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1. When cutting with a handheld hacksaw, you should apply downward pressure on the hacksaw frame _____.


2. The terms rough, coarse, bastard, second cut, smooth and dead smooth refer to the _____.


3. A thread die will be easier to start if the end of the shaft to be threaded is slightly _____.


4. Which of the devices is commonly used in measuring the clearances between the main engine bearings and the crankshaft?


5. In a simple machine gearing, which of the following is called the follower gear and driving gear?


6. Which of the following permits the freedom of the pinion to take up its correct alignment with the gear wheel?




8. The names plug, bottom, and taper refer to _____.


9. In order to tighten the bolts of a diesel engine crankpin bearing to the exact tension specified by the engine manufacturer, you should use a/an


10. The term referring to the amount or degree the teeth of a hacksaw blade are pushed out or canted from the blade center is known as _____


11. A taper tap is correctly used for _____.


12. Which of the following describes the purpose of a striker or doubler plate?


13. Which type of motion does a cutting tool of a shaping machine encounters in cutting a work secured in a vise?


14. Which of the following devices listed below should be used to reshape a grinding wheel?


15. Which of the files listed will have coarsely spaced teeth?


16. Sewing faster than a rate of 40 to 50 strokes per minute while using a hand held hacksaw will generally _____.


17. When steel, cast iron, or other metals with surface scale are being turned, the first roughing cut should be taken __________


18. Which of the files listed is commonly referred to as a ‘rat-tail’ file?


19. Which of the metals listed below can be cut with the highest operating lathe speed?


20. Which of the following items below defines the amount of the tool advanced per revolution on a lathe machine?


21. For a safe and effective threading operation on a lathe machine, the desired number of threads can be perfectly attained by using the_________.


22. Which of the screwdrivers listed is fastest and most convenient when tightening many screws?


23. With respect to machine shop “taps and dies”, a plug tap is correctly used for _____.


24. Which of the listed metals can usually be drilled without lubrication?


25. When coming to the end of a cut using a hand hacksaw, you should _____.


26. Pushing the file endways (or with axis), under pressure, against the work, is called _____.


27. Regarding MODU construction, bulkheads in the quarters are generally


28. A taper shank drill is removed from the drill press spindle with a ______


29. To finish tapping a blind hole, it is best to use a _____.


30. Heavy pressure on the ends of a file will cause the work surface to become _____.


31. C8 - A compound gage is used for measuring pressures both above and below __________.


32. C8 - Which of the nondestructive testing methods listed is most often used to accurately detect external defects in welded metals?


33. C8 - Round split dies are usually adjustable to _____.


34. C8 - The type of tooth set on a hacksaw blade where every third tooth remains straight, while the other two are alternately set is known as _____.


35. C8 - The proper use of a flat chisel is for cutting _____.


36. C8 - Some heavy duty screwdrivers are made with a square shank to _____________.


37. C8 - Pipe threads are made with the use of __________.


38. C8 - For mild steel and general work, the correct angle of a drill point is _______ degrees.


39. C8 - In gas welding system, a hose with blue color indicates it contain _____________.


40. A hacksaw blade with 14 teeth per inch should be used to cut _____.


41. A hacksaw blade will start a cut more easily if you _____.


42. Which of the following types of files will produce a fine finish when draw filing?


43. If you are cutting external threads by hand and you start the die at an angle, the threads will _____.


44. If you are cutting external threads by hand and you start the die at an angle, the threads will _____.


45. When cutting sheet metal too thin to be held in your hand while using a hand held hacksaw, the sheet metal should be placed between two _____.


46. In Lathe machine, what is the best thing to do to machine hard and irregular form of metal object to its designed shape?


47. What do you call an operation where one end of the product diameter is smaller than the other end?


48. A side from welding, the best material to use in bonding pipes carrying low temoerature liquids or fluids is _


49. Failing to decrease the feed pressure on a drill as its point begins to break through the bottom of the workpiece will cause to drill to _____.


50. All portable electric tools should have a ground connection to prevent ____


51. Which of the following items below is the hardest tool's tip that can endure the highest speed and have the smallest wear when used in the operation of a center lathe or electric driven shaper onboard?


52. A file coated with oil and stowed away will _____


53. For a safe, smooth and effective operation of a modern lathe machine onboard, which of the listed tools below should be attached in the tool post?


54. The type of force that tends to move toward the center is ___


55. Which among the cutting tool materials retains the lowest wear resistance when the tool bit is used in machining hard metal materials through the modern center lathe machine onboard?


56. The operation of machining a uniformly roughened or checked surface on round stock in a lathe is called __


57. What shape or form of the metal material can the electric shaper onboard be used safely and effectively?


58. Cutting tools in a shaper can also be used in a ___________.


59. Which of the following is widely used to supply power to pneumatically-operated hand tools?


60. The dead center of a lathe can be properly used only after the end of the work piece has been __________.


61. Which of the saws listed would be more suitable for cutting metal in tight quarters or flush to a surface where a hand held hacksaw frame could not be used?


62. Work that cannot readily be mounted between lathe centers is usually held in a


63. If the speed of a drill is too great, the drill will _____.


64. The tool used for cutting external pipe threads is called a pipe _____.


65. Which of the chisels listed should be used for cutting oil grooves?


66. To safely change spindle speeds on a lathe, you must first


67. The terms rough, coarse, bastard, second cut, smooth and dead smooth refer to the _____.


68. What precautions should be followed when using a chisel having a mushroom head?


69. The tang of a file is the part that _____.


70. Mill files are always _____.


71. In machine shop practice, a center gauge is used for checking the angle of______________ .


72. If a drill press is used to completely bore through a metal plate, feed pressure on the drill bit should be eased as the bit breaks through the bottom of the hole to prevent _____.


73. When a lathe is used for thread cutting, the number of threads per inch produced is determined by the speed relationship between the __


74. Pinning is often caused by _____.


75. The most accurate method of measuring the setting of an inside caliper is to use a/an __________.


76. A thread chaser is a hand tool that should only be used for _


77. A continuous watertight bulkhead on a MODU may also be a/an_


78. To commence cutting threads with a metal lathe, you should engage the _


79. Which of the following items listed below is a force that tends to make the weight move out in a straight or fly off a target?


80. Which of the following involves the shaping of metals usually into a rod or tube cross section, by forcing a block of material through appropriate shape disc?


81. A record of the types and strengths of steels used on a MODU is called __


82. Which of the saw blades listed, when mounted in a hand held hacksaw frame, will cut on both the forward and reverse strokes?


83. The test of metals which measures the resistanceof the metal to impact is called____


84. The temper is likely to be drawn out from a chisel edge when you _____.


85. A drill that wobbles while the drill press is in operation may _____. I. be bent II. have a severly worn shank III. have been placed in the chuck off center


86. A Reed and Prince screwdriver should be used only on a Reed and Prince screw, and a Phillips screwdriver should only be used on a Phillips screw in order to avoid damaging the _____. I. tool II. screwhead


87. Which of the parts of the center lathe listed below is needed to turn a right head thread into a left head thread?


88. Rapid wear on the extreme outer corners to the cutting edges of a drill bit is the result of the drill having _____.


89. How do you make it easier for a hand hacksaw to cut a work piece?


90. A follower rest should be used with a lathe to machine _


91. The diameter of a hole drilled for tapping threads into a piece of stock should be _____.


92. The proper method of stopping the progress of the drill boring through the work in a standard drill press is by _


93. A tool used for measuring or laying out angles is called a___


94. What is the kind of metal material to be given the highest revolution using the center lathe onboard with a high-speed tool bit without coolant for a safe and effective machining?


95. Joints in pipelines must be properly aligned before they are connected because __________.


96. A new file should be broken in carefully by filing a piece of _____.


97. One of the steps required to increase the drilling speed of the drill press is to _____________.


98. When drilling blind holes with a standard drill press, the proper method of stopping the progress of the drill boring through the work is by _____.


99. Ferrous metals are metals containing __________.


100. Shapers cutting tool and its tool slide is controlled by the __


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