be replaced only with a fuse of ___.


43. The electrolyte in a lead-acid storage battery consists of distilled water and __


44. Which of the listed precautions should be taken when cleaning the internals of a motor with compressed air? I. Open the machine on both ends so as to allow the air and dust to escape II. Be certain that the circuit breaker is opened and tagged on the feeder panel III. Be certain that the air is clean and as dry as possible


45. Air gap readings should be taken on electrical generation machinery periodically to ___. I. determine the need for cleaning II. check the condition of the bearings


46. If a small motor has been immersed in salt water, it should be ___. I. Thoroughly rinsed in fresh water and completely dried II. Initially started with reduced voltage


47. Air gap readings for electrical generating equipment should be taken periodically to ___. I. determine the condition of the bearings II. prevent damage to the rotor and stator


48. If a small electric motor is immersed in salt water it should be_____. I. washed in fresh water II. dried in an oven


49. While paralleling two alternators, the synchronizing lamps remain lit as the synchroscope pointer approaches the 0º. This would indicate that the ___


50. When shipboard electrical distribution circuits are connected in parallel, additional parallel circuits will cause the total circuit resistance to ____.


51. The state of charge of a lead-acid battery is best indicated by the ___


52. When troubleshooting most electronic circuits, "loading effect" can be minimized by using a voltmeter with a/an________


53. Moisture damage, as a result of condensation occurring inside of the cargo winch master switches, can be reduced by __


54. Which of the following problems is indicated if lead-acid battery begins to gas violently when it is first placed on charge?


55. When using a megohmmeter to determine which shunt field coil is grounded in a DC machine, you must __


56. Before testing with a megohmmeter, the windings of large machines should be grounded for about 15 minutes just prior to the test as the _


57. One method of testing for a reversed shunt field coil in a DC motor is by connecting the coil to a low voltage source, and test for polarity using a/an ______.


58. When a replacing a fuse with one of a higher rating than the original, which of the following is true?


59. If an alternator is to be inactive for a considerable period of time, which of the following action should be taken?


60. Which of the following precautions should you take when securing propulsion generators and motors for an extended period of time?


61. Which of the listed items will stop a motor due to a reduction in voltage and restart it when the voltage is restored to normal?


62. Chattering of the collector ring brushes on a generator may be remedied by _


63. Which of the instruments listed is used to check insulation resistance?


64. Thermal strip heaters are provided in DC main propulsion motors to______.


65. Proper storage battery maintenance includes ____.


66. The charge of a lead-acid battery is normally checked with a/an ___


67. To best determine the state of charge of a wet nickel-cadmium battery, you should _


68. If a pointer on a megger fails to return to ‘zero’ when not being used, the _


69. Which of the following devices should be used to measure the temperature of a battery electrolyte?


70. Which of the following precautions should be taken when troubleshooting carious power circuits using an electronic solenoid type voltage tester?


71. Which of the listed battery charging circuits is used to maintain a wet-cell, lead-acid, storage battery in a fully charged state during long periods of disuse?


72. If a delicate component must be soldered into a circuit, the component may be protected from the heat of the soldering process by__


73. The charge of a lead-acid battery can be restored by________.


74. To check the three line fuses of three-phase system consisting of a three-phase motor, you must ____.


75. A common type of protective covering used on electrical conductors is _____.


76. A common type of protective covering used on electrical conductors is _____________.


77. Aboard ship, a grounded field coil in an AC motor can be determined by using a __


78. A suspected ‘open’ in a motor field winding can be tested by using a/an_____


79. Which of the following statements represents the FIRSTstep in seating new brushes on slip rings?


80. When removing ball or roller bearings from the shaft of a motor, you should use a______.


81. The best tool to use to remove bearing from the shaft of a motor would be a ___.


82. Most three-phase induction motors of five (5) horsepower or less, are started by____


83. When a battery is continuously exposed to low temperatures, the best procedure to keep it from freezing is to _____.


84. Before reassembling any machinery, you should______.


85. Accidental grounds in a shipboard electrical system must be repaired as soon as possible as they will _


86. C7 - What precaution should be taken with a vessel's impressed current cathodic protection system after a drydocking period during which the hull has been painted?


87. C7 - With both ends of a three conductor cable disconnected and arranged without the conductors touching each other, an ohmmeter reading of 'zero' ohms between the ends of one conductor would indicate _____________.


88. C7 - A tubular fuse should always be removed from a fuse panel with ___.


89. C7 - Which of the following procedures should be used to maintain a large electric motor during periods of inactivity?


90. C7 - When a nickel-cadmium battery begins gassing while connected to the battery charging circuit, you should____.


91. C7 - Four lamps are connected in parallel in a single circuit. If one of the lamp burns out, the others will _____.


92. C7 - Accidental grounds in a shipboard electrical system must be repaired as soon as possible as they will ___.


93. C7 - When replacing a power transistor fitted with a heat sink in a circuit, a coating of silicone grease is applied between the transistor case and the heat sink. This is done to________.


94. When charging lead-acid batteries, you should reduce the charging rate as the battery nears its full charge capacity to ____.


95. When charging lead-acid batteries the charging rate should be reduced as the battery nears its full charge to ____.


96. The windings of electric generators during short idle periods should be_____.


97. To determine if a stator coil is grounded, you should use a/an _______.


98. The division of kilowatt load between two paralleled alternators is determined by the______ .


99. If you disconnect and arrange both ends of a three conductor cable, without any contact between the individual conductors. A low ohmic value between the ends of a single conductor would indicate _____.


100. When a megohmmeter is used to test the winding insulation of a large motor, an initial dip of the pointer toward zero is caused by _


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