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1. The type of bearing installed on the main bearing of a diesel engine is the ________.


2. The kind of bearings installed on the connecting rod journal of a diesel engine is the _________.


3. The bearing installed in the engine room supply blowers is _____.


4. The sea painter of an inflatable liferaft should be _______.


5. An oil fog lubrication system is recommended for ________.


6. If emergency repair must be made to the upper area of the fuel tank, the tank and/or adjacent compartments may need to be _____________.


7. Which of the following weld faults can only be detected by a method that examines the internal structures of a weld?


8. What is the equivalent tonnage of a refrigeration system rated at 48,000 BTU/hr?


9. What defects of weldments is cause by water vapor, oil or grease in the weld puddle?


10. When new section of shell plating is being installed, the proper weld sequence must be followed to____________.


11. At which of the listed tank locations should you obtain oxygen content readings prior to tank washing?


12. Which of the wrenches listed is least likely to slip off a bolt head or nut?


13. A transfer pump which delivers the fuel to the high pressure injection pump is called __________.


14. A delivery valve in a port and helix fuel injection pump is designed to ____.


15. Fuel oil begins injection into the cylinder of a four-stroke cycle diesel engine during the ___________.


16. It is the point about which a ship heels and trims?


17. It is called the vertical partitions in a ship which are arranged transversely of fore and aft?


18. It is the point at which all the vertically upward forces of buoyancy are considered to be concentrated


19. It is the point at which all the vertically downward forces of weight are considered to be connected?


20. It is the distance from the waterline to the upper deck?


21. It is the term which means the dimension of the structural items of a ship such as frames, girders and plating, etc.?


22. It is the ratio of the volume that is loadable to the total volume is called _______ of the space.


23. What do you call the horizontal planes in the hull of the ship?


24. What do you call the imaginary line drawn perpendicular to the waterline at the point where the forward edge of the stem intersects the summer load line is called ______.


25. It is the rise of the deck in going from the side to the center is called the ___________.


26. It is the difference between the draughts forward and aft.


27. What is the longitudinal inclination of a ship measured by the difference between the draughts forward and aft ?


28. What do you call the part of a vessel that makes the greatest contribution to the longitudinal strength of the ship’s structure?


29. It is the vertical weld in the shell plating.


30. Which is very crucial to ship stability?


31. If a vessel's upper deck area undergoes maximum tensile stress and the bottom area is in the maximum compressive stress the situation is called _________.


32. The round of beam is the same as the _________.


33. It is the inclination of the ship in the transverse direction, measured in degrees?


34. How do you call the position of a ship when she is inclined by an external force is called__________.


35. It is the transverse angle of inclination of a vessel.


36. An imaginary line perpendicular drawn to the waterline at the point where the aft side of the rudder post meets the summer load line is called __________.


37. If the ship is inclined by forces within the ship, it is said to be ________.


38. It is the distance from the lowest point of the keel below the waterline to the water line?


39. It is a scale of values of TPI, MTI, Displacement and deadweight for all drafts.


40. It is the upward vertical support supplied by the liquid in which the vessel is floating?


41. Different movement of waves along a ship that causes fluctuations in water pressure on the plating is called ______.


42. It is the curvature of the deck in a longitudinal direction measured between the deck height at midships and the particular point on the deck.


43. Which of the following is similar to deadrise?


44. The other term for deep tanks and peak tanks are always filled by pumping the water into them.


45. What do you call the mass, which must be loaded or discharged to change the ship’s mean draft by 1 cm ?


46. It is the displacement of the ship when complete and ready for sea but with no crew, passengers, baggage, stores, fuel, water or cargo on board is called ______.


47. It is the surface area covered by the floating vessel gauged by taking the measurements from the whole waterline .


48. What do you call the vertical distance between the actual or permissible waterline and the upper surface at side of the deck to which it is to be measured?


49. The weight of a vessel in long tons when fully loaded is called ________.


50. It consists of vertical stiffeners, either of bulb plate or deep-flanged web frames, which are attached by brackets to the deck beams and the flooring structure.


51. The horizontal weld in the shell plating is called_______


52. It is often fitted adjacent to the machinery spaces amidships to provide ballast capacity, improving the draft with little trim when the ship was light?


53. Which part of the ship keeps the water out and provide the displacement of water, hence the up-thrust, to keep the ship afloat.


54. Who will be consulted on draught of vessel and trim required before getting into the drydock?


55. It is the plan carried on board the vessel during drydocking which shows the recommended positions for the keel blocks and shores.


56. The statutory regulation is governed by _______.


57. What period of time for the cooling process to obtain a full anneal of steal if done in the furnace?


58. During the annealing process what happens to the surface once the steel is over-heated, its surface will ________.


59. What do you call the process of holding a metal at a constant temperature for a specified time?


60. What is the main source of chemical contaminants in hydraulic fluid?


61. A variable gas pressure during the working cycle within the cylinders and connecting rod mechanism generates _______ vibration.


62. What do you call the utmost stress material can be subjected without causing permanent deformation?


63. What do we call the maximum stress to be applied to rupture a material?


64. What do you call a single rigid length of material which is supported horizontally to carry vertical loads?


65. What is the ability of a material to permanently deform without rupture under tensile load?


66. Which joining material is used for fresh and sea water pipes and also for water lubricated bearings?


67. What do you call a hard brittle substance which is insoluble in water?


68. What composes alloy bronze?


69. Which of the following composes alloy-brass?


70. Which of the following procedure is used as a coating for protracting steel, where zinc has a good resistance to atmospheric corrosion?


71. Which of the following is a non-metallic organic materials can be casted to shape that will undergo a heat pressure?


72. Welding or burning job with an oxygen-acetylene, its acetylene working pressure must NOT exceed ______.


73. A must to be closed when securing an oxyacetylene cutting outfit for an extended period:


74. Using active flux during oxy-acetylene welding operation has a main function. It is in order to________.


75. What welding method used in the construction of ships where in all kinds of possible positions can be done during welding job?


76. The “arc” is maintained between the filler wire and the plate to be welded, which of the following is considered the most efficient for heavy deposits at fastest speed electric welding?


77. What welding process complete with a carbon or metal electrode that can be shielded or unshielded?


78. What is an ACCURATE statement regarding welding sequence?


79. In doing welding mild steel with a shielded metal-arc electrode hence getting only shallow penetration should be ___________.


80. Which effective welding job to be used in triangular sections external to the metal piece being welded?


81. Which of the following is considered the strongest that can be subject to tensile pull is the process of welding where the joint metal plates are in the same place?


82. During ship construction after alignment or prior a full jointing or welding, the kind of welding used in holding plates consign is _______.


83. What do we call a procedure use in jointing a large steel section such as stern frames or repair of casting or forging?


84. Which one is the cause of weld fault called”lack of fusion” seen during arc welding operation?


85. Which one is the cause of weld fault called “porosity” happens in an oxy-acetylene welding operation


86. Who are authorized personnel to decide on the kind of electrodes to be used in jointing specific parts of the vessel during ship construction?


87. What is the material that can be drilled at the maximum speed?


88. Which of the following is being used in cutting external pipe threads?


89. What is the best hacksaw blade to be used in cutting brass?


90. A flat chisel is used properly for___________.


91. What is the chisel to be used in cutting a keyway?


92. A lathe dog, fitted with a headless set screw is known as a ___________.


93. The proper way to use a lathe crotch center to drill an oil hole in a bushing, you should mount the crotch center in the ______.


94. In machining a work held between lathe centers, and the lathe centers begin to squeal, you should first _________.


95. Work that cannot readily be mounted between lathes centers is usually held in a __________.


96. The type of fits used in assembling a rotating shafts and bearing is the _____.


97. The type of fits be observed when assembling the end bell and housing of an electric motor is the _________.


98. What type of fits is necessary in the assembly of mating parts with the use of hydraulic press?


99. The precautions you should do in using the hydraulic press to prevent damage of parts is _________.


100. If the load is increased on a bearing, the distance between the surfaces will be _______.


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