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1. When the wave crest is amidship, the buoyancy amidship will increase while at the end will reduce and therefore cause the ship to: .


2. To use a portable CO2 fire extinguisher you must first? .


3. The fire extinguishing action of the CO2 comes mostly from? .


4. The most effective means for combating an oil fire on the water surrounding a vessel is to use? .


5. Immediately after a class B fire has been extinguished by the use of foam, crewmen should?


6. Firefighting foam is only effective when the foam is?


7. Which type of fire extinguisher is most prone to freezing when exposed to low temperatures? .


8. What is overall vertical movement of the center of gravity of the ship in the seaway? .


9. When a fore aft movement arises, the dynamic effect on the ship is? .


10. A dynamic effect of a ship moving among the waves has a rational motions namely rolling about a longitudinal axis, pitching, about a transverse axis?


11. A ship among the waves has three linear motions namely heaving, swaying and _______.


12. The ship is hogging, the pillars will be held in which kind of stress? .


13. Which of the following is NOT a static or dynamic force that acts on the ship? .


14. If a ship is supported on the crest of a wave amidship, the vessel is subject to?


15. What happen if the ship is poised to a wave to its length? .


16. Yawing is an angular motion of the vessel about the axis? .


17. The horizontal port or starboard movement of a vessel is called? .


18. A vessels bottom will be subjected to tension when the weight is concentrated :


19. Signs of racking stresses on a vessel generally appear at the _________.


20. When loading a cargo of taconite, proper sequencing of loading by hatch number is necessary in order to? .


21. Horizontal force or aft motion of a vessel is termed as?


22. when a vessel is stationary and hogging condition, the main deck is under? .


23. When is known as in and out movement that is causing the fluctuation of the water pressure? .


24. When the ship is sagging due to the effect of heavy loads at the bottom of the ship, it will bring into? .


25. Pitching is an angular motion of the vessel about what axis?


26. Rolling is an angular motion of the vessel about what axis?


27. If the wave trough is amidship what will happen to the buoyancy? .


28. The slamming effect that is caused by heaving and pitching is known as? .


29. What is the primary consideration that is important when combating a class C fire? .


30. A cylinder used for storing CO2 in a fixed firefighting system, must be hydro statically retested and re stamped every __________.


31. After extinguishing a paint locker fire using the fixed CO2 system, the nest immediate action is for the space to be: .


32. Regulations require gears, couplings, flywheels, and all machinery capable of injuring personnel shall:


33. In reviving a person who has been overcome by gas fumes, which of the following treatment would avoid using:


34. The most beneficial assistance for a person having an epileptic convulsion is to: .


35. While you are fighting a fire in a smoke-filled compartment one of your shipmates fell sustaining a laceration and ceases breathing. Your first response should be to: .


36. What should you apply as first aid on a victim who suffered a major burn? .


37. If a liquid Freon accidentally comes in contact with your skin, you should:


38. How do you treat someone suffering from electrical shock after you secure the source? I- check for respiration II- check for pulse III- call for safety officer


39. Which part of the body is the most reliable place to take a pulse of a victim? .


40. To remove a paint flake which accidentally entered the eye, you should use a: .


41. If you burned your arm on a bare steam line, the most effective immediate treatment would be:


42. Pressure points are areas of the body where the hands can be placed to:


43. If an accident occur aboard ship, when is the proper time to move a badly injured person?


44. The first step you should take in helping an unconscious victim who is not breathing is:


45. A vessel define under the Article II of the STCW 95 conventions that catches walrus or other living resources is know as:


46. The requirement that a party should submit sufficient of specimen certificates issued in compliance to the STCW convention is under: .


47. What article of the STCW convention states that the organization will support the supply of the equipment and facilities of training institutions that a party request? .


48. What article of the STCW convention that states that the organization will support the supply of the equipment and facilities of training institutions that a party request? .


49. Any amendment of the STCW Convention proposed by a party under Article XII shall be submitted to the:


50. What documents are issued to Masters, officers and Ratings who meet the requirements, qualifications and examinations in accordance to the STCW conventions? .


51. Which among the following are NOT covered by the STCW conventions? .


52. Which among of the following is/are NOT covered by the STCW conventions? .


53. Which of the following devices for a lifeboat winch electrical circuit automatically prevents the davit arms of a gravity-type unit from over traveling their tracks when raising the lifeboat? .


54. You should never watch the arc generated during electric arc welder with the naked eye because____.


55. Which of the listed materials can be drilled at the highest drill speed? .


56. The best type of chisel to use for cutting a keyway is the ___________.


57. What is the proper way of maintaining the fire hoses when not is use? .


58. To produce a low velocity water fog spray with an all-purpose fire hose nozzle, you must? .


59. The low velocity fog applicator use in conjunction with the all purpose firefighting nozzle should always be?


60. The physical difference of the water spray patterns developed by he high velocity tip and low velocity applicator is due to? .


61. When the ship is hogging, the pillars will be in? .


62. A set of curves, each of which represent a plot of the cumulative area of station on the liners plan, from the base of any point above it?


63. A plan representing a longitudinal section through the center of the ship showing deck height, transverse bulkheads and assignments of space located on the center plane or between the center and shell on the fire side is known as? .


64. The half beneath plan of a vessel is? .


65. When an oil fire has been extinguished the surface of the oil should be kept covered with foam to prevent? .


66. When a fire occurs in a ruptured oil cargo tank caused by an explosion or collision, the best firefighting agent to use is? .


67. Which of the devices listed must be used in conjunction with the portable in-line foam proportion to produce foam? .


68. Foam extinguishes a fire by what action?


69. Which of the fire fighting foams listed would require the mechanical mixing of air and foam concentrates? I Protein foam II synthetic and alcohol foams III carbonated foam.


70. A fire extinguishing product by first mixing a foam concentrate with water to produce a foam solutions them mixing the foam solution with air is termed as?


71. Quick cleaning strainers are installed in the fire main system at individual fire hydrants to?


72. Which type of wrench listed is used to disconnect fire hose couplings? .


73. A fire hose can be damage if the swivel on the female coupling is lubricated with?


74. If a vessel is loaded in such a manner that she is said to be sagging, what kind of stress is placed on sheer strake?


75. The in and out movement that is the cause of fluctuation of water pressure is called?


76. The three national motions that have a dynamic effect on a ship moving among the waves are yawn, rolling and? .


77. What will happen to the weight distribution of the ship when it is moving in a smooth sea? .


78. The vertical motion of a floating vessel is known as? .


79. What will be the condition of the pillars if the ship is hogging? .


80. Tensile stress is a result of two forces acting in?


81. When planning the loading or discharging of a VLCC (100,000 DWT) what is the most important consideration? .


82. What will happen to the ship if the wave trough is amidships and the buoyancy at both ends will?


83. Three linear motions occurs when a ship is moving among the waves namely swaying, surging and? .


84. The significant different between the high velocity fog tip at the low velocity fog applicator used with all-purpose nozzle is the? .


85. What does the sheer plan represent? .


86. The location of the vessels frame stations may be obtained from what type of drawing?


87. The particular part of the vessel which is greatly affected by painting movement? .


88. Angular motion about the longitudinal axis of the vessel is known as?


89. What do we call the vertical motion of a floating vessel? .


90. The angular movement of a vessel about a horizontal line drawn from its stern is known as?


91. Horizontal transverse motion of a vessel is known as?


92. Angular motion about the vertical axis of a vessel is known as?


93. Weight concentration in which the following areas will cause a vessels bottom to be subjected to tensile stress? .


94. The vessel is subjected to what kind of stress if she is supported on the crest of a wave amidships? .


95. Which type of firefighting foam listed is supplied on both 3% and 6% concentrations ? I - Aqueous film forming foam II synthetic III - Carbonate


96. For the safety of personnel working with fire hoses, fire pumps are fitted with a/an?


97. According to regulations each fire hydrant must have at least? I - One length of fire hose II - a spanner wrench III - a hose rack of other device for stowing hose.


98. To prepare a low velocity fog applicator for use? .


99. When the cotton cover of a fire hose becomes oily or greasy, it should be washed with a solution of a soapy freshwater and? .


100. Which of the following statements concerning fire hose couplings is true? .


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