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1. C15 - If you discover alcohol and drug abuse onboard, whom do you report to?


2. C15 - In case deficiencies which caused detention cannot be remedied in the port of inspection PSCO may allow the ship to proceed to the nearest appropriate repair port on conditions that the following procedures be observed as __________.


3. C15 - In controlling pollution, which action should be taken after all dirty ballast has been transferred to the slop tank and prior to discharge through the oily water separator?


4. C15 - In relation to P and I Insurance, which of the following premiums are fixed?


5. C15 - In reporting to any PSCO or flag state of possible contravention of the MARPOL 73/78 Annex II discharge provisions, the following particulars of the slick shall be noted EXCEPT__________.


6. C15 - In US waters Oil Pollution Act of 1990 was activated in August 1993. What is the main issue for the introduction of the act?


7. C15 - Initial stability refers to what stability?


8. C15 - Intermediate survey for tankers 10 years of age and over is required under____


9. C15 - MARINA was created and geared towards the following objectives EXCEPT:


10. C15 - New tanker means a tanker in which constructed and completed after ______.


11. C15 - Obligations of members of the P and I Club are the following EXCEPT__________.


12. C15 - On a passenger ship, PSCO requires that life boats and davit launched life rafts are capable of being launched within a period of:


13. C15 - Recognition of Certificates issued by other parties is under WHAT Regulations of the STCW as amended ?


14. C15 - Referring to the SOLAS convention, how often should a crew member on a cargo ship participate in one abandon ship drill and one fire drill?


15. C15 - Regulations for the Prevention of Pollution by Oil (Annex I) entered into force on:


16. C15 - Required to maintain insurance of financial security, the owner of a ship shall register on a contracting state and carry more than _____ tons of oil in bulk as cargo.


17. C15 - Rule VI of the YorkAntwerp Rules 1974 as amended in 1990 relates to:


18. C15 - Sanitary, ballast, bilge or general service pumps may be accepted as fire pumps provided: (SOLAS II2/4.3.2)


19. C15 - Shipowners carry goods by sea or put a vessel at the disposal of charterers for the purpose against payment of a certain rate of freight mutually agreed in advance. This undertaking by the shipowner is called ______________.


20. C15 - SOLAS stipulates that mustering of passengers on a ship engaged in an international voyage which is not a short international voyage shall take place_____


21. C15 - SOLAS stipulates that there should be at least one international shore connection with an outside diameter of ____ on ships of 500 GRT or more.


22. C15 - States acting through the competent international organization shall establish international rules and standards for the purpose of the following EXCEPT:


23. C15 - That she was entered in the REGISTER BOOK of such Society, with the Character +100A1 subject to Periodical Surveys as required by the Rules, which document it will likely to appear?


24. C15 - The entry into force of the 1978 Protocol relating to the International Convention for the prevention of pollution from ships was _______.


25. C15 - The governing C/P stipulates a weather working day of twoeighthour shifts. Under these terms how many hours will compromise a weather working day?


26. C15 - The ISPS Code was Adopted by Contracting Government with Part A B. Under what provision in the mandatory requirements guidance of the SOLAS as amended?


27. C15 - The most effective and convenient method of disposing oily debris is:


28. C15 - The period validity of a Cargo Ship Safety Construction Certificate is


29. C15 - The PSCO is guided with a list of detainable deficiencies, under areas of the SOLAS convention, the following are considered EXCEPT:


30. C15 - The S.S. Sheet Bend arrives in New York after encountering heavy weather on a voyage from Cape Town. Who will note the protest for the Master?


31. C15 - The supplement to the IOPP Certificate contains what type of data?


32. C15 - To comply with legislation regarding SBTs, CBTs and COW, the requirements for tankers we well addressed in the______


33. C15 - To what purpose is safety meetings held prior to surveys?


34. C15 - Under the International convention on Civil Liability for Oil Pollution Damage, which of the following WILL NOT entitle the shipowner to limit his ability in respect of any one of the incident to an aggregate amount calculated as follows:


35. C15 - Under the New Regulations, what does SOLAS Chapter XI2 deals with?


36. C15 - Under the STCW 1978, what is the meaning of nearcoastal voyages?


37. C15 - Under the STCW Convention, which regulation deals with tankers?


38. C15 - What are called aboard ship vertical flat plates running transversely and connecting the vertical keel to the margin plates?


39. C15 - What causes an increase for a movement of liquid in a tank when a drilling barge inclines?


40. C15 - What certificate does the quarantine officer will issue when satisfied that there are no contagious diseases on board?


41. C15 - What certificate you should check to determine the number of inflatable liferafts required on a vessel?


42. C15 - What document is issued under the provision of International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships 1973?as modified by the Protocol of 1978 relating thereto?


43. C15 - What document which the number of certificated able seamen and lifeboatmen required on board is listed?


44. C15 - What does a continual worsening of the list or trim indicates?


45. C15 - What does Block stowage means?


46. C15 - What feature given to a ship which is classified into gross tonnage and net tonnage from the Tonnage Certificate?


47. C15 - What gives for a vessel inclined by the wind, by multiplying the buoyant force by the horizontal distance between the lines of action of the buoyant and gravity forces?


48. C15 - What increases when topside icing decreases vessel stability?


49. C15 - What is a declaration of the Master when he anticipates the hull and/or cargo damage due to unusual weather condition


50. C15 - What is a document called which has a list of names, birthplaces, and residences of persons employed on a merchant vessel bound from a U.S. port on a foreign voyage and is required at every port?


51. C15 - What is an example of the term Restraint of Rulers, Princes, or Peoples in a marine insurance policy?


52. C15 - What is called a a structure, usually made of stone, or cement pilings, which extends from the bank at approximately right angles to the current?


53. C15 - What is called as the horizontal distance between the vertical lines of action of gravity and the buoyant forces?


54. C15 - What is called as the stability which remains after a compartment is flooded?


55. C15 - What is know as the geometric center of the underwater volume?


56. C15 - What is known as the difference between the height of the metacenter and the metacentric height?


57. C15 - What is termed as a vague expression usually intended to convey that there are no invidious or unusual terms in the charter party?


58. C15 - What is the best way to avoid pollution from small oilspills aboard a ship?


59. C15 - What is the Certificate of Freeboard?


60. C15 - What is the equivalent weight of 1,000 short tons?


61. C15 - What is the generally accepted method of determining whether the atmosphere within a cargo tank is explosive, too rich, or too lean to support combustion?


62. C15 - What is the metacentric height In a small angle stability?


63. C15 - What is the order of importance in addressing damage control?


64. C15 - What is the organization that certifies the safe working load of cargo cranes on a vessel?


65. C15 - What is the period of validity of the SOLAS required Cargo Ship Safety Construction Certificate?


66. C15 - What is the period validity of a Cargo Ship Safety Construction Certificate?


67. C15 - What is the results in the loads aboard a vessel, when multiplying a loads weight by the distance of the loads center of gravity from the centreline?


68. C15 - What is the usual status of an Structural bulkheads on a MODU?


69. C15 - What is used a measure in the vertical distance between G and M?


70. C15 - What likely to have to a semisubmersible which flops between port and starboard angles of list?


71. C15 - What may caused a virtual rise in the center of gravity?


72. C15 - What provides the basic legal requirements of the 1995 STCW convention.


73. C15 - A charter party in which the charterer assumes no responsibility for the operation of the vessel but pays stevedoring expenses.


74. C15 - A contract of marine insurance is considered concluded when the proposal of the assured is accepted by the insurer whether the policy is issued or not. What covers the acceptance?


75. C15 - A document that every ship is required as per Annex II of MARPOL 73/78, whether as part of the ships official logbook or otherwise, in the form specified in appendix IV to the Annex.


76. C15 - A Ship Safety Certificate is issued by MARINA valid for a period not exceeding __________.


77. C15 - A vessel cannot comply with all of the SOLAS requirements due to its construction. Where will this be indicated?


78. C15 - A vessel has sustained damage in a collision with another vessel. It is necessary to have a Seaworthy Certificate before the vessel sails. Who will issue this certificate?


79. C15 - A vessel loads packaged cargoes. The Mate discovers some of the packages have been damaged and put some exceptions on the Bill of Lading. This document is called__________.


80. C15 - A vessel sailing from Liverpool to New York puts into Boston, Mass. for emergency repairs. If no inward foreign cargo is to be discharged at that port, which of the following documents is required?


81. C15 - A wind has caused a difference between drafts starboard and port. What is this difference?


82. C15 - An International Tonnage Certificate will be issued to a vessel when it meets several requirements?which one that the vessel must be?


83. C15 - An underwriter is liable for:


84. C15 - As per MARPOL, the rating to hazard to human health by oral intake of 5005000 mg/kg is __________.


85. C15 - At least one reinspection shall be made on each vessel holding a Certificate of Inspection valid for two years. This inspection shall be held between the tenth and fourteenth months of the duration period of the certificate and shall be __________.


86. C15 - Besides the center of gravity, where Stability is determined related to?


87. C15 - Besides the location of the center of gravity, where is Stability principally determined?


88. C15 - Besides the position of the center of buoyancy, where else the value of the maximum righting arm depends on?


89. C15 - Calculate the monthly time charter payment of 50,000 DWT with a charter rate of US$3.00 per DWT per 30 day period with an assumed offhire of 1.5 days.


90. C15 - Cargo Ship Safety Construction Certificate shall be issued for a period not exceeding:


91. C15 - Deballasting a double bottom has what affect on KG?


92. C15 - Due to the nature of a vessels construction for a particular trade, it does not fully comply with the provisions of SOLAS. Where will this be indicated?


93. C15 - During the course of a voyage, a seaman falls on the main deck and injures his ankle. When should the Master submit a Report of Marine Accident, Injury or Death?


94. C15 - For at least how many years a Radio station logs involving communications during a disaster shall be kept by the station licensee?


95. C15 - For the purpose of the PSCO, oil tankers, chemical tankers, gas carriers, bulk carriers and cargo high speed craft of 500 gross tonnage and above shall comply with the ISM Code from the date__________.


96. C15 - For vessels fitted with cargo gear, an initial test of the units under a proof load shall be conducted. Subsequent tests and exams of the same nature shall be carried out at what time interval?


97. C15 - From where the loose liquids flows where the greatest effect on stability occurs?


98. C15 - How long the Records of tests and inspections of a cargo vessels fire extinguishing systems shall be kept on board?


99. C15 - If the Certificate of Inspection of a damaged tank barge has expired, which certificate may be issued to allow its movement to a repair facility?


100. C15 - If there are any Certificates expired or nearing expiry, what must the master of a ship must apply for at any port?


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