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1. If safety hazards are recognized and reported, appropriate action should be taken to minimize __________.


2. A place where the ventilation is not functioning on around the clock basis is the _________.


3. The safest place to do hot work in the engine room is in the _____.


4. The usual practice is avoided because it is prone to fire hazard is _______.


5. In electrical fires, the best extinguishing agent is ______.


6. The hard file generally used for finishing is the __________.


7. The statement that best defines depth of cut lathe work is __________.


8. In machine shop practice, a center gage is used for checking the angle of ____.


9. The main difference between a common lathe dog and a safety lathe dog is the latter ________.


10. The cause if there is a change in quality of fuel atomization by a diesel engine fuel injector is __________.


11. A multi-orifice fuel injection nozzle is usually used with what type of combustion?


12. An overhauling a jerk-type pump, you musty replace the pump plunger. The other must also be replaced is _________.


13. If the opening pressure of a diesel fuel injector is lower than that specified by the engine manufacturer, the _______.


14. Fuel oil to the diesel engine cylinder is atomized at the _________.


15. If the opening pressure of a diesel fuel injector is greater than specified by the engine manufacturer, the expected effect is ______.


16. Carbon deposits building up in and around the injection nozzle tip are least to occur when using what type of nozzle?


17. What causes faulty operation of diesel engine fuel injection nozzles?


18. The cause of defective fuel injection nozzles of diesel engine is _____.


19. The outcome if there is dirt lodged on the nozzle valve seat of a fuel injection nozzle is __________.


20. Alternation of the pump control rack in a fuel injection system having individual plunger-type pumps _________.


21. The machinery that is used to segregate impurities, remaining water, sludge and traces of acid from fuel is the ______.


22. A machine that is used to convert heat energy into mechanical work is a/an ____.


23. In a 4-stroke cycle engine, in what stroke when the product of combustion is discharged?


24. The type of engine when high-grade fuel mixed with air by a carburetor ad ignites it by an electric spark is a ___________.


25. The horsepower and speed capability utilized by the engine without interruption is the ________.


26. In a diesel engine, the fuel consumption is expressed in __________.


27. A sensitive device that automatically controls the speed of an engine which is the function of the ________.


28. The part that is common to both diesel and gasoline engines are _______.


29. The oil scraper ring of a 4 stroke engine piston is installed at the _____.


30. The refrigerating effect that is equal to the milting of 1 ton of ice in 24 hours is _______.


31. A ton of refrigerating is equivalent to________.


32. What is the temperature when the water changes from liquid to gas in marine boiler?


33. Inside the galley of a ship, which of the following types of compressor is being used in the refrigerator?


34. In refrigeration, what type of compressor is used when the driving motor is sealed in a dome?


35. The heat energy absorbed in the process of changing the form of a substance without any change in temperature or pressure is known as ______.


36. In a Freon-12 system flow, what part is installed between the filter drier and evaporator?


37. In a refrigeration cycle, the part that is found between the condenser and solenoid valve is the ______.


38. The condenser of provision refrigeration aboard ship is cooled by __________.


39. It is a ductile and malleable metal usually corroded by air or water is the _________.


40. The ability of a material to permanently deform without rupture under tensile load is called _________.


41. The characteristic of a material to suddenly break with little or no prior deformation is called __________.


42. The ability of metal to resists indentation, abrasion, wear and cutting is called ___________.


43. Which of the following is the property of a material that enables it to resists strain when stress is applied?


44. The material that composed of large amount of chromium and nickel is the __________.


45. Material that can be easily bent, cut and does NOT exhibit great tensile strength as compared with other materials is the _________.


46. A metal that has strong reaction to magnet is the ____________.


47. Metals usually used in machinery parts are stronger than mild steel is the _________.


48. The ferrous metal that is commonly used as cutting tools is the __________.


49. A metal alloy that is more resistant to corrosion is the _________.


50. Corrosion to resistant metal is an alloy with large amount of nickel and _______.


51. For marine use, which of these alloys is more resistant to acid and scaling?


52. A kind of iron that has a composition of about 93% iron is the __________.


53. The metal that is often used in coating food containers is the ____________.


54. The metal that is bolted to the ship’s hull to preserve the steel against pitting is the ___________.


55. A kind of metal that has a strong anodic potential in marine service is the ________.


56. Which of the following properties of a material has the ability to resists deformation usually by indention?


57. A property of metal that has the ability to resists being permanently deformed when a load is applied is ______.


58. The purpose of tempering is to make a metal ____________.


59. Reheating a hardened metal to a temperature lower than the temperature and then cooling it is known as ______.


60. The rate of heat transfer from the hot region to a cold region is affected most by the ___________.


61. When a metal is tempered, it becomes ___________.


62. The result of material after annealing is to make it ____________.


63. The result of material after annealing is to make it __________.


64. The process of reheating hardened steel to temperature lower than the hardening temperatures and then cooling it, it is termed ____________.


65. If steel is heated at a temperature a 850 deg. - 950 deg. Celsius and then cooling it slowly either the furnace or an insulated space is called ____________.


66. The kind of metal that is light, strong and corrosion-resistant usually used as plate material in plate-type heat exchanger is the _______.


67. The result when either of two bodies in motion is in contact with each other is called ________.


68. A kind of non-metallic minerals that can withstand very high temperatures and unaffected by steam, petrol paraffin, fuel oil and lubricants, is the _________.


69. The wearing away of corrosive metal by abrasion is called ______.


70. The reduction of metals by chemical or electro-chemical reactions within their surrounding is known as __________.


71. Often use as a joining materials for fresh and sea water pipes and also for water lubricated bearing is ________.


72. A hard brittle substance that is insoluble in water is the _______.


73. Bronze is an alloy of copper and _____________.


74. Brass is an alloy of copper and ____________.


75. The process of using zinc, a metal that is resistant to atmospheric corrosion when using as coating for protecting steel is called ______.


76. The vibration incurred by the main engine, is transferred to the hull of the ship by the ________.


77. The variable gas pressure within the cylinders and the connecting rod mechanism during the working cycle creates _______.


78. An excessive vibrations created by the main propulsion machinery are detrimental to the _________.


79. The maximum stress to which a material can be subjected without causing permanent deformation is called _________.


80. The maximum stress applied to rupture a material is called _________.


81. The amount of internal force on which a material resists a change in shape is known as ________.


82. One of these statements is correct concerning welding sequence, it is _______.


83. The procedure to ensure a good weld, post heating is required whenever an arc weld repair is made ________.


84. If welding or burning with oxygen-acetylene, the acetylene, the acetylene working pressure must not exceed ________.


85. In securing an oxyacetylene cutting outfit for an extended period, you should close the ______.


86. The steps you should do when using an oxyacetylene outfit for welding, is to _________.


87. Regarding oxyacetylene welding outfit, each cylinder has a regulator and two pressure gages. One pressure gage indicates cylinder pressure and the other is used to indicate which the ________.


88. If welding is being done on mold steel with a shielded metal-arc electrode and getting only shallow penetration, you should _______.


89. Soft solders have relatively low melting points and consist mainly of _________.


90. When solders are used for joining metals surfaces, should have a ________.


91. If other elements are added to iron during the refining process, the resulting metal is termed _________.


92. The product of remelting a pig iron and scrap iron in a furnace and removing some of the impurities from the molten metal by using various fluxing agents is called ___________.


93. The metals usually used in incandescent lights aboard ship are the _______.


94. A material usually used in grinding wheel aboard ship is the _______.


95. The composition of Babbitt metal includes __________. I – Tin II – Lead III – Antimony IV – Copper


96. The fusion of two metals joined together to produce a strong bind as one metal is called _______.


97. The factor that governs the intensity of heat required for any given welding job is _________.


98. If maintenance is undertaken at sea, the engine personnel shall take precaution to ________.


99. If an area is made slippery by snow during bunkering and fixing the hose connection on deck, the material that should be spread over the snow is ________.


100. With no permission of the master and chief engineer officer, no console alarms should be ________.


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