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1. Which of the following instruments has its reading independents of the waveform and frequency of the A.C. Supply?


2. Which of the following instruments is equally accurate on D.C. as well as AC circuits?


3. Induction watt-hour meters are free from ______.


4. Given the following color codes Brown, White, Orange & Red. Find the value of resistor.


5. A resistor has a value of 1.2 Ω +/-5%. It will be coded as ________.


6. Resistors with high value usually have lower wattage ratings because of ________.


7. Production of a steady stationary display of a signal waveform on the scope screen is due to __________.


8. A square wave consists of _____________.


9. Non-sinusoidal waveforms are made of ___________.


10. If the bulk resistance is zero, the graph above the knee becomes _______.


11. How much is its instant voltage at 90 degrees, if a sine wave voltage varies from 0-200 V?


12. How do you describe the relation of the voltage across an indicator to its current?


13. Covers for lighting fixtures shall have adequate space and shall be so located that the lamps and equipment can be properly installed and ___________.


14. What are the common voltages used on lighting purposes on board ship? I. 110 II. 220 III. 440


15. A lighted pilot light at propulsion station indicates steer motor is _______.


16. Emergency lightings aboard ship should be ____________.


17. What should you do if a 15-A fuse is blown frequently on a house lighting circuit?


18. One favourable economic factor in the transmission of power at high voltages is the _________.


19. The letters T.P.D.T. identify a ________.


20. A limit switch is used to shut off the power when __________.


21. High-voltage switches used in power plants have their contacts submerged in oil. The main purpose of the oil is to __________.


22. Which type of toggle switches commonly used on lighting circuits?


23. Differential relays are installed to protect the equipment against ______.


24. As per installation practice, recommended minimum mounting height of a socket outlet from floor level is ________.


25. A CO2 fire extinguisher is specifically useful for putting out fires started by _____.


26. The colour of the neutral of a 3-core flexible cable is ________.


27. The blue colored wire of a 3-core flexible cable is the ________.


28. Which of the following is a mineral-insulated metal-sheathed (MIMS) cables?


29. Newly-completed lighting equipment is always subjected to high voltage test in order to _________.


30. According to regulations the capacity of a general emergency alarm system feeder fuse must be at least __________.


31. An electric bonding cable is used on tankers to prevent an explosion due to inflammable vapors. When is the proper time to connect this bonding cable?


32. Regulations permit which of the listed types of fuses to be used in an interior lighting circuit?


33. Regulations prohibit the use of portable electric cord or fixture wire aboard ship if that wire or cord is smaller than __________.


34. Regulations require each switchboard to have __________.


35. Regulations require that lighting fixture globes must be protected by guards if the fixtures are located in the __________.


36. Regulations require the temporary emergency electrical power source onboard a tank vessel, over 1600 gross tons, and on a coastwise voyage to be able to supply power to each __________.


37. Regulations requires that each electrical receptacle is to have a grounding pole, but only if it __________.


38. The kind of working gloves that should be used onboard when working on electrical jobs to avoid shock is a _____________.


39. The safest electrical instrument to use in taking the current even without switching off or opening the circuit is a/an ____________.


40. The safety gadget to use when testing the specific gravity of storage battery water is ___________.


41. According to Regulations the motor controller for a submersible electric motor driven bilge pump should be installed __________.


42. Regulations require each motor controller to have a wiring diagram located __________.


43. Regulations require that an indicating light at the engine control station will operate if overloading or overheating occurs in a __________.


44. In accordance with regulation, receptacles for refrigerated containers must __________.


45. Which of the following statements regarding regulations is correct concerning electric engine order telegraphs?


46. In accordance with regulations, 'corrosive location' means a/an __________.


47. According to regulation, which of the following systems must be arranged so as to be energized by emergency power supply in case of power failure?


48. The source of emergency lightning and power at loss of normal-ship’s power on a cargo vessel should be obtained from the _____________.


49. International regulation states that continuous trickle charge supplied from the ship’s service power system, is required for batteries supplying power to the __________.


50. International regulations require that a remote stop/start button for engine room bilge pump shall be located at _____________.


51. International regulations require a continuous trickle charge is to be applied from the ship’s service power system for batteries supplying power to the ___________.


52. As per Regulation, which of the below listed items is the only permissible starting aid for the emergency diesel generator engine?


53. According to Regulations, how often shall internal combustion engine driven emergency generators be operated under load?


54. Federal regulation requires the circuit to ______________.


55. What would you use when you are required to check the p.f. of an electrical load? No p.f. meter is available?


56. Which of the following sets of AC instruments may be used to find p.f. of a single-phase motor?


57. Which of the following statements best describes a non-triggered oscilloscope?


58. What should you use for proper connection of a 1-Ф wattmeter to a circuit?


59. What is the unit of measurement used in the current sensitivity of a meter box?


60. The basic meter movement can be converted into an ohmmeter by connecting with it a ______.


61. The D'Arsonval meter movement can be converted into an audio-frequency ac ammeter by adding to it a ______.


62. How many percent of the rated current present in the coil of a linear meter if half-scale deflection occurs?


63. What would you connect when measuring voltage across an electrical load?


64. A DC voltmeter may be used directly to measure __________.


65. High AC voltages are usually measured with __________.


66. Under normal operation, the instrument which is least effective in indicating that an alternator may overheat because it is overloaded is a/an _________.


67. A moving-coil instrument can be used to measure __________.


68. What are the instruments used in measuring large currents in DC circuits?


69. Aside from using a voltmeter in taking voltage measurements, what other instrument is being used?


70. In troubleshooting, where is signal injection/trading method used?


71. A mill voltmeter having a full-scale deflection of 100 mV is used with 100-A, 100-mV shunt in a DC circuit. This combination is normally used to measure ______.


72. The insulation resistance of a transformer winding can be easily measured with _________.


73. The resistance of a field coil may be correctly measured by using ________.


74. The dc working voltage of a capacitor is 100V. This means that the dielectric must be able to withstand _________.


75. What does the capacitor indicate when the reading in both directions is 0Ω?


76. What instrument is used to locate a cross-connection between two conductors in a multi-conductor Cable?


77. The hot-wire ammeter _________.


78. Which of the following instrument will be used to measure alternating current only?


79. When connecting wattmeters to a load circuit consuming large current, it is necessary to use ________.


80. What would you use for increasing the range of DC ammeters?


81. Which of the following is commonly used for extending the range of an AC ammeter?


82. A shunt is used in parallel with a DC ammeter measuring large currents in order to ________.


83. The best method for testing and calibrating a poly-phase kWh meter using a 1-Φ supply is to connect the ___________.


84. What value is registered by a hot-wire ammeter, when used to measure the output current of a full-wave rectifier compared to the maximum value of the rectified current?


85. A 0.1 mA meter has a sensitivity of _______.


86. What instruments principally causes loading effect?


87. Which statement is possible to happen in a circuit operating properly, when a certain circuit requires a maximum current of 10 A and a calibrated ammeter connected in the circuit reads 13 A?


88. A newly-completed lighting equipment is always subjected to high voltage test in order to _________.


89. What is being checked on wires and cables when performing a high-voltage dielectric test?


90. The deflection sensitivity of a CRT depends inversely on the __________.


91. What is the time-period of the sweep generator compared to the signal time period, if two complete signal cycles would be displayed on the screen of a scope?


92. Which of the following instrument usually has lowest resistance?


93. When is a DC milli ammeter used for measuring voltages?


94. What is the main purpose of using instrument transformers in A.C. Measurements?


95. A good fuse will have _________.


96. The electric device which blocks DC but allows AC is called _________.


97. How are the coils of a wattmeter connected in a circuit?


98. The megohmmeter is exclusively designed for measuring ________.


99. Where is the signal to be observed on the screen of an oscilloscope applied?


100. Induction instruments have found widest application as ___________.


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