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1. Hydraulic system reservoirs are often fitted with a combined filler/breather cap. If the breather element becomes fouled, the __________.


2. When changing to a fire resistant hydraulic fluid in a system, it is important to check the compatibility of the new fluid with the system's _______.


3. When hydraulic fluid flow control circuit, controlling linear actuator speed, with the pump operating below maximum operating pressure is known as the _________.


4. A hydraulic fluid flow control circuit controlling the amount of fluid supplied by a pump operating at system pressure is known as _______.


5. A hydraulic fluid flow control circuit, used to control linear actuator speed during retraction, with the pump operating at ABOVE maximum pressure, is known as a _________.


6. Water accumulating in hydraulic system oil will cause an oxidation process producing by products which are normally __________.


7. Flanged joints in hydraulic system piping are commonly made leak proof by _______________.


8. For the various sizes of tubing and wall thickness used in a hydraulic system, the inside diameter can be determined if it is remembered that the inside diameter equals the outside diameter less the wall thickness is _________.


9. The values, which can continuously change, such as temperature, pressure, or level are called _______________.


10. A device incorporating a variable orifice placed in series with a check valve in a hydraulic system is used to ___________________.


11. Which of the devices listed would be considered a hydraulic system directional control valve?


12. Which of the listed pressure control valve would be used to establish the maximum operating pressure of a hydraulic system?


13. Which of the devices listed would be considered a hydraulic system directional control valve?


14. Which of the listed pressure-control valves is used in a hydraulic system to prevent the stray movements of a vertical load until required?


15. Which of the valve listed is NOT considered to be a hydraulic system directional control valve?


16. Which of the valve listed is NOT considered to be a hydraulic system directional control valve?


17. Which of the listed characteristics is typical of a strip chart graphic recorder?


18. Differential pressures can be measured with the use of a ______________.


19. A pyrometer is generally used to measure the ______________.


20. An airflex clutches are used to transmit power from a diesel engine to the propeller shaft. A restricted orifice is used in the control air system of this unit to _____________.


21. A rotameter, when used to indicate the rate of fluid flow in distilling plants, is essentially an area meter consisting of a _________.


22. A pre-charged loader-type accumulator used in a hydraulic system, can be potentially dangerous if ______________.


23. To ensure an accurate pneumercator reading, you should ______________.


24. If both the "high level" and "low level" alarms come on for the same address of a centralized control console, the most likely problems is a/an ____________.


25. Pressure in an operating hydraulic system is developed ________________.


26. Compensated flow control, or constant flow valves are used in hydraulic system to _________________.


27. In a hydraulic starting system, oil to the starting motor flows from the _______________.


28. The portion of the hydraulic hose that determines its overall strength is the _______________.


29. What is the first alarm that will sound before the diesel engine stop due to lube oil pressure? I - high pressure alarm II - cut - out pressure alarm III - low pressure alarm


30. What is the lowest permissible flashpoint of the oil used in a hydraulic valve actuating system that operates at 145 psi?


31. Why is a hydraulic linear actuator fitted with a cushioning device?


32. Which of the listed components would normally be installed with a Control Air System pressure regulator?


33. An inferential flow meter devices using differential pressure techniques for velocity sensing exhibit non-linear characteristics What devices is use to restore linear characteristics to measure or control output signals?


34. What is a measuring device where the reading can be indicated thru the expansion of a high resistance wire?


35. We have a series path with three parts in a DC circuit. The voltage above the middle part increases from 8V to 10V and the voltage below it decreases from 5V to 3V. Which part is defective?


36. What electric components is used as a filter because of its capability of shorting out the pulse, not the DC and the final result is almost pure DC as the output?


37. When the hydraulic control lever for a deck winch is placed in the neutral or off position, the spring set brake on the fluid motor drive shaft is __________.


38. Handled phase sequence indicators are useful when ________.


39. What instrument is used to determine or measure the dirtiness of turbo charger turbine blades?


40. A machine having openings for the admission and discharge of the ventilating air, which is circulated by means of external to and not a part of the machine, the machine being otherwise totally _______.


41. An automatic temperature controller, with a net output pressure of 15 psi and a full scale range of 15°F, would have a sensitivity ratio of __________.


42. What is the value of the controlled variable that the automatic controller operates to maintain?


43. A pneumatic automation system, a unit producing a signal to govern the position of the controller of the measured variable, relative to the value of the measured variable, is said to have __________.


44. The control mode in which the final control element is moved from one of two fixed positions to the other is known as __________.


45. The effect of 'reset', when added to a proportional controller is to __________.


46. The element/s that is/are needed in the remote control starting of a diesel generator engine is/are ___________. I - Air II – Oil III - Electric


47. The function of the hydraulic telemotor transmitter used in an electro-hydraulic steering gear system is to __________.


48. What are the machineries onboard that can be started and stopped by remote control? I - Auxiliary Boiler II - Generator Engine III - Main Engin


49. The machinery that cannot be started inside the control room in an automated vessel is_____________.


50. The mode of control employed by a typical bilge alarm circuit is a __________.


51. The temperature at which an adjustable bellows type thermostatic valve operates is determined by __________.


52. A solenoid valve is operated by magnetic action through __________.


53. The alarms in the engine control system are in “repose” when the telegraph is at which position?


54. The type of thermostat commonly-used in appliances with heating elements is _______.


55. A current-measuring instrument can be modified to measure voltages by ________.


56. The range of an ammeter can be extended by using a _________.


57. A device that changes one form of energy to another is called ______.


58. A moving iron instrument can operate on ________.


59. Two principal-parts of a permanent-magnet moving-coil (PMMC) galvanometer are __________.


60. What is the difference between the set-point and the measured parameter in an automatic flow controller?


61. The range of values around a setpoint of a measured variable where "no action" occurs in an automatic flow controller is called _____________.


62. In an automatic flow controller, the factor by which the magnitude of the flow error signal has been increased to drive the final valve controller is referred to as __________.


63. In a proportional controller, the term "offset" refers to the difference between the____.


64. The difference between the set point in an automatic controller and the steady-state value of the measured parameter is called _________.


65. What type of positioning action is present in a controller, if the controller set point of an automatic control system is 150°F (65.5°C) and the valve closes when the output temperature reaches 160°F (71.1°C), and reopens when the temperature falls below 140°F (60°C)?


66. Regulation require that the temporary emergency supply onboard a tanker vessel over 1600 gross tons and a coastwise voyage to be able to supply power to each __________.


67. When power is restored after a complete power failure a steering gear pump motor will ________.


68. What temperature in centigrade should the cold storage room be maintained?


69. The vegetable room temperature shall be maintained as near as possible to ________.


70. The rated temperature rise of an electric motor is the ___________.


71. Engine protection by means of an alarm or shutdown control can be obtained with devices that are sensitive to __________. I. Temperature II. Pressure III. Engine Speed


72. Which condition will the main engine fuel supply be automatically cut-off? I. Temperature II. Pressure III. Engine Speed


73. Under which condition, when reached, will the main engine automatically slow down?


74. A back pressure trip will occur in a cargo pump turbine when ___________.


75. A field effect transistor function that reduces number of current carries passing through its channel is termed ________.


76. A pure transducer utilizes _____________.


77. What type of control loop where in input signal is dependent of output?


78. Which of the following devices is used to measure pressure & convert it to an electrical signal?


79. Which of the following statements will affect the capacity valve of a capacitor?


80. What do you call the increasing or decreasing the load pressure by a set amount in an automated pneumatic control system?


81. On a throttle control system, the auxiliary control circuits are provided with devices to prevent excessive over-travel of the pilot valve by the motor which are called ________.


82. Which of the following has a similar function to the rectifier?


83. Which of the listed device is use to measure and convert it with an electrical signal?


84. An arrangement of elements interconnected and interacting in such a way as to maintain or effect in a prescribe manner some condition of a body process or machine which flow of the system?


85. What automation system is being used in reversing the rotation of the main engine? I - hydro pneumatic II - hydro electric III - electro pneumatic


86. A signal derived from a controlled function and returned to the initiating point is called a/an _________________.


87. What is the electronic device that controls the speed of the ship rudder of the steering gear? I - potentiometer II - ammeter III - anemometer


88. A pneumatically operated actuator for controlling the movement of forced draft inlet vanes or window box dampers is called ________________.


89. What is electromechanical device of a closed-loop instrument that converts an electrical signal to a mechanical position change?


90. Why is the purpose of a hydraulic linear actuator fitted with a cushioning device?


91. In radiographic inspections, the standard test piece included in every radiograph provides an effective check on the overall quality and bears a numerical relation to the thickness of the part being tested. This piece is called a/an __________.


92. A compound gage is used for measuring pressures both above and below __________.


93. Which component in a hydraulic system is commonly used to prevent the stray movements of a vertical load until required?


94. Modern trends show that full flow filters used in multi-operation hydraulic systems would most likely be located __________.


95. Overheating of the oil in a hydraulic system can be caused by ____________.


96. An orifice-check valve placed in a hydraulic system is used to __________.


97. Which of the listed hydraulic system components could an 0-ring seal be satisfactorily used in providing a seal?


98. A control valve installed in a hydraulic system to manipulate the reversal of fluid flow is called _____________.


99. What is the minimum permissible flashpoint of hydraulic fluid in a system that operates at 250 psi?


100. One advantage of the hydraulic clutches over mechanical clutches in diesel engine installations is _____________.


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