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1. On a coastwise tugboat of 199 GT, on a voyage over 600 miles, what percentage of the deck crew (excluding officers) must hold a document of able seaman?


2. Every entry required to be made in the Official Logbook shall be signed by the __________.


3. Who may perform as a lookout?


4. If there are any changes in the crew in a foreign port, the changes will be made by __________.


5. As operator of a 199 GT towing vessel sailing foreign, it shall be your duty to enter in the Official Logbook or other permanent record __________.


6. The proper way to correct a mistake in the logbook is to _________.


7. A seaman may have all or part of his wages deposited by allotment to a bank or savings institution. Which of the following is NOT a requirement for this type of allotment?


8. All entries in the Official Logbook must be signed by the Master and __________.


9. If you are guilty of failure to properly perform your duties as Master of Uninspected Towing Vessels, which of the following actions may NOT be taken?


10. Your vessel (185 GT) is on a voyage between New York and San Francisco. Which statement is TRUE?


11. The responsibility for maintaining the Official Logbook on voyages between the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of the United States rests with the __________.


12. In a foreign port with a consulate, the U.S. Consul may excuse the Master from personally appearing before him to consent to the mutual release of an injured seaman, when the __________.


13. Which action will take place if a crew member is replaced in a U.S. port after foreign articles have been signed, and the ship proceeds foreign?


14. You are signing on a crew. A man presents a Merchant Mariner's Document that you suspect has been tampered with. Which action should you take?


15. Which statement about the forecastle card is TRUE?


16. C18 - Recruitment, training and development of organization members is ________


17. C18 - Which of the following would fit MOST on motivation?


18. C18 - This is the most effective management development technique.


19. C18 - The routes, zones or areas of operations of domestic ship operators are prescribed by which government agency?


20. C18 - MARINA was created and geared towards the following objectives EXCEPT:


21. C18 - Watchkeepers should have a mandatory rest periods of _______ in any one week.


22. C18 - Managerial performance is based upon accomplishment of _____________.


23. C18 - In bridge resource management, which of the following statements are example of "hazardous thoughts" I.) I can do it II.) It won't happen to me III.) Why takes chances IV.) it's not my job V.) Don't tell me what to do VI.) We're all in the same ship


24. C18 - Welding and burning are among the factors which give the highest risk of fire on board ships. Precaution has to be taken to avoid this risk. Which of the following safety rules may be regarded as the most important?


25. C18 - Drills ought to be conducted in a realistic manner against imaginary and realistic situation every:


26. C18 - When officers from the Emergency Organization of a ship are changed the Emergency Organization should be mustered as soon as possible and definitely:


27. C18 - Response by the ship's complement to an emergency situation is entirely dependent on the ______________ of officers and crew.


28. C18 - It is defined as an undesired event that causes or has the potential to cause harm to people, damage to property and loss to an operation.


29. C18 - An incident that could have caused the death, serious injury or incapacity of a person, but which did not have that outcome.


30. C18 - An aircraft requests a vessels to change course and proceed towards a vessel in distress. The actions of the aircraft to convey this message will NOT include:


31. C18 - Which of the following must be exhibited throughout the ship including the navigation bridge, engine room and crew accommodation spaces?


32. C18 - Rescue vessel approaches a lifeboat in heavy seas, the person in charge of the lifeboat should:


33. C18 - Administration shall ensure that qualified seafarers are issued with this certificate upon completion specialized trainings.


34. C18 - Seafarers shall receive safety familiarization and basic training or instruction, where basic training is not included in the qualification for the certificate to be issued, this certificate will be issued instead _______.


35. C18 - Orange colored smoke signal or this luminous signal fired at interval of one minute means ________.


36. C18 - An accurate perception of the operational and environmental conditions affecting the vessel during a specific period of time is called _____.


37. C18 - Masters, chief engineer officers, chief mates, second engineer officers and every person assigned immediate responsibility for embarking and disembarking passengers, loading, discharging or securing cargo, or closing hull openings on board ro-ro passenger ships shall have __________.


38. C18 - Masters, chief engineer officers, chief mates, second engineer officers and any person designated on muster lists of having responsibility for the safety of passengers in emergency situations shall have _________.


39. C18 - Drill required by regulations is not completed, the Master or person in charge must:


40. C18 - What is the most effective management development technique?


41. C18 - Emergency Organization of a ship selected from the suitable officers and ratings.


42. C18 - VDR must be carried to assist in accident investigation on board passenger ships and ships other than passenger ships of how many gross tons?


43. C18 - There are steps in planning a training program for shipboard application. Which is the first step in planning?

44. C18 - Picking up a person that has fallen onboard. A small craft should approach the victim:


45. C18 - Line throwing equipment be demonstrated to the crew of a well run ships?


46. C18 - Condition which are considered general emergencies are many and varied and may include the following except:


47. C18 - A detailed plan designed to implement the ideals and intentions expressed in the safety policy.


48. C18 - How many two-way VHF radiotelephone are required on passenger ships and every cargo ship of 500GT and over?


49. C18 - When transferring survivors from survival craft to rescue vessel, personnel on board the craft should:


50. C18 - Who are covered by the enforcement of rest periods under fitness for duty regulation of STCW? I. those whose duties involve designated safety II. those whose duties involve designated security III. those whose duties involve designated pollution prevention


51. C18 - The abilities specified in the standards of competence are grouped, as appropriate, under the following seven functions which are composed of the following ______. I. Marine engineering II. Electrical, electronic and control engineering III. Maintenance and repair


52. C18 - The objective of "code of safe working practices" is to provide practical guidance on health and safety in shipboard work with a view to: I. preventing accidents, diseases and other harmful effects II. ensuring that the responsibility for health and safety is understood and remains a priority III. promoting consultation and cooperation among government agencies, shipowner organisations and maritime unions


53. C18 - An incident is defined as an undesired event that causes or has the potential to cause: I. harm to people II. damage to property III. loss to an operation;


54. C18 - Every candidate for a certificate in advanced training for liquefied gas tanker cargo operations shall ___________. I. meet the requirements for certification in basic training for liquefied gas tanker cargo operations II. at least six months of approved seagoing service on liquefied gas tankers III. at least one month of approved onboard training on liquefied gas tankers, in a supernumerary capacity


55. C18 - Rest periods is strictly implemented to avoid fatigue and be fit for duty, this regulation covers those who are _______. I. watchkeeping personnel II. designated in safety duties III. assigned in heavy strenuous jobs


56. C18 - The abilities specified in the standards of competence are grouped, as appropriate, under the following seven functions which are composed of the following ______. I. Navigation II. Radio communications III. Emergency operations


57. C18 - You are on watch and the Pilot has the conn. The Master has temporarily gone below. The Pilot orders a course change which you are certain will put the vessel into imminent danger. Your first action should be to:


58. C18 - An incident that causes the death, serious injury or incapacity of a person.


59. C18 - The most important element in Bridge Resource Management is _______.


60. C18 - Operating managers would suffer anxiety from which of the following whenever an organization implements MIS?


61. C18 - The cranes on a LASH type vessel are a part of the light ship. Therefore, when securing for sea, they must be ___________?


62. C18 - The shipboard organization consists of different levels. Which of these is NOT included?


63. C18 - To bring together in one department all those engaged in one related activities, the basic principle of organization by ________ is used.


64. C18 - It is called the arrangement or responsibilities, authorities and relationship between people?


65. C18 - Management principle that is the most frequently used appraisal approach is:

66. C18 - Who shall establish and enforce rules of rest periods for watchkeeping personnel to avoid fatigue?


67. C18 - Chapter VI of the STCW code is concerned with ___________.


68. C18 - The Night Order Book consist of the following EXCEPT:


69. C18 - Emergency station bill indicating the names of the individuals and their assignments during emergencies should be posted in the Navigation Bridge and the following areas. which should not be included:


70. C18 - Which one is not in the list standards of competence which has seven functions?


71. C18 - Where the emergency source of power is a generator, it shall have independent supply of fuel having a flashpoint of:


72. C18 - What performance would a trainee exhibit when assessment takes place at end of the training program?


73. C18 - What strategy or methods to be used in the conduct of training on board, is one of the items to be considered when_____ a formal training session.


74. C18 - A written document produced by a shipowner indicating in broad terms its commitment, aims and objectives in relation to shipboard safety.


75. C18 - The Night Order Book issued by the Master should be _____ by the officer in-charge of navigation watch the time he report to the bridge to undertake the watch.


76. C18 - In writing up the logbook at the end of your watch, you make an error in writing an entry. What is the proper means of correcting this error?


77. C18 - Emergency team is in charge of the engine room and is responsible for maintaining normal and emergency services.


78. C18 - You hear the message "Seelonce Feenee" over the radiotelephone. What action should you take?


79. C18 - Emergency Training and Drills, which of the following is required whenever new passengers embark?


80. C18 - The use of alternative certificates is not intended to ___________.


81. C18 - What is the first step in planning?


82. C18 - Masters, officers and other personnel designated on muster lists to assist passengers in emergency situations on board passenger ships shall have __________.


83. C18 - The level of proficiency to be achieved for the proper performance of functions on board ship incorporating prescribed standards or levels of knowledge, understanding and demonstrated skill.


84. C18 - An evaluation by qualified persons, independent of, or external to, the unit or activity being evaluated, to verify that the administrative and operational procedures at all levels are managed, organized, undertaken and monitored.


85. C18 - One of the most important innovations in the 1972 Regulations (COLREG) was the recognition given to traffic separation schemes. Under Rule 10 of this Regulation states that in so far as practicable, a vessel must avoid:


86. C18 - A person having the relevant training and skills and, if appropriate, qualifications, to perform particular tasks.


87. C18 - Emergency team may be needed to provide support by carrying additional equipment to the fist team.


88. C18 - The CSS in a SAR situation should display by day:


89. C18 - On-scene communication in the vicinity of distress should be under the control of whom?


90. C18 - Passenger vessel must have an emergency squad when:


91. C18 - In an employer-employee relationship. It often deals with consideration of the:


92. C18 - Rescue operation in heavy sea, you decide to hove to, the lifeboat should be:


93. C18 - Which of the following is in the list standards of competence which has seven functions?


94. C18 - "hot work" means:


95. C18 - "cold work" is defined as:


96. C18 - Permit to work is?


97. C18 - You are in the confined waters. What is the danger in this situation if you should loose engine power?


98. C18 - Any Party who issued or authorize the issue of alternative certificates shall not be used in itself to ___________. I. reduce the number of crew on board II. lower the integrity of the profession or “de-skill” seafarers III. lower the cost of training


99. C18 - Radio and navigational equipment should conform to standards “not inferior to those by IMO” as required by Chapter IV and Chapter V of which of the following?


100. You are signing on a crew. You can determine the minimum number and qualifications of the crew that you are required to carry by consulting which document?


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