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1. C15 - How often must inspection of proper working of the EPIRB 's and SART 's take place on board? Once per__________


2. C15 - Which is TRUE concerning immersion suits and their use?


3. C15 - Which is an indication of reserve buoyancy?


4. C15 - You are at sea in an inflatable liferaft. In high latitudes, the greatest danger is __________.


5. C15 - The number 2 lifeboat on a tanker would be found __________.


6. C15 - Most lifeboats are equipped with __________.


7. C15 - Liferafts carried on passenger ships shall be fitted with radar transponder in a ratio of one transponder for every how many liferafts?


8. C15 - What is the minimum number of lifebuoys shall a cargo ship of 150 meters or more in length carry?


9. C15 - After abandoning ship, you should deploy the sea anchor from a liferaft to __________.


10. C15 - The engines for lifeboats and rescue boats must be run for a total period of NOT less than:


11. C15 - The International Life-Saving Appliance Code (LSA Code) amendments includes the requirement that all life saving appliances should withstand in stowage an air temperature range____.

12. C15 - Recovery time of rescue boats shall NOT be more than how many minutes in moderate sea conditions when loaded with its full complement and equipment?


13. C15 - Emergency towing arrangement should be pre-rigged and be capable of being deployed in a controlled manner in harbor conditions in not more than ___________,


14. C15 - What is the period of validity of a cargo ship safety equipment certificate?


15. C15 - Liferafts are sent for re-packing and checking every:


16. C15 - SOLAS requires that the boarding arrangement of every cargo ship davit-launched liferaft shall be that it can be boarded in how many minutes from the time the instruction to board is given?


17. C15 - A distress alert from an Inmarsat-EPIRB, is received in the coverage area of a satellite by ground station within:


18. C15 - To enable periodic maintenance of the survival craft launching and recovery arrangement, lifeboats must be provided with:


19. C15 - What is the range of SART - at sea level and to Aircraft?


20. C15 - Mechanical gearing of deck machinery such as the windlass or boat hoists should ________.


21. C15 - One of your crew members falls overboard from the starboard side. You should IMMEDIATELY:


22. C15 - In a rescue operation in heavy sea, you decide to hove to, the lifeboat should be:


23. C15 - What is the EPIRB coverage?


24. C15 - Bring survivors in a lifeboat and your position has not been transmitted to rescue services. What is the first action you should do?


25. C15 - As per LSA Code, buoyant lifelines as required shall _________.


26. C15 - Self-contained breathing apparatus is used to:


27. C15 - With regards to Lifebuoy specification as per LSA Code, every lifebuoy shall ________.


28. C15 - The immersion suits and thermal protective aids are required on all passenger ship EXCEPT if the:


29. C15 - Each lifeboat fitted with a certificate of approval, endorsed by the Administration, shall be containing the following items; I. manufacturer's name and address; II. month and year of manufacture; III. number of persons the lifeboat is approved to carry


30. C15 - The certifying organization shall provide the lifeboat with a certificate of approval which specifies among others the____. I. number of the certificate of approval II. material of hull construction III. total mass fully equipped and fully manned


31. C15 - In addition to the equipment required to the normal equipment of every rescue boat, every rigid rescue boat shall include: I. a boat-hook II. a bucket III. a knife or hatchet


32. C15 - The markings on inflatable liferafts shall be marked with ________. I. maker's name or trade mark II. date of manufacture (month and year) III. name of approving authority


33. C15 - A Float-free arrangement for life rafts should have____. I. Painter system II. Weak link III. Hydrostatic release units


34. C15 - Your course of action if you have to abandon ship and enter a liferaft should be:


35. C15 - What shall you do if you see a person falling into the sea?


36. C15 - If a vessel is to be abandoned and the vessel is listed, passengers should be instructed to leap from the ends. If it is made from the high side, the passenger:


37. C15 - If a "man overboard" is heard over the radio, what precedes the message?


38. C15 - which of the following do you do to let-go the boat from the ship In launching an enclosed lifeboat?


39. C15 - In an enclosed lifeboat, which of the following do you do to let-go the boat from the ship?


40. C15 - During a helicopter operation, while lifting a personnel from a survival craft, what should the other individuals in the craft do?


41. C15 - Anyone seeing a person in the water should immediately throw a lifebuoy and give alarm by:


42. C15 - What is the recommended method if you must land on a beach with an oar-propelled lifeboat through a heavy surf?


43. C15 - In a distress situation and immediately after the distress signal has been sounded, what is the next action to be taken by the Chief Officer on duty?


44. C15 - What should be done by the first person to notice a man overboard incident?


45. C15 - In all probability, the LAST persons to abandon the vessel will be _______. When they leave their post, all machinery should be stopped and watertight doors and hatches tightly closed.


46. C15 - You are proceeding to the area of reported distress. When you arrive at the reported position, the vessel in distress is not sighted. What type of search should be conducted?


47. C15 - During monthly inspection of survival crafts, to ensure operational readiness, all lifeboats without any persons on board shall be:


48. C15 - When the GMDSS Radio Operator on watch hears "SECURITE" spoken three times he can expect to receive a message concerning:


49. C15 - Maintenance of lifeboat davits consist of?


50. 15 - If a weak link is used in the float-free arrangement, it shall _______. I. not be broken by the force required to pull the painter from the liferaft container II. if applicable, be of sufficient strength to permit the inflation of the liferaft; III. break under a strain of 2.2 ±0.4 kN. "


51. C15 - The following information must be given on the SART


52. C15 - What should you do with your EPIRB if you are in a life raft during storm conditions?


53. C15 - The battery of an EPIRB__________


54. C15 - Preventer bars are fitted on lifeboat releasing gear to prevent __________.


55. If you are forced to abandon ship in a lifeboat, you should __________.


56. If an inflatable liferaft inflates upside down, you can right it by __________.


57. You have abandoned ship and are in charge of a liferaft. How much water per day should you permit each occupant to drink after the first 24 hours?


58. You have abandoned ship in tropical waters. Which procedure(s) should be used during a prolonged period in a raft?


59. If you reach shore in a liferaft, the first thing to do is __________.


60. While adrift in an inflatable liferaft in hot, tropical weather __________.


61. To turn over an inflatable liferaft that is upside down, you should pull on the __________.


62. Your liferaft is to leeward of a fire on the water and riding to its sea anchor. You should FIRST __________.


63. A life float on a fishing vessel must be equipped with __________.


64. Which statement is TRUE concerning life preservers (Type I personal flotation devices)?


65. On an oceangoing vessel, for each person a lifeboat (without desalting kits) is certified to carry, the boat must be supplied with __________.


66. To disengage a survival craft suspended from the cable above the water, you must pull the safety pin and __________.


67. If more than one raft is manned after the vessel has sunk, you should __________.


68. If, for any reason, it is necessary to abandon ship while far out at sea, it is important that the crew members should __________.


69. You are underway when a fire breaks out in the forward part of your vessel. If possible, you should __________.


70. You have just abandoned ship and boarded a raft. After the raft is completely inflated you hear a whistling noise coming from a safety valve. You should __________.


71. Your small vessel is broken down and rolling in heavy seas. You can reduce the possibility of capsizing by __________.


72. You hear air escaping from the liferaft just after it has inflated. You should __________.


73. Your vessel is equipped with totally enclosed lifeboats. Which statement is TRUE when the boat is enveloped in flames?


74. The number 2 lifeboat on a tanker would be __________.


75. Most lifeboats are equipped with __________.


76. The steering oar in a lifeboat is __________.


77. The Emergency Position Indicating Radio beacon on a cargo vessel must be stowed __________.


78. You are tending the lifeline of a person who has entered a compartment wearing a breathing apparatus. How many tugs of the lifeline mean "Are you all right"?


79. Most enclosed lifeboats will right themselves after capsizing IF the __________.


80. Which type of EPIRB must each ocean-going ship carry?


81. The vessel's Emergency Position Indicating Radio beacon (EPIRB) must be tested __________.


82. The Master shall insure that the Emergency Position Indicating Radio beacon (EPIRB) is __________.


83. When a sea anchor is used in landing stern first in a heavy surf, sternway is checked by __________.


84. The center of flotation of a vessel is the point in the waterplane __________.


85. The greatest effect on stability occurs from loose liquids flowing __________.


86. The purpose of the tripping line on a sea anchor is to __________.


87. What is correct with respect to required watertight bulkheads on small passenger vessels less than 100 GT?


88. The lifesaving equipment on all vessels shall be __________.


89. Ring life buoys used aboard a small passenger vessels on oceans or coastwise routes are required to be what color?


90. What is FALSE concerning the use of unicellular plastic foam work vests on small passenger vessels? (small passenger vessel regulations)


91. All vessels not limited to daylight service shall be fitted with a ring life buoy __________. (small passenger vessel regulations)


92. Each life float on an inspected vessel shall be fitted and equipped with __________. (small passenger vessel regulations)


93. C15 - Which of the following is considered primary life-saving equipment?


94. C15 - The purpose of storm oil is to:


95. C15 - An orage colored smoke signal or detonating luminous signals fired at interval of one minute means:


96. C15 - Which of following items shall be included in an abandon ship drill?


97. C15 - The Muster List shall show the duties assigned to members of the crew. Which of the following duties shall be included in the "muster list" according to present regulations?


98. C15 - Which one of the given requirements regarding survival craft muster and embarkation arrangements corresponds to the present SOLAS regulations?


99. C15 - You have abandoned ship in a life raft. Which of the following actions should you take?


100. C15 - One can check the functioning of the SART by__________


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