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1. Molded depth is measured from the underside of the deck plating at the ship's side to the top of.


2. The bottom of a ship in the midship region, is usually flat, but not necessarily horizontal.If the line of the bottom is extended out to intersect the moulded breath line, the height of this intersection above the keel is called _________


3. What term indicates the vertical distance between the bottom at the centerline and the bottom at any given point?.


4. Freeboard is the difference between the depth at side and the _________.


5. What is the term that indicates the outward curvature of the hull of a vessel above the waterline?.


6. What term indicates the immersed body of the vessel forward of the parallel mid


7. The purpose of sheer in ship construction is to _________.


8. The point that is halfway between the forward and after perpendicular and is a reference point for vessel construction is the _________.


9. What do we call the line drawn at the top of the flat plate keel of a vessel?.


10. What do we call the midship portion of a vessel that has a constant cross section?.


11. A vessel's quarter is that section which is located ______.


12. What is the length over which the midship section remains constant in area and shape?.


13. The depth of the ship below the waterline vertically to the lowest part of the hull, is known as a.


14. A perpendicular drawn where the aft side of the rudder post meets the summer load line is.


15. Across the ship, at right angles to the fore and aft centerline is termed as ______.


16. A dimension expressing breadth or width of the body of a ship in a transverse horizontal direction is called ________.


17. The portion of a vessel extending beyond the main hull outline, including such items as rudder, shafting, struts, bossings and bilge keel _________.


18. What is the vertical distance between the uppermost continuous deck and the bottom of the hull at mid length?.


19. What do we call the front end of a vessel?.


20. The horizontal flat portion of the bottom shell measured to port and starboard side of the ship's longitudinal line is called ________.


21. The vertical line through the intersection of the forward side of the stem with the summer load waterline _________.


22. The height of the deck above the waterline is called ________.


23. The distance between the forward and after perpendiculars measured along the summer load line is:.


24. The distance between the extreme points of the ship's forward and aft is measured parallel to the summer waterline ________.


25. The point between the forward and aft perpendicular is called ________.


26. The greatest breath of the ship, measured to the inside edges of the shell plating is known as.


27. The distance from the summer section load line to the base line measured at the midship section is____.


28. The maximum breadth over the extreme points port and starboard of the ship is.


29. Which of the following terms denotes the distance from the waterline underside of the keel?.


30. The upper most complete deck exposed to the weather at the sea is the ________.


31. Partial deck above the main deck located at the stern?.


32. Upward and outward sweep of the ships bow is called ________.


33. An arch form of a deck or beam whose purpose is to shed the water is known as ________.


34. What is that part of the vessel designed to cut the water forward?.


35. The upward stop of the ship's bottom from the keel to the bilge is to allow drainage of oil or water towards the center of the ship is _______.


36. What is the part of the double bottom that is fitted between fuel tank and fresh water tank to prevent contamination?.


37. A transverse vertical plate that runs across the bottom of the ship is called:.


38. Member that fit between the floors of a vessel and stiffen double bottom?.


39. Continuous line of plating or shell planking, extending along ship's side from fore to aft is called____.


40. A metal fitting which holds a member in place or press two members together is called _________.


41. The purpose of swash bulkheads is to _______.


42. What is the function of a carting?.


43. When renewing only a portion of an entire hull plate with an inert plate, which of the listed guidelines be followed?.


44. The main purpose of hatch coaming is to _________.


45. Which part of the vessel gives the watertight integrity that covers the hull and binds the whole structure together?.


46. Ship's partitions which divide the interior of various compartments are referred to as _________.


47. An angle bar which connect hatches, deck house coamings or other raised structures is known.


48. During the maintenance and repair on your engine, fuel injection pump was reinstalled with uneven bolt tightening which could result in _______.


49. During maintenance inspection, fuel injection pump plunger or barrel was found have damaged.What would be the best remedy to rectify the defect?


50. What will happen if the fuel injection pump of your engine was improperly adjusted and as a result the fuel injection timing was greatly retarded?.


51. The plimsoll mark is installed at the center sides of the vessel for what particular reason/reasons?.


52. When the ship has navigated from open sea with high water density and entered the river with low density fresh water, the draught ______.


53. The minimum transverse metacentric height in centimeters of a fully loaded general cargo vessel to have a safe navigation is ________.


54. What instrument or document could be used effectively in finding the position of the vessel's center of floatation?.


55. Displacement of a vessel refers to the ___.


56. The total weight of cargo, fuel, water, stores, passengers and crew, and their effects that a ship can carry is the ________.


57. Gross tonnage indicates the vessel's _________.


58. Which of the following spaces is exempted when measuring gross tonnage?.


59. Which of the following spaces is NOT exempted when measuring gross tonnage?.


60. A well in a shelter deck of a vessel that has only a temporary means of closing for the purpose of gaining an exemption from tonnage measurement is called a _________.


61. Tonnage opening must be closed by means of ______.


62. A tonnage tax of a vessel is levied according to the ________.


63. What is the difference between net tonnage and gross tonnage?.


64. Which space NOT be deducted from gross tonnage when calculating net tonnage?.


65. The total weight which is the sum of the deadweight and lightship is known as ________.


66. What is defined as the ship's lifting capacity made up of cargo fuel oil, fresh water, passenger etc.?


67. What is defined as the vessel's empty weight with minor increments for spare parts?.


68. What is a scale showing the displacement at varying drafts and the number of ton required to a ship down one inch at each of the various drafts?.


69. The displacement of a floating ship is equal to the volume of displacement multiplied by the liquid ________.


70. The term deadweight refers to the cargo carrying capacity such as fuel, water and stores measured in _________.


71. The most important figure in the calculation of free surface of a tank carrying liquid is ________.


72. A ship is in a stable condition of stability if when heeled by an external force in still water to a small angle of inclination, it ___. I- return to upright when force is removed II- continue to heel on the opposite side before reverting to its stable condition III- settle down to upright position after a lapse of time


73. Why is it necessary on a vessel to avoid trim by the head?.


74. What are some of the difficulties that a vessel having a trim by the head may encounter while at sea? I - Reduced propeller immersion will lessen propulsion efficiency II - Ballast suctions are sited at the Aft end of tanks, a head trim will make these impossible to empty completely Ill - Propeller will tend to race and may be damaged if the ship is pitching


75. What will be the possible effect on the vessel if excessively trimmed by the stern?.


76. As much as possible, why should we avoid excessive trim of the vessel by the stern?.


77. Stability may be reduced when you are fighting a fire in a watertight compartment using hoses and river water because of_________.


78. When you were using consumption a vessel will likely list to stbd side only from_____________.


79. Which one greatly affects the length of the righting lever after loading?


80. What will happen if there is introduction of counter-flooding into empty tanks if there is a sudden severe list or trim is negative initial stability?


81. What is the tendency of a ship to resist a change in trim?


82. Which of the following type of cargo is allowed by the Commandant of the Coast Guard during special cases that permits cargo piping to pas through machinery spaces?


83. Causative factor that has an adverse result due to free surface


84. Which of the following expected thing to happen when a general cargo vessel is overloaded with rolled steel products with high G. M.?


85. Which one we can use in locating the center of floatation of a bulk carrier?


86. Which kind of bending creates the greatest stress during the distribution of loads in the whole ship structure?


87. On a vessel if the weight is move from the main deck to a position lower it will occur _________.


88. What kind of tank barges is usually required on draft marks?


89. What do we call the point of weight concentration that will cause a vessel’s bottom to be subjected to tension stresses?


90. The effect of a ship’s compartment sustained a partial flooding with free communication to the sea is __________.


91. Factor that deliver adverse result to free surface.


92. Which is brought about when a floating vessel inclines to an angle slightly less or greater than the angle of loll?


93. Which of the following will be affected if a ship is loaded in fresh water goes out into the open sea?


94. Kinds of water tights doors constructed on cargo hold bulkhead: I- Hinged II- Sliding III- Power operated.


95. What do you call the weights of the hull, machinery, spare parts and boiler water of a vessel measured in the floating dock after its construction?


96. One of the docking surveys should coincide with the ________.


97. Load lines assigned to ships intended for the carriage of timber deck cargo are assigned a small freeboard as deck cargo provides protection against the ________.


98. The molded beam of a vessel refers to the _________.


99. Camber, in a ship, is usually measured in _________.


100. What term indicates the rise of the deck in going from the side to the center of the vessel?.


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