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1. In a single furnace boiler, where is the steam typically cooled for use as auxiliary steam?


2. To prevent pulsations from developing in the boiler Feed water lines, the discharge side of a reciprocating feed pump is equipped with a/an __________.


3. When the boiler is operating at high firing rates, in addition to the generating tubes, which of the following tubes will also function as generating tubes?


4. The flash point of a residual fuel oil should be used to determine the __________.


5. In order for a maximum number of boiler generating and circulating tubes to be installed without weakening the tube sheet, which of the listed procedures should be carried out?


6. Which of the following methods is used to counter axial thrust in a single flow reaction turbine?


7. Corrosion due to electrolytic action in modern water-tube boilers is uncommon because __________.


8. Which of the following statements describes those portions of the piping maintained under positive pressure when a pressure-closed feed system is in operation?


9. Re-circulation of the feed water ensures a flow of water through the __________.


10. Which of the listed components would be considered the dividing line separating the condensate system from the feed water system?


11. When heating heavy fuel oil for use in main propulsion boilers aboard ship, the flash point may be exceeded only when __________.


12. The primary purpose of the sprayer plate in a mechanical atomizing oil burner is to __________.


13. The amount of sodium phosphate in treated boiler water can be measured by a/an __________.


14. If a ship with an automated engine room system develops a 'high' boiler water level at half speed, the __________.


15. Which of the following types of main propulsion turbines is most likely to require a dummy piston or cylinder arrangement to counterbalance axial thrust?


16. Longitudinal expansion of a boiler water drum is permitted by the __________.


17. Which of the components listed prevents water from flowing back into the auxiliary exhaust line if the deaerating feed tank becomes flooded?


18. Air removed from the main condenser is vented to the atmosphere through the __________.


19. Which of the pumps listed operates at constant speed and delivers water to the deaerating feed tank at a nearly constant pressure?


20. Which characteristic of fuel oil is the most significant when determining the temperature to which the fuel oil must be heated for proper atomization?


21. Condensate pumps have distinctly noticeable characteristics and can usually be recognized by their __________.


22. Which of the devices listed is used to keep overheated condensate from flowing to the deaerating feed tank?


23. Which of the following statements represents the purpose of boiler sliding feet?


24. The net positive suction head of a boiler centrifugal feed pump should be calculated over and above the __________.


25. Modern fuel oil temperature control devices are regulated to obtain a desired viscosity rather than a specific fuel oil temperature because __________.


26. In the hydraulically operated turbine gland seal regulator, illustrated, the device used as the gland seal pressure sensing unit is called a/an __________.


27. A test of boiler water for chloride content indicates the amount of __________.


28. The boiler feed water control valve varies the unity relationship between steam and water flow during periods of __________.


29. Gland sealing steam is used during steam turbine operation to prevent the loss of __________.


30. Low pressure steam is used to keep air from leaking into turbine casing along the turbine shaft. For this purpose, which of the following steam systems is used?


31. In a closed feed and condensate system, the drain from the second stage air ejector returns directly to the __________._


32. Which of the water supplies listed below is typically used as a cooling medium for the gland exhaust condenser, inter-condenser, and after-condenser of an air ejector unit?


33. The viscosity of a residual fuel oil is measured in Saybolt __________.


34. Relief valves in the fuel oil service system discharge to either the service pump suction or the __________.


35. Testing boiler water for chloride content will indicate the amount of __________.


36. If the entire pneumatic control to a multi-element Feed water regulator fails, the feed water valve is controlled by __________.


37. One advantage of installing water wall tubes in a boiler furnace is to __________.


38. Which statement listed represents a vital function of the main condenser?


39. Which of the listed conditions aids in directing gland leak-off steam from the low pressure propulsion turbine to pass through the gland exhaust condenser?


40. Heat introduced to the condenser by exhausting steam is removed by the circulation of __________.


41. What unit, or factor creates most of the vacuum within a tight and adequately cooled main condenser once the main engine is in operation?


42. The primary objective of the auxiliary exhaust system is to supply steam to the __________.


43. You should blow down a gage glass periodically to __________.


44. Fine adjustments to a boiler combustion control system, to bring about near perfect combustion, should be made by manually adjusting the __________.


45. The advantage of installing water wall tubes in a boiler furnace is to __________.


46. Steam drum water level indicators must be calibrated to compensate for density differences between the indicated drum water level, and the actual drum water level. If no compensation is made, the indicator will show a __________.


47. The main condensate pump in a steam propulsion plant discharges directly to the __________.


48. The set point pressure at which the first boiler safety valve is to lift is the __________.


49. Which of the boiler components listed receives Feed water and serves as an area for the accumulation of saturated steam?


50. Which of the listed boiler components is used to equalize the distribution of water to the generating tubes and provide an area for the accumulation of loose scale and other solid matter present in the boiler water?


51. When firing a boiler in local manual control, an increase in boiler load must be accompanied by a/an __________.


52. Design characteristics of a velocity-compounded impulse turbine include the utilization of __________.


53. Rows of tubes installed along the walls, floor, and roof of the furnace are called __________.


54. Which of the tube types listed can be considered to serve as downcomers at low firing rates, and as generating tubes at high firing rates on some boilers?


55. Which of the following actions should be taken to reestablish a 'blown' air ejector loop seal?


56. In most marine boilers, the primary reason the first few rows of generating tubes, called screen or furnace row tubes, are made larger in diameter than the rest of the generating tubes is because _________


57. The life of the furnace lining can be affected by, except __________.


58. A unit of measure used to express the chloride content of boiler water is __________.


59. Which of the following is not a devices that can be used to secure or hold furnace refractory in position?


60. When turbine rotor shafts extend through the casing, an external source of sealing steam is used in conjunction with labyrinth packing to __________.


61. A corbel in the furnace of a water-tube boiler is a fillet of plastic refractory used as a __________.


62. Nichrome wire is used when patching boiler furnaces for __________.


63. Which of the following statements is correct regarding the start-up operation of a non-condensing turbine driven feed pump?


64. In a main propulsion steam turbine installation, the condensate pump initially discharges to the __________.


65. Slagging of boiler furnaces is a slow progressive action which is accelerated by __________.


66. Which constituent of fuel oil determines the specific heat?


67. Which of the listed refractory materials is capable of providing structural stability?


68. Which of the following statements represents the function of insulating brick?


69. Which of the following statements represents the function of insulation block?


70. When operating with the auxiliary feed line, feed water flow is controlled __________.


71. Serious tube leaks in the air ejector condenser assembly will cause __________.


72. Except one of the following, the primary purpose of refractory mortar is __________.


73. Which of the following refractory materials contains a hydraulic-setting binder and develops strength without needing to be heated in a manner similar to concrete?


74. Pumps normally used for fuel oil service are __________.


75. A major difference between the two element and the three element feed water regulator control systems, is that a three element system will additionally measure and incorporate the __________.


76. Labyrinth seals used to reduce leakage around a turbine shaft are constructed of __________.


77. A corbel is used in a boiler furnace to __________.


78. Which of the following refractory materials is preferred for small repairs, particularly where standard size brick or tile cannot be used?


79. The cooling water flow from an air ejector inter-condenser and after-condenser is discharged directly into the __________.


80. As a general rule, for proper results castable fireclay must be air cured for __________.


81. Which of the significant combustible elements of fuel oil is a major source of boiler corrosion?


82. Which of the pumps listed is normally used in fuel oil service systems?


83. Phenolphthalein is used as an indicator to test boiler water for __________.


84. Where are moisture shields located in a main propulsion steam turbine?


85. Boiler refractory firebrick is secured to the casing by __________.


86. Which of the listed refractory materials will develop required strength only after being heated at a temperature of 1095


87. Makeup feed water is brought into an operating closed feed system via the __________.


88. Steam condensed in the air ejector inter-condenser, drains to the __________.


89. Due to of the curing characteristics of plastic refractory, its use should be avoided in __________.


90. In the event of a failure of the pneumatic control system, a multi-element feed water regulator is designed to operate as a __________.


91. An efficient seal is normally obtained between the upper and lower halves of a turbine casing by __________.


92. Which of the listed systems would be a potential source for the high pressure drain system?


93. How is boiler water forced to circulate faster in accelerated natural circulation boilers, than in free natural circulation boilers?


94. During initial starting of the standby turbine-driven boiler feed pump, which of the listed valves should remain closed?


95. The temperature of the fuel oil received during bunkering operations is critical in determining the __________.


96. A natural circulation water-tube boiler, with one or more water drums, would be classified as a/an __________.


97. The flash point of a residual fuel oil should be used to determine the highest temperature to which the oil may be heated __________.


98. In addition to a nozzle, a fuel oil atomizer uses which of the listed parts?


99. That portion of the steam drum, containing a manhole for internal access to the drum, for the purpose of cleaning, inspecting, and carrying out repairs, is called the __________.


100. Which of the following statements represents the major difference between a boiler drum and a header?


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