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1. Where would you expect to find climatological and meteorological tables for the Gulf Coast area?


2. Where would you find information about the time of high tide at a specific location on a particular day of the year?


3. Where would you find information concerning the duration of slack water?


4. Where would you obtain data on currents for areas of the world not covered by the U.S. National Ocean Service?


5. Which agency maintains federal aids to navigation?


6. Which agency publishes the Light Lists?


7. Which aid is NOT marked on a chart with a magenta circle?


8. Which Beaufort force indicates a wind speed of 65 knots?


9. Which buoy is NOT numbered?


10. Which buoy may be even numbered?


11. Which buoy may be odd numbered?


12. Which buoy may be odd numbered?


13. Which change in the condition of the seas could indicate the formation of a tropical storm or hurricane several hundred miles from your location


14. Which cloud commonly produces a halo about the Sun or Moon?


15. Which cloud type is normally associated with thunderstorms?


16. Which compensates for errors introduced when the vessel heels over?


17. Which compensates for induced magnetism in the horizontal soft iron of a vessel?


18. Which condition exists at the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere?


19. Which condition exists in the eye of a hurricane?


20. Which condition indicates that you are in a hurricane's dangerous semicircle in the Northern hemisphere?


21. Which condition indicates that your radar needs maintenance?


22. Which condition suggests that your present position lies in the navigable semicircle of a tropical storm?


23. Which condition will occur after a cold front passes?


24. Which condition would most likely result in fog?


25. Which condition would NOT indicate the approach of a tropical storm?


26. Which condition(s) is(are) necessary for the formation of dew?


27. Which conic projection chart features straight lines which closely approximate a great circle?


28. Which correction(s) must be applied to an aneroid barometer?


29. Which current is responsible for the movement of icebergs into the North Atlantic shipping lanes?


30. Which current would you encounter on a direct passage from London, England, to Cape Town, South Africa?


31. Which current would you encounter on a direct passage from southern Africa to Argentina, South America?


32. Which data must ECDIS be able to record at one-minute intervals?


33. Which daymark has no lateral significance?


34. Which error is NOT included in the term "current" when used in relation to a fix?


35. Which factor has the greatest effect on the amount of gain required to obtain a fathometer reading?


36. Which factor(s) is/are used to develop the charted information of a lighthouse?


37. Which general statement concerning radar is FALSE?


38. Which general weather conditions should you expect to find in a low pressure system?


39. Which government agency publishes the U.S. Coast Pilot?


40. Which indication on the barometer is most meaningful in forecasting weather?


41. Which information does the outer ring of a compass rose on a nautical chart provide?


42. Which information is found in the chart title?


43. Which information is NOT provided in broadcasts by the National Institute of Standards and Technology?


44. Which instrument is used to measure the relative humidity of the air?


45. Which instrument is used to predict the approach of a low pressure system?


46. Which is a characteristic of the weather preceding an approaching warm front?


47. Which is a nonadjustable error of the sextant?


48. Which is a weekly publication advising mariners of important matters affecting navigational safety?


49. Which is an inferior planet?


50. Which is NOT a side of the celestial navigational triangle?


51. Which is TRUE of a downbound power-driven vessel, when meeting an upbound vessel on the Western Rivers?


52. Which kind of conditions would you observe as the eye of a storm passes over your vessel's position?


53. Which light characteristic may be used on a special purpose mark?


54. Which light combination does NOT indicate a navigational channel passing under a fixed bridge?


55. Which light signal indicates that you have permission to enter a lock on the Ohio River?


56. Which light signal indicates that you may approach the lock?


57. Which list of clouds is in sequence, from highest to lowest in the sky?


58. Which meteorological feature controls the climate of the Gulf and the Gulf Coast area during late spring and summer?


59. Which nautical charts are intended for coastwise navigation outside of outlying reefs and shoals?


60. Which navigational mark may only be lettered?


61. Which ocean current is "warm" based on the latitude in which it originates and on the effect it has on climate?


62. Which of the buoys listed below could be used to mark an anchorage?


63. Which of the following are data layer categories to be displayed on ECDIS?


64. Which of the following is a standard correction for an aneroid barometer?


65. Which of the following is associated with consistently high barometric pressure?


66. Which of the following is NOT a form of precipitation?


67. When slanted letters are used to spell the name of a charted object you know the __________.


68. When taking an amplitude, the Sun's center should be observed on the visible horizon when __________.


69. When taking stars, those bodies to the east and west will __________.


70. When the declination of the Moon is 0°12.5'S, you can expect some tidal currents in Gulf Coast ports to __________.


71. When the equation of time is taken from the Nautical Almanac for use in celestial navigation, it is used to determine __________.


72. When the moon is at first quarter or third quarter phase, what type of tides will occur?


73. When the moon is new or full, which type of tides occur?


74. When the Moon's declination is maximum north, which of the following will occur?


75. When the navigational channel passes under a fixed bridge, the edges of the channel are marked on the bridge with what lights?


76. When the time is based on the movement of the visible Sun along the ecliptic the time is known as __________.


77. When there are small differences between the heights of two successive high tides or two low tides, in a tidal day, the tides are called __________.


78. When trying to sight a lighthouse you notice a glare from a town in the background. The range at which the light may be sighted due to this glare is __________.


79. When using a buoy as an aid to navigation which of the following should be considered?


80. When using a Lambert conformal chart in high latitudes, angles such as bearings are measured in reference to __________.


81. When using a mechanical (windup type) marine chronometer, how often should it be reset?


82. When using an echo sounder in deep water, it is NOT unusual to __________.


83. When using GPS without Selective Availability, you may expect your horizontal accuracy to be better than __________.


84. When using GPS, how many theoretical position lines are required for a two-dimensional fix?


85. When using horizontal sextant angles of three objects to fix your position, an indeterminate position will result in which situation?


86. When using the ARPA in heavy rain, which action should you take?


87. When utilizing a Pacific Coast chart, the reference plane of soundings is __________.


88. When warm moist air blows over a colder surface and is cooled below its dew point, the result is __________.


89. When within 300 miles of a named tropical storm or hurricane, it is standard practice to send weather reports every __________.


90. When you are steering on a pair of range lights and find the upper light is above the lower light you should __________.


91. When you turn on the fast time constant (differentiator) control of a radar it will __________.


92. When your barometer reading changes from 30.25 to 30.05 in a 12- hour period it indicates __________.


93. When your vessel is on or near the path of an approaching tropical storm the __________.


94. When your vessel is on the storm track but behind the storm's center the __________.


95. Where are the prevailing westerlies of the Southern Hemisphere located?


96. Where can information about the currents for the Pacific Coast of the U. S. be obtained?


97. Where do you find the semidiameter correction to be used to correct sextant observations of the stars?


98. Where is the dangerous semicircle located on a hurricane in the Southern Hemisphere?


99. Where is the pivot point of a towboat with a tow ahead?


100. Where will you find information about the duration of slack water?


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