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1. C12 - A pesticide that acts in a gaseous state to fumigate.


2. C12 - A petroleum liquid has a flash point of 85F. This liquid is classed as a grade:


3. C12 - A phenomenon due to transfer of moisture through stowed cargo as the ship proceed on her voyage is:


4. C12 - A piece of securing dunnage that runs from a low supporting level up to the cargo at an angle is called:


5. C12 - A piece of securing dunnage that runs from a low supporting level up to the cargo.


6. C12 - A pipe leading from the weather deck to a bilge or double bottom tank, down which a sounding rod may be passed to ascertain the amount of water in the compartment.


7. C12 - A Plan showing the location of cargoes stowed inside the hold:


8. C12 - A portable traverse beam placed across a cargo hatchway that acts as a bearer to support the hatch covers.


9. C12 - A portion of the cargo of an LNG carrier boils off during each voyage. How is the cargo boil off normally handled?


10. C12 - A product can be wound immediately into coils from the rolling mill whilst still hot.


11. C12 - A product that most likely to accumulate static electricity is:


12. C12 - A property relating to the ability of a metal to withstand continuing changes in the direction of application of the stress.


13. C12 - A responsible officer should be appointed to maintain appropriate records and to ensure that ballast water management and/or treatment procedures are followed and:


14. C12 - A semiautomatic tool for handling unitized pulp bales w/out baskets. It has two locating tongues, one at each end so that it cannot slip off.


15. C12 - A set of steps on a ship leading up to a deck from below is known as:


16. C12 - A sheave is a:


17. C12 - A shore is a piece of securing dunnage that:


18. C12 - A short length of chain cable between anchor and windlass.


19. C12 - A snatch block is a:


20. C12 - A space should be ventilated when:


21. C12 - A spreader bar is used in handling cargoes in container to:


22. C12 - A strongback refers to:


23. C12 - A survey may be appointed to certain condition of the cargo before it is loaded are called:


24. C12 - A tank which has been sealed for a long period of time can be dangerous because:


25. C12 - A tank, surrounded by a framework with the overall dimensions of a container for the transport of liquids or gases in bulk.


26. C12 - A term called composed of two or more substance that have a definite proportion of masses.


27. C12 - A term called when a temperature at which a liquid starts to and completely becomes a solid.


28. C12 - A term in ships ballast management means a process or mechanical, physical, chemical or biological method to kill, remove or render infertile, harmful or potentially harmful organisms within ballast water.


29. C12 - A vessel that is experiencing strong wind on the port beam, this has the same effect on the stability as:


30. C12 - Aboard damaged vessels, what is the MOST important consideration to preserve?


31. C12 - According to the IMO Code, what are the minimum number of securing points that should be on each side of a "road vehicle", whose gross vehicle mass is between 20 tons and 30 tons, when carried on Ro-Ro vessels?


32. C12 - According to the IMO Code, what are the minimum number of securing points that should be on each side of a "road vehicle", whose gross vehicle mass is between 3.5 Tons and 20 Tons, when carried on Ro-Ro vessels?


33. C12 - According to the IMO Code, what are the minimum number of securing points that should be on each side of a "road vehicle", whose gross vehicle mass is between 30 tons and 40 tons, when carried on Ro-Ro vessels?


34. C12 - Ballast piping and other piping such as sounding or vent piping to ballast tanks shall not pass through:


35. C12 - Besides to determine the thickness of a vessels shell plating, what else is Ultrasonic testing is used to?


36. C12 - Damaged bulkheads often take a permanent set which is independent of the panting or bulge caused by water pressure. What should you do to control this?


37. C12 - During counterflooding to correct a severe list aggravated by an offcenter load, your vessel suddenly takes a list or trim to the opposite side. What should you do?


38. C12 - How are doublebottom tanks filled?


39. C12 - How do you determine the vessel's KG?


40. C12 - How many classes of dangerous cargoes are covered by the IMDG Code?


41. C12 - How would you stow 500 drums of corrosive liquid as deck cargo?


42. C12 - If loading a cargo parcel of hazardous material, where would you obtain the details of such a cargo?


43. C12 - Inert gas should be supplied with an oxygen content of less than how many percent?


44. C12 - Many vessels are provided with flume tanks, which also have a dump tank located under the flume tanks. What will happen in the event the ship is damaged, where you could dump the flume tanks into the dump tank?


45. C12 - The forward draft of your ship is 27'-11" and the after draft is 29'-03". The draft amidships is 28'-05". What is your vessel deflection condition?


46. C12 - Under which charter has the shipowners lien for freight and other charges on goods shipped under Bill of Lading.


47. C12 - Underway at night you see the red sidelight of a vessel well off your port bow. Which statement is TRUE?


48. C12 - Weak pressure gradients and light, variable winds.


49. C12 - What causes an increase in the movement of liquid in a tank when a vessel inclines?


50. C12 - What does it means to shore up the main deck for the stowage of deck cargo means?


51. C12 - What does NOT affect the value of the free surface correction?


52. C12 - A ballast tank is onethird full when additional ballast is added until it is twothirds full. The increased amount of liquid in the tank will have the greatest influence on the:


53. C12 - A block that can be opened at the hook or shackle end to receive a bight of the line is a:


54. C12 - A booklet that was prepared and distributed by National cargo Bureau, Inc., provide guidance for shipowners, operators, agents, shipmasters to the stowage and carriage of bulk grain.


55. C12 - A bracket between a frame or stiffener at the end of a beam is called:


56. C12 - A careful inspection for ___________ should be carried out after dealing with spillage or highly corrosive materials.


57. C12 - A cargo compartment filled with grain has a permeability of about:


58. C12 - A cargo hold containing cargo such as nitrates, chlorates etc. which produce oxygen under the influence of heat catches fire. How would you deal with this?


59. C12 - A cargo vessel with cargo holds filled with general cargo with heavier goods stowed in the bottom results in the center of gravity to be at:


60. C12 - A claim for cargo damages may be held against the ship owner if such damage is the result of failure of the ships officers to:


61. C12 - A combustible gas indicator is used to determine:


62. C12 - A compartment filled with grain cargo has a permeability of about how many percent?


63. C12 - A container made from plastic or steel with a firmly closed lid, for transportation of liquids in particular paints and oils.


64. C12 - A container stuffed or stripped under risk and for account of the shipper and/or the consignee.


65. C12 - A container that is designed to carry (Euro pallets 1 x 1.2 m or 1.2 x 0.8 m) with minimal loss of space.


66. C12 - A containership has a container displaying a hazardous cargo placard with number 2224 on it. This indicates that it is carrying what cargo?


67. C12 - A crack in the deck plating of a vessel may be temporarily prevented from increasing in length by:


68. C12 - A disadvantage of using chain lashing on heavy vehicles aboard RoRo vessel is that:


69. C12 - A door lines with packing and screwed down between two watertight compartments.


70. C12 - A fine mesh wire screen is fitted to tank vent pipes to prevent:


71. C12 - A fitting at the end of a cargo line in a tank that allows suction to be taken close to the bottom of a tank.


72. C12 - A fixed staircase with handrails or bannisters.


73. C12 - A flat block placed under the end of a wooden shore for the purpose of distributing pressure against a damaged structure is referred to as a:


74. C12 - A flat keel construction that aids in the resistance of a vessel to roll and fitted along either side of the ship is called:


75. C12 - A fore and aft strength member connecting the athwartships floors is the:


76. C12 - A free surface effects of a partially filled tank in a floating vessel, increase with the:


77. C12 - A galvanized iron bars between beams of holds in ships carrying carcases of meat is known as:


78. C12 - A gurgling noise is heard from within a cargo tank when discharging cargo, this would indicate that the:


79. C12 - A handle used in hinged watertight doors to force the door frame agains its gasket called:


80. C12 - A heavy angle iron running fore and aft the length of the ship located on top of the keel plate.


81. C12 - A horizontal division of a vessel from bottom to top. The numbers run from bottom to deck and from deck upwards and are used as a part of the indication of a stowage place for containers.


82. C12 - A horizontal or vertical planks fixed to the inboard side of the frames to protect cargo.


83. C12 - A hygroscopic cargo is defined as a cargo:


84. C12 - A large quarter circle on the rudder post head is the:


85. C12 - A large type of anchor carried in the bow of a vessel is called:


86. C12 - A lashing used to secure two barges side by side, lashed in an X fashion, is called a:


87. C12 - A lining inserted in machinery and in sheaves of blocks to reduce friction and take wear that would otherwise come on member around with a particular item revolves.


88. C12 - A long piece of timber fitted horizontally on the steel frames inside the ships hull in the holds.


89. C12 - A loose rail on the ships side.


90. C12 - A lower edge of a propeller blade when the blade is in a horizontal position and moving downward is called:


91. C12 - A machine operated either by hand or power to which a rope may be made fast and wound around the barrel.


92. C12 - A material which resists penetration by water.


93. C12 - A metal cover for a glass porthole is:


94. C12 - A method of determining the extra load that can be taken on board when a vessel is being loaded in water of less than that of salt water.


95. C12 - A method of making a rope where the lay of the wires in the strand is opposite to the lay of the strands in the rope.


96. C12 - A method used to make an eye in a bight of line where it cannot be spliced is known as:


97. C12 - A package contains nitric acid solution and is radioactive. The radiation level at the package surface is .36 millirems per hour. How should this package be labeled?


98. C12 - A packaging term for transport purposes, consisting of one or more inner packaging secured in an outer packaging.


99. C12 - A perforated metal box on the end of a suction pipe, placed to prevent dirt entering the pump.


100. C12 - A permanent installation in a shipyard which is a basin with walls and a floor which vessel maybe floated:


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