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1. It is defined as the resistance of fuel oil to flow:


2. It refers to the sediment -forming tendency of a manufactured- fuel when mixed with another fuel ______


3. What is meant by Calorific Value of a fuel oil?


4. What is the major potential safety hazard associated with petroleum products?


5. What are the main contaminants in fuels?


6. In thermal cracking of crude oil, what is the main aim of the conversion process?


7. Constant stream pressure can be maintained by:


8. What is the chemical reaction between the ash from the fuel and the refractory?


9. The method of laying up a boiler by emptying and cleaning it thoroughly on both the fireside and waterside is:


10. External and internal cleaning of boilers be carried-out before laying up the boiler in order to:


11. The purpose of maintaining an electrical lamp inside the boiler during a dry preservation method is to:


12. What is the characteristic that describes a scale forming impurities in boiler water?


13. Operating the boiler at low exhaust temperature will cause the boiler have?


14. Sealing-off the boiler after it has been generally filled with water and letting it to come out from the air vent during a vessel is laid up in warm climates in order to:


15. When the water level in a steaming boiler is dropping rapidly and cannot be kept at a normal level by standard practices, what action to be done:


16. An eight cylinder, four stroke cycle, single acting diesel engine has a 650 mm bore and a 1400 mm stroke. What will be the developed indicated metric horsepower if the average mean effective pressure is 30 kglcm2 at a speed of 100 RPM?


17. A seven cylinder, 2-strokelcycle, single acting diesel engine has a 750 mm bore and a 2000 mm stroke. What indicated power will be developed if the average mean effective pressure is 14.8 kglcm2 at a speed of 96 RPM?


18. What is the metric brake horse power developed per cylinder by an 83% efficient, six cylinder, two-stroke cycle diesel engine with a cylinder constant of 0.998 and a mean effective pressure of 15 kgcm2 at 100 RPM?


19. What is the average piston speed of a seven-cylinder, two-stroke/cycle diesel engine with a 580 mm bore and a 1700 mm stroke operating at 100 RPM?


20. The purpose of the furnace to be purged before the burner is lit off is to:


21. It retards the transfer of heat and longer time will be required to raise steam on the boiler because of:


22. What is the purpose of increasing the reset rate of a proportional plus reset controller?


23. What is the range values through which the input can be without initiating an output response:


24. The effect of the control action sensed by a controller in an automation system is:


25. The following which causes restriction occurring in the small orifices of pneumatic control system components is the:


26. The automatic controller operates to maintain in which value of the controlled variable:


27. A two position single point action controller that has been adjusted to minimize cycling is in what condition:


28. The term PLAN/33,000 is equal to the _________


29. The ratio of an output response to a specific change in input is called:


30. The type of meat box temperature control circuit as used in the ship service refrigeration system is:


31. What type of control modes with the inherent characteristic of offset?


32. What is the control action that produces a corrective signal relative to the speed at which the controlled variable is changing?


33. What is the meaning of a reset?


34. What cause to stops the movement of an electric powered cargo winch in the event of power failure during cargo loading operations?


35. The latent heat of water vapor in air is dependent upon the ______


36. What causes to damages the components of a winch master control switch if the cover gasket becomes deteriorated?


37. What is to be done first if an anchor windlass has been idle for some time?


38. Electric power preferred over mechanical driver heavy machinery on drilling rigs because it is:


39. What is the main purpose of an anchor windlass stopper?


40. Part of mooring winch which is the same to the anchor windlass:


41. The hydraulic circuit that is most likely favored for marine application is:


42. What type of ship in which the steam powered deck machinery is most popular?


43. What part of refrigerating unit in which heat compression is partially removed air? I- Intercoolers II- aftercooler III- compressor water jackets


44. The energy of the body which is dependent upon the body's mass and velocity is _________


45. Diesel engine indicator diagram measures 12.5 cm in length and has are of 22 cm2. What is the cylinder mean effective pressure if the spring used has a scale of 1.25 mm equals 1 kg/cm2.


46. Which of the listed chemicals will eventually reach the stratosphere and react unfavorably with ozone?


47. Diesel engine indicator P - V diagram, the cylinder mean effective pressure is calculated to be 21.3 kg/cm2 What is the scale of the spring used on the indicator if the diagram area is 18.46 cm2 with a length of 13 cm.


48. Diesel engine, after ignition of the fuel occurs, but before the piston reaches TDC, there is little change in the cylinder?


49. Types of marine engines have a combustion chamber located between a cylinder head and the crown of a piston:


50. Methods heat transfer takes place when two substances of different temperatures are in physical contact with each other is called:


51. Movement of heat within a fluid caused, by the application of thermal energy?


52. Action of water being circulated within a natural circulation boiler, is an example of what form of heat transfer:


53. Mechanical energy in transition is:


54. Modes of heat transfer does not require any physical contact between a warmer and a cooler substance:


55. What do you call the temperature at which an indication of wax crystals appears when lubricant or distillate fuel is cold?


56. In diesel engineering practice, the term used to express the ignition quality of a particular fuel is _________


57. The type of pumps that is generally used for small to medium discharge rate is ___


58. A coded section of the comprehensive list of operational section in the Oil record book is called ________. I- number II- abbreviation III- letter


59. Who must sign each completed page of the Oil Record Book?


60. Gasses in the boiler furnace is the most undesirable:


61. A lower boiling point of a refrigerant is caused by what condition?


62. Energy associated with molecules is known as


63. Energy associated with atoms forming molecules is:


64. Stopper is inserted into the spout of a closed container in which water has been heated to a temperature of 212:


65. Forms of energy is usually associated with the motion of large bodies:


66. Fuel is ignited in a diesel engine cylinder by_________


67. What do you understand about cofferdam?


68. Reserve buoyancy is the___________


69. The double bottom in a vessel is a space comprised of___________


70. In ship construction, the small plating is arranged in strakes, with four of the strakes being specifically identified name. The strake next to the keel is identified as the___________.


71. In a compartment that has been completely flooded, the greatest pressure will be exerted _________


72. In ships construction, which of the listed strengthening members act to support the deck?


73. Water pressure on the hull of the ship is greatest at the____________


74. The crack located in the shell plating or deck plating of the ship, may be temporarily prevented from increasing in length by__________________


75. Stern tube and strut bearings lined with hardwood or rubber composition materials are located with______________


76. The main operating characteristics of diesel engines which distinguishes them from other internal combustion engines is the____________


77. In diesel engines, the four basic events (intake, compression, power and exhaust) are performed once in a__________


78. Modern marine diesel engines equipped with mechanical fuel injection operate on a combustion phase within the cycle which is_______________


79. Which of the listed design features is most common to a two stroke/cycle low speed main propulsion diesel engines?


80. The thermal energy produced by an internal combustion engine is transformed into ______


81. The pressure in an operating diesel engine cylinder continues to rise for a short period after the piston passes top dead center as a result of the______________


82. Persistent knocking of one cylinder of a diesel engine ceases when the fuel supply to that cylinder is secured. This problem may be result in____________


83. During each power stroke, the average pressure exerted on a piston is termed _________


84. Exhaust gases in a two-stroke/cycle diesel engine are discharged through___________


85. A diesel engine indicator diagram has an area of 22 cm2 and a length of 12.5 cm. If the scale of the indicator springs is 1 mm= 1 kg/cm2, what is the cylinder mean effective pressure?


86. Why should the furnace be purged the burner is lit off?


87. Which of the following problems could develop due to accumulation of oil vapors in the crankcase of a diesel engine?


88. Which of the following governs the choice of suitable refractory material throughout the various parts of the boiler?


89. Crankcase explosions in propulsion diesel engines result from__________


90. What is the purpose of maintaining an electrical lamp inside the boiler during a dry preservation method?


91. If an engine diesel have been stopped because of piston seizure overheating, the crankcase _________


92. Why is the existence of even a minutely thin film of oil produces exactly the same bad effects as boiler scale?


93. How is dissolved oxygen in boiler feed water minimized?


94. Which type of corrosion is characterized by peeling/splintering of metal into thin, parallel layers?


95. A sample of boiler water can be chemically tested by the initially adding a few drops of a specific color indicator, then slowly titrating a standard solution into the water sample until ____


96. What is the primary purpose of a vessel


97. Which of the following may result in loss of suction of boiler feed pump?


98. In order for microbiological growths to thrive in fuel tank it is necessary for __


99. Fuels are produced in a refinery are generally sterile, however, contamination can occur as fuels are:


100. The microbiological growths that affect fuel supplies can easily be transported from one location to another by ________


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