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1. Some diesel engine cylinder liners are plated on the wearing surface with porous chromium. Why?


2. If the pressure in an operating diesel engine cylinder continuous to rise for a short period after the piston passes top dead center, what will happen?


3. Refined lubricant base oil properties are greatly influenced by what factor?


4. Lubricant base oil generally exhibit boiling points above _________


5. Which type of crude oil that contains asphaltic material but little or no wax?


6. What is meant by solvent extraction?


7. Crude oils are roughly classified as ______


8. Friction modifiers or Oiliness additives will _____


9. Oxygen inhibitors are:


10. What type of hydrocarbon having good chemical stability with higher viscosity index and low pour point?


11. Which type of hydrocarbon that has poor chemical stability, low pour point with moderate viscosity index?


12. What is Extreme Pressure ( EP ) oil?


13. Lubrication may be classified into the following categories EXCEPT:


14. What is the kind of lubrication wherein the contact surfaces are completely separated by an oil film?


15. It's a kind of lubrication in which a considerable degree of contact occurs between the mating surfaces ________


16. What is mixed lubrication?


17. What is elastohydrodynamic lubrication?


18. What is the main criterion for fluid lubricants operating under hydrodynamic condition?


19. What is the most important property of a lubricating oil for reciprocating air compressor?


20. What is the single most important element for a gear oil?


21. In what type of equipment is low pour point and good wax depositing important?


22. Which of the following is NOT attributed to high wear rate of piston rings and cylinder liners of an engine due to corrosion?


23. In a trunk piston engines, what is the primary cause of cylinder liner bore polishing?


24. It is a measure of fluid's resistance to flow under gravity at a specific temperature (usually 40 dig. C to 100 dig. C) ________.


25. It's a measure of ignition quality of a diesel fuel as determined in a standard single cylinder engine ______


26. It is a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of an oil ______


27. It is the lowest temperature at which the fluid will flow when cooled under prescribed condition _________


28. Which of the following represents the significance of the fuel oil cetane number?


29. Fuel oil having a low cetane rating could result in ________


30. When making an entries in the Oil Record Book, the date, operational code, and item number shall be inserted in the appropriate columns. Furthermore, the required particulars shall be ________


31. The Oil Record Book must be maintained onboard the vessel for ______


32. Which of the equipment listed is most effective in processing bilge slops for overboard discharge?


33. According to Pollution Prevention Regulations, the minimum number of bolts permitted in an ANSI standard flange on an oil hose is ________


34. Which of the following liquids can ordinarily be discharged overboard without being processed through an oily waiter separator?


35. If leak in an oil hose coupling cannot be stopped by tightening the coupling bolts, you should __________


36. What do you call the devices that utilize the rapid flow of a fluid to entrain another fluid and thereby move it from one place to another?


37. Which of the following methods applies to how a vacuum is created by a jet pump or an eductor?


38. The three basic parts of any eductor are the nozzle, the suction chamber, and the _______


39. A distinguishing feature of an eductor, when compared to other pumps, is the _________


40. Which of the following statements concerning deep well cargo pumps is correct?


41. When operating with a negative suction head, which of the following types of pumps will require priming?


42. In case of fire accident in the ship's accommodation area, the fire alarm could be sounded by _________


43. Where whistle signals are used for handling lifeboats during drills or emergency situations, one short blast on whistle means ________


44. Two short blast on whistle signals for handling lifeboats during drills or emergency is to ________


45. How many short blast on whistle signals which mean dismissal from drill or emergency condition?


46. During Man overboard situation, the first person who saw the incident shall ______


47. Which of the following locations onboard the ship where telephone connection is not required?


48. Sound powered telephone onboard the ship derives its power from a ________


49. On board the ship, engine room telephone system, connects _______


50. The fathometer or echo sounding machine is an instrument for determining the ________


51. In an automatic self-tensioning mooring winches, the ropes are being released when ________. I


52. The anchor cable pass thru ______?


53. The steam powered deck machinery is most popular with which of these type of the ships?


54. What factor led to the replacement of steam powered machineries by hydraulic operated deck machineries?


55. Which of the hydraulic circuit is mostly favored for marine application?


56. What is the equivalent part of mooring winch drum of the mooring winch to that of anchor windlass?


57. What part of the McGregor hatch cover are the rollers arranged to move on?


58. The principal purpose of an anchor windlass chain stopper is to?


59. When the hydraulic control lever for deck winch is placed in the neutral position, the spring set brake on the fluid motor drive shaft is_____?


60. The clutch band of a constant tensioning mooring winch must be set up tight enough to drive the winch drum and should slip only when ________


61. Hydraulic cranes must be properly warmed-up before they are used because _____


62. Why is electrical power preferred over mechanical power for driving heavy machinery on drilling rigs?


63. If an anchor windlass has been idle for some time, you should ________


64. The oil in a cargo winch gear box should be sampled periodically to _____


65. Which of the damages listed can occur to the components of a winch master control switch, if the cover gasket becomes deteriorated?


66. In the event of power failure during cargo loading operations, the movement of an electric powered cargo winch will be stopped by ________


67. The full torque electric brake on an electric cargo winch functions to ________


68. The amount of current flow required for the cathodic protection of a vessel is dependent upon the __________


69. Which of the following conditions will occur if the solenoid coil burns out on a cargo winch with an electric brake?


70. The main difference between ferrous metals from nonferrous metals is _________


71. Carrying out metallurgical tests on materials, its purpose is to:


72. A TRUE statement regarding the purpose/use of alloying chromium is:


73. Which is true about the uses of gray cast iron?


74. What method for detecting surface defects (e.g., cracks) by the use of microscope or hand lens?


75. The main reason in using glass fiber as a filter material in polymers is:


76. What are the factors/material properties to consider in the use of polyvinyl chloride?


77. What hull frame member which is extended arthwartship of ship?


78. Why are metallurgical tests carried out upon materials?


79. The structural member of the hull extending in the fore and aft direction of the ship is called?


80. Which among the following is the structure hull members install arthwarship in ship construction?


81. What is the main reason for using glass fiber as a filler material in polymers?


82. What is the characteristic of a hammered or rolled out metal?


83. The internal force of the material which tends to resist deformation when subjected to external force is called?


84. How is electric arc produced in electric arc welding process?


85. The ship is subject to sagging when:


86. The change in length of an object in some direction, not necessarily the same that is produced by an externally applied load is called _________


87. The ship subject to hogging when:


88. The longitudinal frame that held in place and supported by arthwartship members of ship:


89. What is the purpose of swash bulkheads?


90. What is meant by the term pig iron?


91. The purpose of a bleeder plug or docking plug located on a double bottom tank is:


92. The outcome of a blow-by in a diesel engine is it:


93. Where do blow-by gases pass as a result of combustion gases leaking into the crankcase in a diesel engine?


94. On some diesel engines, why is it that crankcase ventilation system is installed?


95. If a diesel engine has been stopped because of piston seizure due to severe overheating, what precaution to be done to the crankcase inspection doors?


96. One of the disadvantages of a four-stroke/cycle diesel engine is that:


97. Which of the following parts is under tension when the engine is running in a large, slow speed, main propulsion diesel engine?


98. How often in the two-stroke/cycle diesel engine will the power impulse in an individual cylinder in a single acting occur?


99. Why is it that the safety cover or crankcase door differs from other access doors?


100. Poor combustion in a diesel engine is the result of:


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