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1. To repair a small electrical motor that has been submerged in saltwater, you should __________.


2. If you are testing armature coils with a bar-to-bar test, a short circuit will be indicated by a __________.


3. A megohmmeter can be used to test for __________.


4. An AC circuit the capacitance is arranged in series. If the line voltage remains constant, the capacitive reactance value can be varied by changing the __________.


5. An electrical connection between the wiring of an electric motor and its metal frame is known as a/an ___________.


6. A device used in an electrical circuit to change alternating current to direct current, is known as a/an ___________.


7. The resistance value of a resistor in a circuit can best be determined by the __________.


8. Full-wave rectifier has one diode burned out in an open condition, what will be the output characteristics of the device?


9. The main difference between an electron tube and a transistor is the __________.


10. The point of operation for a saturable reactor in a power circuit is that at which __________.


11. While starting a main propulsion synchronous motor as an induction motor, the amp meter pegs out at maximum, and then returns to the proper value after synchronization. This indicates the __________.


12. Tightly knit metal braid wire can be used with a printed circuit board when __________.


13. Which of the following statements describes the significance of ambient temperature in relation to the service life of electronic components?


14. The third color band on a resistor is used to indicate the ___________.


15. An AC diesel generator, incapable of being paralleled with the main bus, normally employs an isochronous governor in order to __________.


16. The method used to produce electron emission in most vacuum tubes is known as __________.


17. An adjustable resistor whose resistance can be changed without opening the circuit in which it is connected is called a ___________.


18. A battery is connected to a circuit containing three resistors in parallel. The values of the three resistors are 2 ohms, 3 ohms, and 6 ohms. What is the voltage of the battery if the total circuit current is 12 amps?


19. Electric propulsion coupling excitation is reduced at slow speed to __________.


20. The leads from a megohmeter are attached to the leads of an AC motor field coil. A reading of infinity is obtained indicating a/an__________.


21. When using an ohmmeter to test a diode, you find a low resistance in both the forward and reverse bias directions. This indicates that the diode has a/an __________.


22. The purpose of a heat sink, as frequently used with transistors, is to __________.


23. In a logic circuit the NOR and NAND gate functions ___________.


24. The difference between the synchronous speed of an induction machine and its operating speed (slip) may be correctly expressed ___________.


25. A useful instrument for checking A.C. motor performance by measuring possible unbalanced currents is the __________.


26. One advantage of installing water wall tubes in a boiler furnace is to __________.


27. If the voltage applied to a moving disk frequency meter decreases while the applied frequency remains the same, the frequency indication will __________.


28. Which of the following statements concerning an analog device and a digital device is correct?


29. The number of cycles per second occurring in AC voltage is known as the __________.


30. A semiconductor that decrease in resistance with an increase in temperature in known as a __________.


31. An AC vessel, which of the following statements represents the most difficult problem involved in obtaining a DC potential suitable for use by computer components?


32. A capacitor discolored due to excessive heat, should be __________.


33. Electrical power is expressed in __________.


34. A resistor placed in parallel to the output of a power supply ___________.


35. Which of the following statements is true concerning polyphase synchronous propulsion motor?


36. One diode has burned out in full-wave rectifier in an open condition, therefore, the output will be __________.


37. As lube oil absorbs moisture, the oil __________.


38. The development of pinhole leaks where the boiler tubes enter the water drums and headers, may be evidence of ___________.


39. A replacement wire having twice the length and one-half the cross-sectional area of the original wire will have a resistance that is __________.


40. Which of the listed devices may be installed on a large turboelectric alternating current propulsion generator?


41. To avoid damaging the components of a printed circuit board when testing it with a DC volt-ohmmeter, you should __________.


42. Inductance is the property of an electric circuit that ___________.


43. When troubleshooting electronic equipment, the FIRST step to taken before testing the circuit voltage is to ___________.


44. When a solid-state component, of an electronic circuit, is attached to and surrounded by a metallic mass, the general purpose of that mass is to __________.


45. The propeller shaft speed in a turboelectric synchronous, propulsion drive motor is changed by varying the __________.


46. The output voltage of a three-phase alternator is regulated by the __________.


47. To conduct an in-circuit test of a transistor, you should use a/an __________.


48. In order to check the performance of a transistor removed from its circuit, the instrument to be used should be a/an __________.


49. Which of the following conditions can lead to the failure of a resistor?


50. A common-emitter circuit has an input voltage of 0.1 volt, an output voltage of 2.0 volts, an input current of 0.5 milliamps and an output current of 10 milliamps. What is the power gain?


51. Which of the listed devices is used to measure pressure and convert it into an electrical signal?


52. How many possible states does a logic circuit have?


53. When the current flow in a power transmission line is doubled, the power loss __________.


54. Which of the listed devices may be used as a digital device?


55. Materials that retain a large part of their magnetization after the magnetizing force is removed, is said to have a__________.


56. When replacing a power transistor fitted with a heat sink a circuit, a coating of silicone grease is applied between the transistor case and the heat sink. This is done to __________.


57. Common applications for the operational amplifier include __________.


58. Which of the following statements correctly applies to transistors?


59. A semiconductor is a material with a/an __________.


60. The basic control action of a magnetic amplifier depends upon __________.


61. An accidental path of low resistance, allowing to pass an abnormal amount of current is known as a/an ___________.


62. If the length of a wire is halved and the cross-sectional area is doubled, the resistance will be __________.


63. Which of the listed logic gates is considered to be a BASIC building block (basic logic gate) used in logic diagrams?


64. The direction of propeller shaft rotation in a turboelectric, synchronous , propulsion drive motor is changed by reversing the __________.


65. The cross-sectional area of shipboard electrical conductors is expressed in __________.


66. If a circuit has resistance of 5,10, and 20 ohms connected in parallel, what is the combined resistance of the circuit?


67. The function of a rectifier is similar to that of a ___________.


68. The RMS value of a sine-wave current may also be expressed as the ___________.


69. When you are choosing a battery for a particular application major consideration should be given to the battery


70. Which of the following statements represents the correct method of connecting the shunt of an ammeter prior to taking a reading?


71. A DC ammeter is always connected __________.


72. AC voltmeters are generally calibrated to read the ___________.


73. Loose commutator bars are best located by __________.


74. Which type of flux should be used when soldering wire connection?


75. An ohmmeter can be used to measure ___________.


76. The polarity of the pole pieces of a self excited DC generator has been lost. Properly flashing the field will result in __________.


77. External shunts are sometimes used with ammeters to __________.


78. When you are making a high potential test on a piece of repaired electrical machinery, a rise in leakage current indicates __________.


79. A megohmmeter is used to measure __________.


80. The power factor of an AC generator operating singularly, is determined by the __________.


81. With regards to an AC generator connected to the main electrical bus, as the electric load and power factor change, a corresponding change is reflected in a change of the generator armature reaction. These changes in armature reaction are compensated for by the __________.


82. An across-the-line starter is typically used for which of the following applications?


83. When using a megohmeter to test insulation, a continuous series of slight downscale kicks by the pointer is result of __________.


84. To correct reversed residual magnetism in a self-excited DC generator, you must __________.


85. Etched, or burned bands on the contact faces of the brushes in a direct current generator can be caused by __________.


86. The shunt used in an ammeter should be connected in ___________.


87. Brushes in a generator must be positioned in the neutral plane to avoid sparking between the brushes and the __________.


88. The purpose of squirrel-cage windings in a synchronous motor is to __________.


89. A hydrometer is used to measure the __________.


90. A generator has been exposed to water and is being checked for its safe operation. Therefore, it is necessary to __________.


91. To properly seat the brushes slip rings, you should use __________.


92. To carry out an insulation resistance test, one terminal of the megohmeter should be connected to the winding, with the other terminal being connected to the __________.


93. What type o rotor is used in split-phase motors?


94. One of the factors which can determine the need for insulation cleaning is __________.


95. The air gap in an induction motor should be checked periodically with a feeler gage to detect ___________.


96. A self-excited DC generator fails to come up to its normal 440 volts. The cause may be __________.


97. Electrical machinery insulation will break down more rapidly due to __________.


98. Sparking at the brushes of a DC generator can be the result of __________.


99. A grounded switch, or cable will be indicated by a megohmeter reading of __________.


100. An ammeter should be used to measure __________.


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