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1. C13 - A tackle is "two blocked" when the blocks are:


2. C13 - A tank or a compartment is said to be gas-free when there is an absence of dangerous concentration of which of the following?


3. C13 - To assess the damage of a beached vessel, what tanks or compartment should be sounded?


4. C13 - It forms the after bearing of the propeller shaft and incorporates the watertight gland through the intact hull.


5. C13 - The pivot point of a vessel when going ahead is located:


6. C13 - What is the bolt circle diameter of a standard pipeline to enable pipes of reception facilities to be connected for residue from machinery bilges is:


7. C13 - The number of fire detectors that a single power supply is capable to handle for continuous operation is limited to a maximum of _________.


8. C13 - The most detrimental effect on initial stability is a result of liquids __________.


9. C13 - A vessel would be referred to as


10. C13 - Which statement is TRUE of a stiff vessel?


11. C13 - When making a turn (course change) on most merchant ships, the vessel will heel outwards if __________.


12. C13 - You are underway when a fire breaks out in the forward part of your vessel. If possible you should __________.


13. C13 - Where will be the center of gravity of a cargo compartment filled with general cargo with heavier items stowed on the bottom?


14. C13 - The instrument always used with the salinity indicator is the:


15. C13 - What is the TPC of a rectangular shaped vessel 80m x 14m floating in SW at an even keel draft of 4m?


16. C13 - What is the function of a CARLING?


17. C13 - The internal volume of a cargo hold measured from the inside faces of the cargo battens, the lower side of the deck beams, and the top of the tank top ceiling is known as the _______.


18. C13 - The internal volume of a cargo hold measured from the inside of the side shell, the underside of the deck, and the tank top is known as ________.


19. C13 - Which of the following condition will cause a vessel's bottom to be subjected to tension stresses?


20. C13 - There are two classification surveys, one is classification in survey for the first entry, that is initial survey and the other is _____.


21. C13 - In passenger ship, watertight doors may be closed by remote control from central


22. C13 - In order to determine the heeling moment due to grain shift, the master must have the position above the bulkhead deck and powered by ______. sufficient grain loading information. The following information shall include except:


23. C13 - A welding process in which the arc is maintained within a blanket of granulated flux; a consumable filler wire is employed and the arc is maintained between this wire and parent wire is ______.


24. C13 - Which kind of pipe has the best resistance to internal and external combustion?


25. C13 - ______ may be closed by a vertical screw thread which is turned by a shaft extending above the bulkhead and fitted with a crane handle


26. C13 - Watertight equipment means:


27. C13 - These are those portions of the accommodation spaces which are used for halls, dining rooms, lounges and similar permanently enclosed spaces.


28. C13 -The ratio of the transverse area of the midship section to a rectangle having the same breadth and depth:


29. C13 - Mainly used to hold the anchor cable in place while the ship is riding at anchor.


30. C13 - This is the tonnage of the space below the tonnage deck. It is found by dividing the tonnage length into a specified number of parts.


31. C13 - The term "CARGO TANK LENGTH" as used in part 157 of the Pollution Regulations, means the:


32. C13 - What kind of cargo weighing 2,240 lbs. occupies less than 40 cu.ft. of space?


33. C13 -Your vessel midship draft is 30'-03" The mean draft is 29'-11". You have: I. 5" hog II. Concentration of weights fore and aft


34. C13 - "Length between perpendiculars" is measured; I. Along the summer loadline II. From the forward stem to the after part of the rudder. III. Vertically


35. C13 - Which doors usually have lever type, quick acting closures?


36. C13 - What is drawn to give the immersed area of transverse section to any draft and may be used to determine the longitudinal distribution of buoyancy?


37. C13 - When a metal is tampered, it becomes:


38. C13 - Length overall (L.O.A) is measured___________?


39. C13 - What is the "F" in ship's construction refers?


40. C13 - Which part of the hull through which the section shape remains unchanged?


41. C13 - What is an arthwartship member supporting the deck?


42. C13 - On a Tanker vessel, the cargo pump relief valves are piped to the:


43. C13 - The piping that routes an oil cargo from the manifold to under deck pipelines is known as a:


44. C13 - Which of the following surveys is an initial other than the classification in survey for the first entry?


45. C13 - What authorities arranged the order of merit of ships built according to the standard of seaworthiness?


46. C13 - How many cubic meters are there in 120 cubic foot? 


47. C13 - A motion of a ship in waves about the ship transverse axis.


48. C13 - According to the regulations in force, Which one of the following stripping device is a demand on an oil tanker?


49. C13 - A vessel would most likely develop a list if you were:


50. C13 - Heave is the motion of a vessel along the:


51. C13 - A thrust block is designed to:


52. C13 - From the point where the rudder is put over to any point on the turning circle, the distance a vessel moves parallel to the original course is known as:


53. C13 - How is bank effect felt in a vessel?


54. C13 - Occasionally a MacGregor hatch may pull from side to side. This could be due to:


55. C13 - Which of the following is FALSE why there may not be enough oxygen in an enclosed space or tank?


56. C13 - Horizontal fore or aft motion of a vessel is known as:


57. C13 - Horizontal transverse motion of a vessel is known as:


58. C13 - A line 1/48 of the summer draft of the vessel above the summer load line.


59. C13 - These valves are normally situated near the bottom shell and are use to control intake and discharge of ballast water.


60. C13 - All bilge suctions must be fitted with suitable ___________, which in the machinery space would be mud boxes positioned at floor plate level for easy access.


61. C13 - This type of screw is principally used by fast coastal craft and some classes of aircraft carriers. The propeller revolves in the same direction, so as to facilitate engine installation. This propeller is:


62. C13 - A transverse measurements of a piece of timber on board a log ship.


63. C13 - Which spaces may be excepted from protection by a fixed fire detection and fire alarm system?


64. C13 - A vertical division of a vessel, used as a part of the indication of a stowage place for containers.


65. C13 - A type of hatch cover often called "piggy back" consisting of two panels, one of which has powered wheels.


66. C13 - The oscillating of a vessel on her longitudinal axis is termed as:


67. C13 - A vessel has an amidships superstructure. Which location would be most suitable for main deck stowage of vehicles?


68. C13 - What should be carried out before entering the pump room?


69. C13 - A ship is turning around a point called the "pivot point". What is the position of this invisible point when the ship is "dead" in the water?


70. C13 - An alarm be required an overflow control system to the ship's operator?


71. C13 - A tank which has been sealed for a long time can be dangerous for human entry because:


72. C13 - A __________ frequency electric current causes a quartz crystal to vibrate at a high pitch.


73. C13 - If you were to pass a stopper on a wire rope, what should the stopper be made of?


74. C13 - In regard to fire protection, which spaces shall be separated from the rest of the ship by thermal and structural boundaries?


75. C13 - Which bulkhead is the vessels immediate protection in the event of a broken stern tube?


76. C13 - Automatic shutdown of the inert gas blowers and gas regulating valve shall be arranged in case of faulty condition in the inert gas system. Which of the following conditions has not correct value (high/low) in relation to automatic stop according to present regulation?


77. C13 - Forces which result from the ship's motion in the sea and the actions of the waves is termed as:


78. C13 - A "liner" in riveted construction of a vessel is a(n):


79. C13 - The bilge main is arranged to drain any watertight compartment, ___________ ballast, oil or water tanks and to discharge the contents overboard.


80. C13 - Bilge keels are fitted on ships to:


81. C13 - Motion of a vessel in waves about the vessel's vertical axis.


82. C13 - Which device is designed to automatically hold the load if power should fail to an electric winch?


83. C13 - A large quarter circle on the rudder post head.


84. C13 - An electrically "charged mist" will be found in a:


85. C13 - A type of ventilation where the flow of air is controlled by the proper trimming of ventilation.


86. C13 - A rectangular cross-section as on a tanker and has less reserve buoyancy with the same freeboard than a more rounded hull like that of a tugboat or liner.


87. C13 - Closing mechanism of water tight doors must be tested of its effective operation at what frequency?


88. C13 - A type of condensation that forms on surfaces and on all goods in a compartment caused by the inability of cooled air to hold in suspension as much water vapor as warm air.


89. C13 - A vertical line on the ship's side, beside the plimsoll mark, with horizontal lines running from it denoting the depth to which the ship may load under varying conditions and seasons.


90. C13 - Cargo holds must be dry and free from dirt and foul odor, what must be determined when inspecting cargo holds before taking any cargo?


91. C13 - The space around a pipe in a wellbore, the outer wall of which may be the wall of either the borehole or the casing, is the:


92. C13 - These valves are at a higher level in the ship on the discharge side of the pump and are the route for pumping ballast water to the sea.


93. C13 - Strong twin posts for making fast mooring ropes.


94. C13 - The best way to ensure whether adequate oxygen is present for safe entry into a seldomly used cargo tank is:


95. C13 - A pipe to convey water from the pump discharge through the ship's side.


96. C13 - Cargo-handling equipment is provided in the form of pumps located in a ____________, usually positioned between the machinery space and the cargo tanks.


97. C13 - It is an apparatus in which horizontal or vertical drums or gypsies and wildcats are operated by means of a steam engine or motor for the purpose of handling heavy anchor chains, hawsers, etc.


98. C13 - Binder chains used to lash down deck cargo may be shortened by ?


99. C13 - Forces acting longitudinally and vertically in a beam is termed _______?


100. C13 - How will a reverse current relay prevent DC generator system of the following?


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