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1. A person referring to the stern sheets of a lifeboat is speaking of __________.


2. Frapping lines _________.


3. What is TRUE concerning frapping lines?


4. The tricing pendants should be released __________.


5. The purpose of the tricing pendants is to __________.


6. On open lifeboats, the purpose of the wire stretched between the davit heads is to


7. Lines passed around the falls to hold the boat while passengers are boarding are


8. Blocks and falls used as lifeboat gear must be designed with a minimum safety factor of __________.


9. Which statement is TRUE concerning lifeboat gripes?


10. When using a hand held smoke signal from a lifeboat, you should activate the signal __________.


11. Which item of lifeboat equipment would be most suitable for night signaling to a ship on the horizon?


12. The painter which is to be attached to the thwart of a lifeboat should __________.


13. The sea painter is secured in the lifeboat by __________.


14. The sea painter of a lifeboat should be secured __________.


15. In an open lifeboat, the lifeboat compass is usually __________.


16. Where should Lifeboat hatchets be kept?


17. Which represents the appropriate time for setting off distress flares and rockets?


18. When you are firing a pyrotechnic distress signal, it should be aimed at


19. When the survival craft is supplied with bottles of compressed air they are used for __________.


20. When inspecting a survival craft, you should check to make sure that the


21. The backup system on an electric start survival craft is a __________.


22. The air cylinder bottles in the survival craft should be refilled with __________.


23. With the sprinkler system and air system on and all hatches shut, the survival craft will provide protection from a __________.


24. The survival capsule is manufactured with fire retardant __________.


25. Aboard a survival craft, ether can be used to __________.


26. If the engine of a survival craft does not start, check to see __________.


27. The survival craft's engine is fueled with __________.


28. A right-handed propeller will cause the survival craft to __________.


29. Motor-propelled lifeboats are required to be fitted with which of the following?


30. The engine in a covered lifeboat is fueled with __________.


31. What is NOT a function of the air supply of a covered lifeboat?


32. With the air supply on, the air pressure in an enclosed lifeboat will be __________.


33. When operating the air supply system in a covered lifeboat the __________.


34. Most lifeboats are equipped with __________.


35. The sprinkler system of an enclosed lifeboat is used to __________.


36. The purpose of a water spray system on a covered lifeboat is to __________.


37. Which statement is TRUE concerning distress signals in a lifeboat?


38. On a lifeboat equipped with Rottmer-type releasing gear, turning the releasing lever releases __________.


39. How should the lifeboat sea painter be rigged?


40. When launching a lifeboat, the tricing pennants should be released __________.


41. In launching a lifeboat, when should the tricing pendants be released?


42. When lowering a boat with gravity davits, it will be pulled into the embarkation deck by the __________.


43. Which sequence is correct when launching a lifeboat stowed in gravity davits?


44. Upon hearing the abandon ship signal, you put on your life jacket and report to your station. After the cover is removed you board your open lifeboat. The FIRST thing to do is to


45. In rough weather, when a ship is able to maneuver, it is best to launch a lifeboat


46. Prior to lowering the lifeboat, the most important item to check is the __________.


47. When lowering lifeboats in heavy seas, a good practice is to rig frapping lines


48. When launching a lifeboat, frapping lines should be rigged __________.


49. What is the best procedure for picking up a lifeboat at sea while utilizing the lifeboat's sea painter?


50. When hoisting a boat on gravity type davits using an electric motor driven winch, the davit arms should be brought up __________.


51. When picking up a lifeboat at sea with way on the ship, the sea painter should be secured __________.


52. In launching a covered lifeboat, what would safely lower the lifeboat from inside the lifeboat cabin?


53. Which item is of the most use in getting a lifeboat away from a moving ship?


54. The sea painter of a lifeboat should be led __________.


55. When landing a lifeboat through heavy surf with a strong current running parallel to the beach (from right to left when facing from seaward) the recommended procedure is to __________.


56. If you must land on a beach with an oar-propelled lifeboat through a heavy surf, the recommended method is to __________.


57. You have abandoned ship and find yourself aboard a lifeboat in a heavy sea. Your boat is able to make way through the water. To prevent broaching, you should __________.


58. An "on-load" release system on a survival craft means the cable can be released __________.


59. The "off-load" release system on a survival craft is designed to be activated __________.


60. If the survival craft is not loaded to full capacity, the personnel should be __________.


61. When retrieving the survival craft, the helmsman should instruct the crewman to


62. When in command of a lifeboat under oars, the command "Backwater" means to __________.


63. If the steersman of your lifeboat gives the command "Way enough", you should


64. The command "Oars" means to __________.


65. The boat command that means complete the stroke and level the oars horizontally with the blades trimmed fore and aft is __________.


66. The length of the steering oar in a lifeboat is __________.


67. If the coxswain of your lifeboat gives the command "Hold water" you should __________.


68. A sweep oar is an oar that is __________.


69. The steering oar in a lifeboat is usually referred to as the __________.


70. What should be used to steer an open lifeboat if the rudder becomes lost or damaged?


71. Spreading oil on the open sea has the effect of __________.


72. When a sea anchor is used in landing stern first in a heavy surf, sternway is checked by __________.


73. You are in a lifeboat in a heavy sea. Your boat is dead in the water and unable to make way. To prevent broaching, you should __________.


74. In heavy seas the helmsman should steer the motor lifeboat __________.


75. Which davit type may be operated by one person?


76. The maximum speed of lowering for a lifeboat on gravity davits is controlled by the


77. What is the purpose of the limit switch on gravity davits?


78. Limit switches are used on which davits?


79. After the boat is at the top of the davit heads, the davit arms begin moving up the tracks and are stopped by the __________.


80. Limit switches __________.


81. You will find a limit switch on a __________.


82. Limit switches on gravity davits should be tested by __________.


83. When operating gravity davits, the __________.


84. What could be a result of insufficient lubrication of lifeboat winches and davits?


85. According to the SOLAS regulations, lifeboat falls must be renewed at intervals of how many years?


86. According to the regulations for lifeboat falls, which action must be taken at 30- month intervals?


87. The pivot pin at the base of a sheath-screw boom davit must be __________.


88. At a speed of 6 knots the fuel aboard a survival craft should last __________.


89. (A sea anchor is __________.


90. When a sea anchor for a lifeboat is properly rigged, it will __________.


91. When you stream a sea anchor, you should make sure that the holding line is


92. What is the purpose of limber holes?


93. Aluminum lifeboats are subject to damage by electrolytic corrosion (the aluminum being eaten away). In working around boats of aluminum you must be very careful __________.


94. In order to prevent galvanic corrosion, an aluminum boat must be insulated from the davits and gripes. Which of the following is acceptable as an insulator?


95. Stretchers are fitted in lifeboats to provide a __________.


96. The grab rail of a metal lifeboat is normally located __________.


97. The purpose of air tanks in a lifeboat is to __________.


98. The tops of the thwarts, side benches, and the footings of a lifeboat are painted which color?


99. In painting a lifeboat following its overhaul, which parts must be painted bright red?


100. In order for the automatic lifeboat drain to operate properly __________.


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