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1. The fixed CO2 fire extinguishing system on a vessel having a capacity of over 300 lbs (136 kilograms) CO2 should protect spaces other than tanks, and have ______________.


2. Where can you find a fixed CO2 fire extinguishing or other approved system installed on board a vessel?


3. When testing the emergency fire pump, what deck be the pressure tested?


4. On oil tanker’s ballast control room, the firefighting systems best suited for fighting a fire is _________.


5. What is the true statement concerning chemical foam?


6. How many months the propellant cartridge of cartridge-operated dry chemical fire extinguishers used on vessels should be weight?


7. Every crew on the vessel has a designated area to proceed to in the event of a fire. This duty is shown clearly on the ship's:


8. When welding a compartment, where will be the fire watch should be station?


9. What is the material that has the best heat conduction?


10. A sprinkler system in a vessel is normally used to protect the ________.


11. The operation and maintenance instructions for the extinguishers can be found _________.


12. What activity is considered as hot work on board?


13. If a fire occurs on board, what type of fire detectors that first to actuate?


14. This are the component present in order to have a fire ___________. I. oxygen II. heat III. carbon dioxide IV. combustible material


15. Normally the heat removed when dealing with a class A fire is by ______________.


16. The MOST common cause of fire in the engine room is __________.


17. In the boiler room bilges, what class of fire would probably occur?


18. What substance would be burning in a class 'B' fire on a tanker vessel?


19. On merchant vessel fire detecting systems sense _________.


20. Stowing a fire hose, normally stowed with ____________.


21. In a class B fire which burning material/s would be described?


22. The typical automatic fire alarm system all zone circuits are always connected _______.


23. What is FIRST response you should do while you are fighting a fire in a smoke-filled compartment and one of your shipmates falls sustaining a severe laceration and ceases breathing?


24. You can say that the compartment is 'gas free' when there is an absence of dangerous concentrations of _______.


25. What is/are the needed action/s to be done before entering the pump room to rescue a crew victim who is down by toxic fumes is/are ________. I. Wear a lifeline II. Have someone stand by the entrance III. Put on an approved self-contained breathing apparatus


26. The electrical burn victims have been subjected to electric shock, what is the FIRST medical response is to check for ____.


27. You can find the location of your abandon ship place of duty in the __________.


28. What is the firefighting agents that produces a buoyant blanket to separate the burning vapors from air?


29. When stowed fire hose is either faked or rolled into a rack in normal practice?


30. When is the fire hoses are tested on a vessel?


31. What is the function of the small gas accumulator cylinder, attached to the discharge piping of the engine room fixed CO2 system?


32. If the nozzle is not attached, each low velocity spray applicator on a vessel must be stowed _________.


33. What is the purpose in every firefighting equipment carried as extra to the minimum requirements on a vessel?


34. What is the minimum flash point of marine fuels to be delivered on board as regarded by SOLAS convention?


35. What is defined Upper Explosive Unit (UEL) of a mixture of flammable vapors and air?


36. When is the right time to get familiarized with the emergency exits on board the vessel?


37. What level of oxygen in the space is equal to fresh air prior to entering any space that has been seal, its oxygen level should be tested?


38. Ventilation system for an enclosed classified location on a vessel must provide a complete change of air every ________.


39. In a vessel, fire and boat drills must be held within 24 hours of leaving port if the percentage of the crew replaced is more than ___________.


40. Which are the possible consequences of shipboard operations that is a risk to environment?


41. A man aboard a vessel is raising and lowering his outstretched arms sideways which would mean_________.


42. While reading the station bill, you find “three (3) short blasts on the whistle and three (3) short rings on the general alarm bells,” this signal is for_______.


43. Where should be conspicuously posted and listed the emergency signals for use on a river passenger vessel?


44. he following included in the vessel’s muster list is/are _________. I - Alarm signal in emergency II - Location of fire extinguisher III - Emergency action to be done


45. The necessary documents to be carried always onboard tanker vessel carrying noxious compound in bulk where its stability can be verified are? I - Grain loading booklet II - Ballasting information III - Damage control plan


46. Which among the following is required lifesaving equipment?


47. Which of the following are hot work hazard? I. Fire II. Glare injury III. Heat injury


48. The most ideal time interval in conducting fire and boat drill on every vessel is?


49. What do we call a special form of a winch used to hoist the anchor and house them safely and warp the ship in harbor?


50. When should you immediately leave when entering a tank?


51. Why that a tank which has been sealed for a long time can be dangerous for human entry?


52. What should be the oxygen content of a tank before entering any space that has been sealed?


53. What is the best way to ensure adequate oxygen is present for safe entry into a seldom used cargo tank?


54. Which gases listed below represents the greatest threat to engine room personnel?


55. Hydrogen sulfide gives crude oil the sour odor of a rotten egg and it is hazardous because it can make a person_________.


56. Why that high concentration of hydrogen sulfide is dangerous to person?


57. What should we use to detect any explosive gases in any open space, tank or compartment?


58. If you are instructed by your superior to enter a tank alone which was not gas free, you should____


59. Where will you find the number of portable fire extinguishers required on a vessel?


60. To tackle a galley grease fire the first device to be utilized is __________.


61. Where is the location for a liquid cargo fire to occur on tanker vessels mostly likely occur?


62. It is NOT suitable for fighting a liquid paint fire is _______.


63. What kind of heat transfer the spreading of fire as a result of heat being carried through a vessel’s ventilation system?


64. What is the proper time for operating the crankcase door when oil mist alarm is activated and the engine has been stopped _______.


65. If the main engine is running steady. What is the normal auto slow down temperature for scavenge air boxes “FIRE ALARM”?


66. The cotton cover of a fire hose becomes oily or greasy, it should be washed with a solution of mild soapy freshwater and used a ____________.


67. Fire dampers are operated with a fusible link by __________.


68. The spreading of fire through a fire dampers is the process of ___________.


69. The spreading of fire through a fire dampers is the process of ___________.


70. The swivel on the female coupling of a fire hose is subjected to damage if it is lubricated with ________.


71. What is the least likely to CAUSE the ignition of fuel vapors?


72. When emergency welding repairs must be made to the upper area of a fuel tank, the tank and/or adjacent compartments it needs to be ____________.


73. The fire spread by means of __________.


74. High expansion foam compared to a low expansion foam will ____________.


75. The threads and gasket of a fire hose coupling are in good condition, What is the minimum mechanical advantage necessary for making a watertight connection to another hose coupling?


76. On tanker vessel fire and boat drill shall, by regulation, consist of ___________.


77. The following is necessary for a fire to exist besides heat, fuel, and oxygen and ________.


78. High expansion foam compared to a low expansion foam will ____________.


79. What class of fire which involved electrical equipment?


80. The fire are grouped into what categories?


81. A low expansion foam compared to high expansion foam will ___________.


82. A main switchboard fire is an example of, what class of fire?


83. To disconnect fire hose couplings, what type of wrench is used?


84. During a fire and boat drill, what event shall be conducted?


85. How many people onboard a vessel must be trained in the use of the fireman's outfit ?


86. A fuel oil service tank is considered as ______.


87. What should be done FIRST for the firefighter when a heavy smoke is coming out from a partially open door of the paint locker?


88. In a galley fire the major concern when fighting is the ____________.


89. The fire watch is situated if welding a compartment on a ship’s bulkhead ________.


90. What should be the FIRST phase on board fire fighting tactics?


91. The low velocity spray applicator on a vessel when NOT attached to the nozzle must be stowed _____.


92. In burning a class “B” fire, what is the substance involve?


93. The necessary fire drill conducted aboard a vessel, all persons must report to their stations and demonstrate their ability to perform the duties assigned to them ____________.


94. Class “B” fire is considered as ___________.


95. Dry chemical extinguishing agents extinguish a fire by ___________.


96. On board a vessel fire hoses are tested _____________.


97. What is the function of the small gas accumulator cylinder, attached to the discharge piping of the engine room fixed CO2 system?


98. If CO2 fire extinguisher provided aboard a vessel has lost 10% of its charge, _________.


99. What are thing to do in order to release CO2 to the machinery spaces is you must physically open the engine room ____.


100. A vessel that fighting a fire in a watertight compartment with hoses could reduce the stability of the ship:


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