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1. Waterside abrasion of boiler tubes can be caused by __________.


2. The development of pinhole leaks where the boiler tubes enter the water drums and headers, may be evidence of __________.


3. The generating tubes in an operating boiler will overheat and possibly fail when the boiler reaches the end point of __________.


4. Cratering and water tracking in boiler tubes is caused by __________.


5. Oil or scale deposits on boiler tube walls will cause __________.


6. Fireside burning of boiler tubes is usually the direct result of __________.


7. Fireside burning of boiler super-heater tubes is a direct result of __________.


8. Fireside burning of boiler tubes can be a result of __________.


9. The formation of a pit in the surface of a boiler tube is most likely to occur when __________.


10. If a boiler tube bank baffle carries away, or burns through, there will be __________.


11. Pulsating boiler furnace fires can be caused by __________.


12. Panting or rumbling in a boiler furnace is usually caused by __________.


13. If a boiler begins to pant and vibrate you should __________.


14. Which actions listed should be taken if a boiler is panting?


15. If a boiler is panting, which of the following actions should be taken?


16. Panting in an oil fired marine boiler can be caused by __________.


17. If a steaming boiler is not supplied with sufficient air for proper combustion, the __________.


18. If a boiler fire is blown out by a flareback, you should immediately __________.


19. If a major flareback occurs to a boiler, which of the following actions should be immediately taken?


20. When a boiler flareback occurs, you should __________.


21. If while filling the boiler a newly installed gasket on a water-tube hand hole plate weeps, you should __________.


22. Which of the listed methods would be most effective when repairing a steam cut on a seating surface of a super-heater hand hole plate?


23. An indication of a faulty super-heater soot blower element is a __________.


24. If a soot blower element does not revolve freely, the most likely cause would be __________.


25. A sectional (sinuous) header boiler is classified as which of the listed boiler types?


26. In which of the listed components is chemical energy converted to thermal energy with regards to boiler operation?


27. Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR) regarding hydrostatic testing of main steam piping state that __________.


28. Which of the following fuel oil characteristics establishes the danger point when transferring, pumping, and firing procedures are concerned?


29. If the water level in a steaming boiler is dropping rapidly and cannot be kept at the normal level by standard practices, you should __________.


30. When condenser tube ends are rolled into both tube sheets, the different rates of material expansion is compensated for by utilizing __________.


31. The BTU value of fuel oil is determined by a/an __________.


32. The total heating surface of any steam generating unit is comprised of which of the listed surfaces?


33. The variable capacity pressure atomizing fuel oil burner functions to __________.


34. As the pH of the boiler water approaches zero, the water becomes increasingly __________.


35. The purpose of a ?peep? hole in the boiler casing is to __________.


36. If a centrifugal main feed pump were operated at shutoff head with the re-circulating line closed, which of the following conditions could occur?


37. Concerning the classification of steam turbines, a cross compound designed unit __________.


38. If a vessel is steaming at a steady rate, and the water level has dropped out of sight in the boiler gage glass, the first corrective action should be to __________.


39. A sectional (sinuous) header boiler is classified as a/an __________.


40. Which of the stated pressure conditions identifies the boiler design pressure?


41. Condensate return lines from tank heating coils are led to the __________.


42. The required number of pounds of steam generated per hour to develop contract shaft horsepower and maintain the specified pressures and temperatures in the plant, when divided by the number of installed boilers, will give the __________.


43. The process of breaking up fuel oil into fine particles to ensure good combustion is called __________.


44. Depending upon the design of the boiler, the constant pressure maintained at the steam drum or the super-heater outlet is known as the __________.


45. While a vessel is underway, which of the conditions listed would indicate a leak in the lube oil cooler?


46. Which of the listed operating practices is considered as safe, and should be followed when opening and inspecting the waterside of a boiler?


47. When a sudden increase in pressure occurs in a forced lubrication system, you should check for a __________._


48. When there is a sudden increase of lubricating oil pump discharge pressure in a force feed lubricating system, you should first check the __________.


49. Which type of waterside deposits can normally be removed by chemically boiling out a boiler?


50. Which of the listed refractory materials should be used for patching a burner front formed of plastic, castable, or tile?


51. Which of the following conditions may exist if you detect an excessive amount of metal particles on a main engine lube oil strainer magnet?


52. To make temporary emergency repairs to brickwork in a boiler furnace, which of the materials listed should be used?


53. Tubes may be seal welded into fittings or headers of boilers and super heaters after they have been expanded and flared, provided the material in the fitting or header does not contain carbon in excess of __________.


54. Routine maintenance of boiler sliding feet should include __________.


55. To increase the blow down of a nozzle reaction safety valve, __________.


56. To assure the main propulsion turbine bearings are receiving the proper lube oil supply, you should check the __________.


57. The astern guarding valve on main propulsion steam turbine units must be open when a vessel is __________.


58. Increasing the blow down of a boiler nozzle reaction safety valve is normally accomplished by __________.


59. While a vessel is underway, one of the first indications of the failure of the gland leak-off exhaust fan motor is __________.


60. When installed, the economizer relief valve should always be set __________.


61. Warping of super-heater screen tubes can be caused by __________.


62. When you are installing a new furnace floor in an oil fired boiler, the clearance between each firebrick should be enough to __________.


63. When you are installing a new furnace floor in an oil fired boiler, enough clearance should be left between firebrick to allow for __________.


64. The burner front refractory should be replaced when the slag accumulation causes __________.


65. When water washing the firesides of a boiler, which of the listed procedures should be followed?


66. Which of the tools listed is used to remove a boiler tube from a header?


67. Which of the statements represents an advantage of the 'bent tube' method of installing boiler tubes?


68. Which procedure should be followed to dry out the fireside of a boiler after water washing?


69. How is an excess of turbine gland seal steam remedied?


70. Improper water washing of the water-tube boiler firesides can cause __________.


71. In the absence of the manufacturer's instructions, a good procedure in reassembling a high pressure boiler gage glass is to tighten the nuts in pairs and __________.


72. Which of the following actions, if any, should be taken if the water gage glass on a steaming boiler breaks?


73. If a water-tube boiler tube has sagged and must be plugged, a hole must be made in the tube wall to prevent __________.


74. After a boiler generating tube has been plugged, __________.


75. The purpose of a thrust bearing, mounted between the engine and the propeller of a steam plant power train, is to __________.


76. An obstruction in the top connection of a boiler gage glass will cause the __________.


77. While the vessel is rolling in heavy seas, the level in the boiler gage glass remains steady, this is an indication that __________.


78. Which of the following conditions is indicated by an external bulge or bowed area of the boiler furnace wall?


79. Radial cracks have developed in the castable refractory of the burner cones after the first firing since the installation of new furnace front refractory. This is an indication of __________.


80. Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR) require that in preparing a water-tube boiler for a hydrostatic test, you should fill the boiler with water at a temperature of not less than __________.


81. Waterside grooving is usually very difficult to locate in a boiler tube before leakage occurs because __________.


82. Which of the conditions listed could cause a boiler economizer to leak?


83. When a soot fire occurs, damage to an economizer can be minimized if you __________.


84. Which of the conditions listed would indicate excessive soot buildup on the economizer?


85. Which of the problems listed will occur when the economizer temperature is below the acid dew point of the flue gases?


86. Which of the following would indicate a moderate leak in the de-super heater?


87. A leak in a de-super heater could be indicated by a/an __________.


88. A small leak in the de-super heater of an operating boiler could cause an __________.


89. A leak in the internal de-super heater located in one of the two main boilers on a ship can be indicated by a/an __________.


90. Leakage into an internal de-super heater may be caused by __________.


91. Which of the conditions listed could be the cause of chattering in a boiler safety valve?


92. While your vessel is underway at normal speed, a steam drum safety valve develops a significant leak. Your first corrective action should be to __________.


93. The most common cause of heat blisters developing on boiler generating tubes is due to __________.


94. Blisters developing on boiler tubes can be caused by __________.


95. Heat blisters forming on the first row of the generating tubes are caused by __________.


96. If a large number of tubes has failed, you can minimize damage to a boiler by __________.


97. If a large number of tubes fail in a steaming boiler, the __________.


98. What is the cause of 'laning' in a boiler tube bank?


99. Fireside burning of boiler tubes is usually the direct result of __________.


100. Which of the following repairs should be made to a badly warped boiler tube?


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