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1. When do pistons is said to be at top dead center?


2. What will happen to the fuel injection nozzle if the needle valve sticks open?


3. What will happen to the engine if air in the fuel lines to the fuel injection nozzles of a diesel engine?


4. Which of the following device adds to the energy of a liquid or gas causing an increase in its pressure and perhaps a movement of the fluid?


5. When the vessel accidentally collided with another vessel during maneuvering with a pilot onboard who is to be blamed for damages?


6. The Port State Control Officer during abandon ship should observe the following EXCEPT ______.


7. What will happen to the end of the rings in stuffing boxes when you replace a packing ring of reciprocating pump piston rods?


8. In boiler fuel oil service lines strainers are install to ____________.


9. Which of the following usually equip with a spark arrestor in the diesel engine exhaust mufflers?


10. On a simple harmonic motion the time taken for one full oscillation is ____________


11. The cause of feed water flowing in the second-stage in a two-stage flash evaporator is ________.


12. What kind of contamination in refrigeration system wherein the reclamation process unable to separate?


13. In the 2-stage flash- type distilling plant operation, a pump to be emitted to the second shell in order to remove its vapors from the pump suction is ___________.


14. What do you call a theory which refers to isentropic compression in an engine in thermodynamic?


15. Where can we find the highest salt concentration in a flash evaporator?


16. A refrigeration system component where super heating of the refrigerant take place?


17. What kind of evaporator wherein brine density control is most important.


18. Which of the following refrigerants in vapor compression refrigeration system originated primarily from this based molecule?


19. What kind of heat transfer takes place when energy moves directly from molecules to molecule?


20. In what condition a refrigerant enters the compressor in refrigeration system?


21. It is a process where throttling the refrigerant through the expansion valve in a vapor refrigeration cycle?


22. In order to assess the low pressure cut out an action to be done in pumping down an automatically controlled R-22 air conditioning compressor is ___________.


23. In refrigeration system when the compressor runs continuously it indicates ________.


24. What process generally carried out when the speed decrease of engine and injecting it via spray orifice to clean turbo charger and connecting a portable hose to domestic fresh water system?


25. It is a equipment that adds energy of a liquid or gas causing an increase in its pressure and a movement of the fluid?


26. To avoid damage of burner tip nut in the barrel it needs to ___________.


27. When using a steam atomizer in an auxiliary boiler in order for the fuel oil to atomize there must be an ______________.


28. The boiler water gauge glasses be blown down is the best appropriate action to do _______________.


29. It is a tool considered a hydraulic system directional control valve?


30. On a hydraulic system the result in setting the relief valve opening pressure lower than the necessary operating pressure is _________.


31. What condition is the best result in increasing a hydraulic oil viscosity?


32. In a fire room if cold air rushes into the furnace and hot gasses rise-up stack, means it’s a __________.


33. What is the equivalent of 212 degrees Fahrenheit into Celsius?


34. Refined lubricant base oil properties are greatly influenced by what factor?


35. What is the reason why many diesel engines have pistons with concave heads?


36. Lubricant base oil generally exhibit boiling points above ________ .


37. Which one is the disadvantage of a two-stroke/cycle diesel engine?


38. Which type of crude oil that contains asphaltic material but little or no wax?


39. What is the reason why positive displacement helical gear pumps fits well for pumping oil?


40. What is meant by solvent extraction?


41. Crude oils are roughly classified as ______ .


42. Which one is NOT a positive displacement pump?


43. Base oil combination are selected to meet ______


44. Friction modifiers or “Oiliness additives” will _________..


45. What type of hydrocarbon having good chemical stability with higher viscosity index and low pour point?


46. Which type of hydrocarbon that has poor chemical stability, low pour point with moderate viscosity index?


47. Some of the principal molecular structures present in mineral oils are the following EXCEPT _______ .


48. What will happen if the discharge pressure of a rotary pump is increase from the normal range of 50PSI to 300PSI?


49. The capacity of a rotary pump to lessen is an increase in ___________.


50. What is the reason why advancing the discharge pressure of a rotary pump delivering a constant viscosity fluid reduces?


51. Lubrication may be classified into the following categories EXCEPT ______ .


52. It’s a kind of lubrication in which a considerable degree of contact occurs between the mating surfaces _________ .


53. What is the main criterion for fluid lubricants operating under hydrodynamic condition?


54. In what way does a direct acting mechanical governor if used in some small diesel engines, controls its fuel flow?


55. In an engine cylinder supplying or charging of fresh air ready for compression is called_________.


56. The wear taking place at the ends of the reduction gear teeth cause __________.


57. Which of the following can we find both mechanical and hydraulic governors?


58. It consist of two equivalent forces along separate parallel lines of action acting in opposite directions is called _________.


59. When an indicator diagram from engine shows that the compression, combustion and expansion lines are all too low, its exhaust temperature too high and the engine output is too low, the best possible cause of this condition is _____________?


60. Why should Extreme Pressure additives only be used on ferrous metal surfaces?


61. What is the best action to be done if one unit of vessel steering hydraulic pump failed?


62. What is the most important property of a lubricating oil for reciprocating air compressor?


63. What is the effect failure of turbo-charger is observe?


64. What is the cause of build-up of contaminants in the turbocharger?


65. What precaution must be done to prevent engine further damage, if failure of turbo-charger is observe?


66. What is the single most important element for a gear oil?


67. What is the effect of reaction turbine to the steam as it moves across the moving blades?


68. The following are the parameters in determining the quality of fuel EXCEPT __________.


69. Which of the following below are the classes of fuel oil?


70. In what type of equipment is low pour point and good wax depositing important?


71. The least amount of temperature which vapor in the application of a flame in a specified apparatus would cause momentary ignition?


72. Why is that fuel oil should be heated?


73. Which of the following is NOT attributed to high wear rate of piston rings and cylinder liners of an engine due to corrosion?


74. What do you call a distance travelled made by the propeller through the water in one revolution equal to its pitch minus a slippage?


75. The following shall check in port by watch keepers EXCEPT________.


76. Before a crew enters a closed confined space and you are the officer in charge, make sure that oxygen in that space is not less than ________.


77. What should you do when abandoning a ship, after launching the motor lifeboat?


78. In what level does the engine cadet belong under the STCW Convention?


79. In what level does the oiler belong under the STCW Convention?


80. In what level does the OIC-NW belong under the STCW Convention?


81. When should the ropes be release in automatic self-tensioning mooring winches?


82. Which of the following factor led to the replacement of steam-powered machineries by hydraulic operated deck machineries?


83. What is the function of Fuel oil atomizer in the boiler?


84. Which of the following should be secured after shutting off the fuel in the boiler?


85. A good procedure in reassembling a high pressure boiler gage glass in the absence of the manufacturer’s instruction is to tighten the nuts in pairs and _________.


86. If he has reason to doubt the accuracy of the water level as shown in the boiler gage glass, action should be taken by the engineer on watch?


87. What do you call a hydraulic fluid flow control circuit, controlling linear actuator speed, with the pump operating below maximum operating pressure?


88. What do you call a hydraulic fluid flow control circuit, controlling linear actuator speed during retraction with the pump operating at above maximum pressure?


89. After an extended shutdown in order to start a large, low-speed, main propulsion diesel engine on high viscosity fuel, the ________________.


90. The main source of fuel injection system malfunction is _________.


91. Which one problem listed below is the main source of fuel pump and injection system malfunctions?


92. Where you can expect a trouble if the diesel engine runs out of fuel?


93. Why a fire main system should be flushed with fresh water?


94. Each fire hydrant is required to have at least one spanner wrench and at least one ________.


95. The fire main outlet valves or hydrants should be installed _____________.


96. In a engine room a fire station is require by regulations to have ________.


97. What is required in the diesel propelled vessels when fuel oil transfer systems used onboard?


98. What do you call the lowest temperature in which the marine fuel oil can be handled without excessive amount of crystal wax forming out or solutions?


99. A material use as seals in place of bronze wearing in seawater pumps and resistance to erosion is _________.


100. When the ship is inclined by forces within the ship, it is said to be _____________.


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