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1. In air conditioning system, which part when a refrigerant begins to boil and flash into gas?


2. The grade of crude oil that varies in color from reddish brown to jet black, are principally used for fuel and road oil is the ________.


3. Upon receiving an order “FINISHED WITH ENGINES” the main air stop valve of the propulsion engine must be:


4. Scavenging fire occur if the engine piston rings are ________.


5. In V-type engines the angle between banks is ______________ degrees.


6. The part of an engine that transmits the reciprocating motion of the piston to the driven unit in the form of rotary motion is the ____________.


7. A reversible electric motor with worm gear that is connected to the flywheel to position engine parts is the ________.


8. The part of an engine that has the function of measuring the speed and changing the fuel control is:


9. The materials that has the function of providing oil film between the shafts and bearing surfaces of diesel engines?


10. The ratio of fuel oil density to the density of water is called __________.


11. Distance traveled by the engine piston from bottom dead center to the top dead center and vice versa is called:


12. Most common trouble of turbo – chargers in a two-stroke engine is ________.


13. Lantern rings are provided in centrifugal pumps to ________.


14. Pump shafts are usually protected from erosion, corrosion and wear at stuffing boxes by __________.


15. The purpose of wear rings in a centrifugal pump is to ________.


16. Most pump manufacturers of pumps recommend that the suction piping dimension of centrifugal pumps be _________.


17. Air leakage in packing gland of a condensate pump is prevented by _________.


18. To thoroughly pump the bilge using a horizontal centrifugal pump is the _______.


19. The part if a refrigeration system reduces the pressure of a liquid refrigerant is the ________.


20. The part when the refrigerant begins boil and flash into gas in air conditioning system is in the _________.


21. The purpose of the dehydrator in refrigeration is to ___________.


22. Cotton in the fuel reservoir of a flame safety lamp should be renewed about every __________.


23. What method could be used to blow down a boiler without securing the fires?


24. For scraping dirt from an inaccessible place, like the recess of a fuel nozzle body, the scraper should be made of __________.


25. The potential weakest part of the anchor chain would be the ___________.


26. If diagram was taken at a time when the exhaust valve is leaking badly on suction stroke, fresh air mixed with exhaust gas is sucked in through the leaking valve. The effect causes __________.


27. In some modern marine boilers, the control de-superheater functions to control __________.


28. Of the many ways to lubricate a freon-12 compressor, which of the following is not used?


29. Stern tube and strut bearings lined with hardwood or rubber composition materials are lubricated with__________.


30. The coils in the evaporator are attached to the headers by __________.


31. The measure of the amount of salt present in water is called __________.


32. The load sharing characteristic of two diesel generators operating in parallel are directly related to___________.


33. Steam baffles are used in the steam drum of a water tube boiler to__________.


34. What is the purpose of a desuperheater?


35. When fuel is injected too early in the injection cycle, it may cause the engine to have __________.


36. If the suction pressure were raised from 0 to 25 psig., the horse power per ton of refrigeration would __________.


37. Line shaft and stern tube shaft are combination of the main shaft segments located farthest from the main engine that are connected by the __________.


38. The process of boiling sea water in order to separate it into freshwater vapor and brine is usually defined as __________.


39. The valve between the fuel oil header and the burner valve is the __________.


40. The control rack to a unit injector regulates fuel delivery by__________.


41. The possible cause why a lube oil pump fails to build up discharge pressure could be that the __________.


42. The device that limits engine torque at various engine speeds is called a __________.


43. The over correction and unstable operation of an engine governor is known as __________.


44. In low pressure distilling plant increase feed rate will cause __________.


45. To avoid hunting above or below the desired engine RPM, a hydraulic governor is equipped with a ___________.


46. What is the primary purpose of the open combustion chamber used in diesel engines?


47. Open combustion chambers are designed to __________.


48. The steering gear total equipment are considered made up of three parts, they are __________.


49. It is a method of atomization wherein oil passes through an annular passages of the atomizer and the steam through an inner tube to a sprayer plate where they mix before discharging?


50. A fluctuating and unsteady vacuum in an evaporation is probably caused by _________.


51. Which of the following types of lube oil filters depletes the additives?


52. What statement is true concerning centrifugal pumps?


53. While securing a boiler equipped with an integral uncontrolled super heater, the super heater vent should be __________.


54. If a centrifugal pump vibrates or if it notify where operating with a positive suction head, the cause could be__________.


55. Foaming in a compressor crankcase is an indication of ___________.


56. If you determine that steam reciprocating pump is operating with too long stroke, resulting in the piston nut striking the cylinder head, you should__________.


57. The amount of heat absorbed by each unit mass of refrigerants as it flow through an evaporator is known as __________.


58. It is required in fuel oil service line piping between pumps and in all steam lines:


59. Late fuel in a diesel engine is indicated by low firing pressure with __________.


60. The rate of expansion of fuel oil when heated varies with the specific gravity of the oil as it expands about __________.


61. Which of the listed feed-water regulators are used in auxiliary natural circulation water tube boilers?


62. The level of water in the feed and filter tank ( cascade tank ) and water cycle is controlled by__________.


63. The electric starting motor of a diesel engine engages the flywheel ring gear by a/an __________.


64. It permits the freedom of the pinion to take up its correct alignment with the gear wheel?


65. The main function of a super-heater is to__________.


66. Where is the fuel delivery check valve located in a pump injection fuel system?


67. This kind of condenser is designed so that the condensate leaves the condenser as near as possible to the temperature of the exhaust steam entering and latent heat is extracted only from the steam __________.


68. If the governor on a main propulsion diesel engine works irregularly with a jerking motion, a possible cause can be__________.


69. Which of the following term is given to a single rigid length of material usually supported horizontally to carry vertical loads?


70. When an air compressor is used to supply compressed air to outlets throughout the engine room and on deck of vessel it is called __________.


71. Swash plates in the boiler steam drum are installed to __________.


72. Which of the following statements regarding low pressure, reciprocating, air compressor is correct?


73. The total static head of a system against which a centrifugal pump must operate is the difference in elevation between the __________.


74. Oxygen corrosion in steaming boilers is usually of a localized corrosion known as __________.


75. A suction accumulator always has a/an __________.


76. Diesel oil should be pumped to the burners when __________.


77. If a centrifugal pump vibrates or is noisy when operating, the cause could be__________.


78. The suitable location of an impulse type steam trap would be in the __________.


79. Which of the following solvent is the safest for cleaning electric motors?


80. Hydraulic cranes must be properly warmed up before they are used because _______________________


81. Which of the following is not a function of steam atomization?


82. A continuous blow is used to _____________________.


83. Any water in the refrigerant of a Freon system could cause __________.


84. Turbulence in the combustion chamber of a diesel engine can be induced through ___________.


85. It is a boiler mounting that is used in cleaning boiler tube gas surfaces called __________.


86. The recommended lubricating oil for turbocharger must be a good turbine oil with a viscosity of __________.


87. Which of the following are anodic metal?


88. Which of the following conditions is most likely to cause water hammer in the potable water system?


89. It is the most important action to be done after receiving information from the barge master that the bunkering process is already completed..


90. It is the physical or chemical property of the fuel or diesel oil which contain the amount of heat released by the combustion of a mass of fuel?


91. The percentage of impurities in a specific fuel oil sample is determined by ________________.


92. The viscosity of a residual fuel oils is measured in Saybolt____.


93. It is the instrument used to determined the viscosity of the lubricanting oil.


94. A low or zero viscosity index given to an oil indicates a _______________.


95. During fueling operations, which of the listed precautions should be taken when topping off fuel tanks?


96. A high, 100 or 100 plus, viscosity index given to an oil indicates a ______________.


97. An oil additive used or added to keep oil fluid at low temperature is_________________.


98. With reference to bunkering operation the first step in safe bunkering is to_____________


99. The type of engine which uses high grade fuel is_________.


100. With respect to the refrigeration cycle, the low-pressure side is between the ______.


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