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1. When hip towing, a line led from the bow of the towing vessel aft to the vessel being towed would be a __________.


2. When hip towing, a line led from the stern of the towboat forward to the barge provides the towing pull when __________.


3. When hooking up a cargo hose to your vessel's manifold, you should use a(n) __________.


4. When hugging a bank in a narrow channel, you should take precautions against __________.


5. When inspecting ground tackle, fractures are most frequently found in the __________.


6. When inspecting wire rope before a hoisting operation, one must look for __________.


7. When loading a cargo of taconite, proper sequencing of loading by hatch number is necessary to __________.


8. When loading a container vessel, the operation is basically that of vertical loading. The important factors to be considered when loading containers are port of discharge, __________.


9. When loading a tanker, you should __________.


10. When loading bulk liquid cargo, what is the FIRST action you should take if a cargo valve jammed open?


11. When loading containers into the cell guides in the hold of a container ship, which statement is TRUE?


12. When lowering manropes alongside a stage rigged over the side of a vessel, they should be allowed to trail in the water __________.


13. When making a short splice in wire rope __________.


14. When making a wire fast to bitts it is recommended that you __________.


15. When making up a long, large coastwise tow, which of the following procedures is INCORRECT?


16. When making up a tow connection, you should use __________.


17. When making way in heavy seas you notice that your vessel's screw is being lifted clear of the water and racing. One way to correct this would be to __________.


18. When maneuvering a heavy barge up a wide channel with a tug, the tow may be most closely controlled by making up to the barge __________.


19. When maneuvering from pull towing to breasted (alongside) towing, a twin- screw vessel is more likely than a single-screw vessel of equal horsepower to __________.


20. When may a seaman on a vessel engaged in foreign trade be paid before earning the wages?


21. When may foreign licensed or documented personnel be employed on a US-flag towing vessel?


22. When measuring the oxygen content of the cargo tanks prior to loading cargoes requiring vapor recovery, check it __________.


23. When moored with a Mediterranean moor, the ship should be secured to the pier by having __________.


24. When more than one vessel is being assisted by an icebreaker, distances between vessels should be constant. Which signal should be given by a vessel which is ahead of another and whose speed suddenly begins to drop?


25. When must the Master of a vessel log the position of load line marks in relation to the surface of the water in the Official Logbook?


26. When natural fiber rope gets wet, the __________.


27. When oil is discharged overboard, an entry is required in the __________.


28. When oily ballast has been pumped overboard, an entry must be made in the __________.


29. When operating in an area where sea ice and icebergs are present, which statement is TRUE?


30. When passing a hawser to the dock you would first use what line?


31. When patching holes in the hull, pillows, bedding, and other soft materials can be used as __________.


32. When paying off seamen in a foreign port, where a United States consul is not available, the release must be executed by the seamen and the __________.


33. When paying out nylon line from around the bitts __________.


34. When picking up your mooring at the buoy, the correct method is to __________.


35. When piloting a vessel, how are visual references used to establish a constant rate of turn?


36. What would NOT require that a detailed report of the release of hazardous cargo be made to the Department of Transportation?


37. What would you use to adjust the height of a cargo boom?


38. When "checking down" a barge using a check line you should use __________.


39. When a boat turns broadside to heavy seas and winds, thus exposing the boat to the danger of capsizing, the boat has __________.


40. When a cargo boom or crane is rated at varying capacities, there will be a table at the controls which relates safe working load to __________.


41. When a deck cargo is secured with chain or wire lashings and grab (pear) links, which statement is FALSE?


42. When a helmsman receives the command "Right 15 degrees rudder," the helmsman's immediate reply should be __________.


43. necessary, just carry out the order. looping figure-eights, it is said to be


44. When a line is spirally coiled about its end and lying flat on deck, it is said to be __________.


45. When a line is subject to wear where it passes through a mooring chock, it should be __________.


46. When a man who is conscious has fallen overboard is being picked up by a lifeboat, the boat should approach with the wind __________.


47. When a merchant vessel is under the Naval Control of Shipping Organization in wartime, naval authorities may give orders pertaining to __________.


48. When a small craft's anchor fouls in a rocky bottom, the first attempt to clear it should be made by __________.


49. When a tow is trimmed by the stern it is said to __________.


50. When a tug is "in irons", she __________.


51. When a tug is pulling on a hawser at right angles to the ship, and the pilot wants to come ahead or astern on the ship's engine, care must be taken that the pilot __________.


52. When a tug makes up to a large vessel, the spring line should lead from the forwardmost part of the tug so that __________.


53. When a two-leg sling is used to lift a load, a sling 40 feet long is better than one of 30 feet because the __________.


54. When a vessel is entering or leaving a port, a record of engine speeds is kept in the __________.


55. When a vessel is on autopilot steering, the "weather " control is adjusted to compensate for which severe weather effect on a vessel?


56. When a vessel is swinging from side to side off course due to quartering seas, the vessel is __________.


57. When a vessel with a single right- hand propeller backs to port the __________.


58. When a wedge of water builds up between the head of the barge and the bank it is referred to as __________.


59. When an azimuth of the Sun has been taken and the deviation of the standard magnetic compass computed, the watch officer should record the results __________.


60. When an Official logbook is not required, an unofficial logbook is required to be kept aboard for review by a marine inspector for __________.


61. When anchored, increasing the scope of the anchor chain normally serves to __________.


62. When anchoring a vessel under normal conditions, which scope of chain is recommended?


63. When anchoring a vessel, it is best to release the anchor when __________.


64. When anchoring in a clay bottom, what is one hazard that may cause the anchor to drag?


65. When anchoring in calm water, it is best to __________.


66. When anchoring, good practice requires 5 to 7 fathoms of chain for each fathom of depth. In deep water you should use __________.


67. When anchoring, it is a common rule of thumb to use a length of chain __________.


68. When anyone voluntarily deposits his/her license or document with a Coast Guard investigating officer __________.


69. When attempting to free an anchor jammed in the hawsepipe, the simplest method of freeing it may be __________.


70. When backing down with sternway, the pivot point of a vessel is __________.


71. When anchoring a vessel, it is best to release the anchor when __________.


72. When anchoring in a clay bottom, what is one hazard that may cause the anchor to drag?


73. When barge headlogs do not meet or are not even with one another, the void or opening between them is called a __________.


74. When being towed by one tug, the towing bridle should be connected to towing __________.


75. When being towed, a fairlead is a __________.


76. When bunkering at a dock which of the following signals must be displayed?


77. When bunkering at anchorage which of the following signals must be displayed?


78. When bunkering is complete, the hoses should be __________.


79. When can the US citizenship requirement for the Master of a US- flag uninspected towing vessel be waived?


80. When caring for natural-fiber line, you should NEVER __________.


81. When carrying a full or nearly full load of bulk ore in a general cargo type vessel which has engine spaces amidships, the cargo in each hold should be trimmed so that the bulk of the cargo lies __________.


82. When carrying out a parallel track search pattern, the course of the search units should normally be which of the following?


83. When casting a heaving line to a disabled vessel, cast the line __________.


84. When checking a mooring line, you should __________.


85. When cleaning a tank by the Butterworth process, you should begin to pump out the slops __________.


86. When cleaning cargo tanks with portable machines, how is the machine grounded?


87. When clearing a vessel for a foreign voyage, the original crew list is duly certified by proper authority. In a U.S. port, this authority is the U.S. __________.


88. When clearing customs for a foreign voyage, which of the following is processed at the custom's house and returned to the vessel?


89. When commencing cargo operations on a container ship, one cell at a hatch is generally discharged completely (to the bottom of the ship) before removing any containers from the adjoining cells to _________.


90. When comparing twin screw tug to single-screw tugs, which statement about a twin-screw tug is FALSE?


91. When connecting the tow bridle to a tug, the end of the bridle is passed with a __________.


92. When considering a vessel's stability, which spaces in a general cargo vessel are the best locations for the carriage of bulk grain?


93. When cutting regular-lay wire rope, what is the minimum number of seizings to be placed on each side of the cut?


94. When discharging an oil cargo, the first consideration is to __________.


95. When dropping anchor, you are stationed at the windlass brake. The most important piece(s) of gear is(are) __________.


96. When evacuating a seaman by helicopter lift, the vessel should be __________.


97. When evacuating a seaman by helicopter lift, which course should the ship take?


98. When evacuating a seaman by helicopter lift, which statement is TRUE?


99. When fruit is carried as refrigerated cargo, the most frequent cause of its being infected at the discharge port is __________.


100. When handling cargo, the majority of cargo gear breakdowns is due to __________.


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