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1. How many type B-II hand portable fire extinguishers are required in the machinery space of an uninspected motor vessel with 1,400 BHP?


2. The remote control for a fixed fire extinguishing system, on an uninspected vessel, should be which of the following?


3. Towing vessel fire protection regulations require that all fuel tank vent pipes comply with all of the following provisions EXCEPT that the vent __________.


4. A fishing vessel that is required to have a fireman's outfit, must have all of the following in the outfit except a __________.


5. How many B-II fire extinguishers must be in the machinery space of a 175-foot long fishing vessel propelled by engines with 2000 brake horsepower?


6. What equipment is included in the fireman's outfit?


7. The record of tests and inspection of fire fighting equipment on board a MODU must include __________.


8. Each fireman's outfit and its spare equipment on a MODU must be stowed __________.


9. The size of fire hydrant hose connections must be either 1-1/2 inches or __________.


10. The international shore connection required on a MODU is designed to __________.


11. What is best suited for fighting a fire in a ballast control room?


12. The preferred agent used in fighting a helicopter crash fire on a MODU is __________.


13. On offshore drilling units fitted with CO2 systems, each space that contains a cylinder must be vented and designed to keep temperature in the space at not more than __________.


14. On inspected cargo vessels, each fire station is required to be fitted with a hose which has a nominal diameter of __________.


15. On offshore drilling units each fire station is identified by letters and numbers at least __________.


16. When testing fire hoses on offshore drilling units, each hose must be subjected to a test pressure of at least __________.


17. Any firefighting equipment that is carried in addition to the minimum required must __________.


18. What must be located on the discharge side of the pump in a fire main system?


19. Semi-portable extinguishers used on inspected vessels are sizes __________.


20. If not attached to the nozzle, each low-velocity spray applicator on a MODU must be stowed __________.


21. The connection facilities for the international shore connection required on board offshore drilling units in international service must be located to provide access __________.


22. Before releasing the CO2 into the space, the alarm for a fixed CO2 system must sound for at least __________.


23. Operation of the valve control release on a fixed CO2 system must immediately __________.


24. On offshore drilling units where foam systems are installed on the heliport, the system must be able to discharge continuously for at least __________.


25. C14 - What is a flammable liquid fire such as a spill on a solid surface where the liquid is not present in a depth exceeding one inch?


26. C14 - describes a relationship between flash point and ignition temperature?


27. C14 - Heat transfer includes convection. Convection spreads a fire by:


28. C14 - What is a thin, durable, plastic layer formed on a polar solvent fuel surface protecting the foam cells from destruction by the fuel?


29. C14 - The main feeder for fixed fire detection system shall run from the main switchboard to the change-over switch passing through another distributing switchboard, it is __________ under SOLAS convention.


30. C14 - Which faults would you consider less serious on a fire hydrant?


31. C14 - What do you called the ratio of volume of foam formed to the volume of solution used to generate the foam?


32. C14 - Supplies for fixed fire detection system should have feeders that shall run to a switch situated in or adjacent to the control panel for the fire detection system, such switch must be _________.


33. C14 - In passenger ships fixed fire fighting system, a section of detectors and manually operated call points shall not be situated in more than one main vertical zone except on ____________.


34. C14 - As far as practicable, every fire extinguisher on board ship shall be clearly marked of the following EXCEPT:


35. C14 - fire breaks out in the forward part of the vessel. What will you do first if you are on watch?

36. C14 - Cables used for fixed fire detection system should be ___________.


37. C14 - According to SOLAS convention, fired fire detection system cables must be ________.


38. C14 - What is an inert organic compound in which fluorine replaces hydrogen?


39. C14 - What is a negative change in the characteristics of qualities of foam?


40. C14 - What do you called the decomposition by microbial action as with synthetic detergent or protein based agents?


41. C14 - Spread of fire may be prevented by which of the following?


42. C14 - What is a chemical that, when added to water, reduces the surface tension and increases the wetting effectiveness of the solution and causes it to spread and penetrate exposed objects more effectively?


43. C14 - What do you called the manual addition of foam concentrate to a water storage container or to make a foam solution?


44. C14 - What do you called the violent ejection of flammable liquid from its container caused by the vaporization of water beneath a body of burning hydrocarbon liquid?


45. C14 - The operation temperature of heat detectors in drying rooms and similar spaces of a normal high ambient temperature may be up to _______.

46. C14 - What is the meaning of ARC in foam?


47. C14 - What is a device that siphons foam from a container to make a foam solution?


48. C14 - Foam expansion ratio of 8:1 means ______________.


49. C14 - Smoke detectors required in all stairways, corridors and escape routes within accommodation spaces shall operate before the smoke density exceeds


50. C14 - Running on emergency power source, all connected visual and audible fire alarm signals on fixed fire detection system to be capable of operating for a period of at least __________.


51. C14 - What do you called an area defined as a contour of land or a physical barrier that retains a fuel to a depth greater than 1"?


52. C14 - Stated in SOLAS convention heat detectors shall be certified to operate before the temperature exceeds ____________.

53. C14 - The number of fire detectors that a single power supply is capable to handle for continuous operation is limited to a maximum of _________.


54. C14 - Except in rare cases, it is impossible to extinguish a shipboard fire by __________.


55. C14 - What is the function of the bypass valve on the self-contained breathing apparatus?


56. C14 - At the required fire drill, all persons must report to their stations and demonstrate their ability to perform duties assigned to them ________.


57. C14 - How often shall crew members participate in fire drills?


58. C14 - All of the following are part of the fire triangle EXCEPT __________.


59. C14 - What is required in addition to the heat, fuel, and oxygen of the fire triangle to have a fire?


60. C14 - How does foam extinguish an oil fire?


61. C14 - Extinguishing oil fire is very effective when:


62. C14 - Fuel vents are fitted with corrosion resistant screen to prevent:


63. C14 - Which fire extinguishing agent has the greatest capacity for absorbing heat?


64. C14 - The smoke detector (fire indicator) indicates fire in a cargo hold loaded by general cargo. What first action should be taken?


65. C14 - The total available supply of CO2 for use in a fixed extinguishing system of a cargo vessel shall be at least sufficient for_________________.


66. C14 - Which fire-fighting equipment is most efficient and with least side effects in case of a large fire in the engine room?


67. C14 - How does low expansion foam act as an extinguishing agent when dealing with oil fires?


68. C14 - Which activity will have the greatest fire-fighting effect in case of a fire?


69. C14 - Fire in an engine compartment is best extinguished with carbon dioxide gas (CO2) and by __________.


70. C14 - If heavy smoke is coming from the paint locker, the FIRST firefighting response should be to __________.


71. C14 - There is a fire aft aboard your vessel. To help fight the fire, you should put the __________.


72. C14 - What is the minimum number of fire pumps required on a cargo vessel of 2,000 GT?


73. C14 - What is the ability of the finished foam to resist direct flame impingement such as would occur with partially extinguished petroleum fire or with Class “A” foam in exposure protection and pre-treatment?


74. C14 - Individual supplies for feeders fixed fire detection system on board must be operated by a switch of ___________ configuration.I. automatic change over II. manual recovery  III. automatic recovery


75. Which statement is FALSE regarding Halon as a fire extinguishing agent?


76. When two fire hose teams are attacking a fire they should __________.


77. You are fighting a fire in the electrical switchboard in the engine room. You should secure the power, then __________.


78. On cargo and miscellaneous vessels what is NOT a required part of the fireman's outfit?


79. The minimum concentration of a vapor in air which can form an explosive mixture is called the __________.


80. Where on your vessel shall the recharge for each self-contained breathing apparatus be carried?


81. Fire hose couplings __________.


82. A squeeze-grip type carbon dioxide portable fire extinguisher has been partially discharged. It should be __________.


83. Which extinguishing agent is most likely to allow reflash as a result of not cooling the fuel below its ignition temperature?


84. On an inspection of your tankship you notice that there are no portable fire extinguishers in the pumproom. To comply with regulations, you __________.


85. In the event of a fire, the doors to a stair tower must be closed to prevent the spread of fire by __________.


86. Combustible gas indicators operate by drawing an air sample into the instrument __________.


87. What is the function of the bypass valve on the self-contained breathing apparatus?


88. You are underway when a fire breaks out in the forward part of your vessel. If possible you should __________.


89. Fire alarm system thermostats are actuated by __________.


90. If a firefighting situation calls for low-velocity fog you would __________.


91. The supply of carbon dioxide used in the fixed extinguishing system aboard a cargo vessel MUST be at least sufficient for __________.


92. Valves on steam-smothering lines to cargo tanks shall be set with __________.


93. On cargo vessels, which fire extinguisher is considered semi-portable?


94. In areas where CO2 piping is installed, such piping may not be used for any other purpose EXCEPT __________.


95. According to the Chemical Data Guide, which extinguishing agent is recommended for use in fighting an ethylamine fire?


96. Which of the following would be a good extinguishing agent for a grade B product of 1,3-Pentadiene?


97. What is generally, the first action in extinguishing an LFG fire caused by escaping gas?


98. Uninspected vessels must have one approved ring life buoy on board if the length is over how many feet?


99. Which type of fixed fire-extinguishing system is approved for use on board uninspected vessels?


100. You are the operator of a 296 GRT uninspected towing vessel. Its construction was contracted for after August 27, 2003. In addition to the hand portable fire extinguishers, how much other fire extinguishing equipment are you required to have on board?


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