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1. TLV expressed as units of measurement is _________.


2. You checked the space for gases and found out that there is a concentration of toxic gas which is above recommended TLV for that kind, before entering enclosed space. This means _______.


3. Which is not the correct way to keep the area safe when entering enclosed space?


4. When should the enclosed space entry permit expire?


5. Which of the following area you can considered as enclosed spaces?


6. Who is the person responsible for completing an enclosed space entry permit/plan?


7. The information of enclosed space entry permit/pan contains ___________.


8. How many hours is the validity of an enclosed space entry permit?


9. The potential hazards in entering into enclosed space is/ are _________.


10. Which of the following gases or elements are considered toxic? I. Carbon monoxide II. Sulphur dioxide III. Nitric oxide IV. Nitrogen dioxide


11. The sort of activities that may result into release of solvent vapors is ___________.


12. It is the atmosphere is safe to work in without being overcome, a 'nil' reading on a suitably sensitive combustible gas indicator is desirable but, where the readings have been steady for some time, up to 1% of lower flammable limit the reading can be accepted?


13. What should the look-out in the entrance do in the event of emergency where there is unconscious victim inside an enclosed space?


14. Where it is considered as pillars on or keystone on maritime safety, security and protection of the marine environment?


15. What is the appropriate precaution should be taken when an engineer on duty enters a UMS-mode operated engine room due to an ALARM?


16. What is the reason why the bowl of a fuel oil purifier fails to open for sludge discharge?


17. The purpose of the expansion tank in a closed type jacket cooling water system of a diesel engine is ____________.


18. What the type of electric light fittings used in pump rooms?


19. The precaution should be taken when an engineer on duty is inspecting a UMS-mode operated engine room at NIGHT is ___________.


20. Who is the responsible person on a vessel for maintaining the engineering spaces in a clean and sanitary condition?


21. A line shaft bearing begins to overheat, the shaft speed should be reduced. When the overheating continues, you should _____________.


22. The machinery operating features are designed to help conserve energy. Which one of these will NOT contribute to energy conservation?


23. What is the minimum standard rest of a rating forming part of an engineering watch within seven-day period?


24. The engineering watch while the ship is underway, relieving officers of the engineering watch should satisfy them before taking over the watch regarding ________. I. Special requirements to sanitary system disposal II. Availability of fire fighting appliances III. State of completion of engine room log IV. Standing orders of the chief engineer officer


25. After a safety hazards are recognized and reported, the appropriate action should you do to minimize __________.


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27. What would be the recommendations if a ship side shell below water line was found with approximately 50 mm indentations?


28. An enforcement by the national administration of the relevant provisions of international maritime conventions on foreign ships visiting its ports is _______.


29. What is all about Regulation V1/4 as amended by STCW?


30. Sea transport more advantageous than land transport because:


31. What is all about regulation 1/7 as amended by STCW?


32. The fitness of ship with regards to its superstructure equipment and manning is _________.


33. What is all about STCW 95 regulation III/3?


34. STCW is an abbreviation for__________.


35. What is all about Chapter VIII of STCW?


36. The drawback of STCW 78 that has been corrected in the STCW 95 is?


37. The abbreviation of MARINA means______


38. Which one is an important feature of STCW 95 lacking in STCW 78?


39. In case of failure of the hydraulic pump in service the electro hydraulic steering unit can shift to ________.


40. Areas that experience changes in STCW 95 amendments as regards companies’ responsibility for seafarers’:


41. Regulation V1/3 of STCW 95 Convention concerns the ______.


42. Who is the complimentary entity in case of alteration is made on the structure of the vessel?


43. Which specific utilization does clean air standards when applied to compressed air?


44. What safety precaution shall be follow before any crewmember attempt to enter a closed compartment where CO2 has been released?


45. As safety instrument, what specific purpose the explosimeter does?


46. What maritime incident can be classified as serious in nature?


47. Who has the jurisdiction to understand disputes which concern ILO Constitution?


48. Did freon gas that is used for freezing in ships, are safe?


49. Did Freon gas heavier or lighter than air?


50. What will you do if a major fire has taken control of the vessel and the C02 has not put it out, the skipper has ordered the crew to abandon ship, you have lost one of two life rafts, you cannot access the second life raft because the fire is between you at it, another vessel is close by?


51. What will you do if your vessel in the dry dock for repairs/paint, and a fire starts in the cabin?


52. The area that is considered an enclosed space is __________.


53. Why is high concentration of hydrogen sulfide gas dangerous to personnel?


54. What are the additional precautions should be taken when making temporary repairs to a vessel and hydrogen sulfide is present?


55. The accumulations of hydrogen sulfide gas on a vessel can be dangerous to personnel, so it is important to know that this gas is ____________.


56. The reason why sense of smell cannot be depended upon to detect hydrogen sulfide is _______.


57. What is/are the most horrible atmospheric condition for the dispersion of hydrogen sulfide?


58. The following accident, the victim may go into shock and die. Which of the following actions should be taken to help avoid shock?


59. The air concentrations of substances in the environment such as hydrogen sulfide, under which nearly all workers may be repeatedly exposed without adverse effects are called __________.


60. In midships of your ship is constructed with an interior stair tower from the main deck to the bridge. Under which of the circumstances listed may the doors from each deck to the stair tower be kept open when underway?


61. What is the vertical transverse structures in the double bottom?


62. According to SOLAS regulations, how many seconds is needed to move the steering gear rudder from hard port to hard starboard in order to pass the Class requirements:


63. Authority means ___________.


64. A document issued to a Company which complies with the requirements of the ISM Code is called ___________.


65. A government agency of the State which has been vested by the State by virtue of laws to administer maritimerelated affairs as well as enforce relevant maritime conventions is called ____________.


66. A process that aims at the optimum utilization of resources for maximum returns at the minimum investment or costs is ____________.


67. A set of interrelated or interacting activities which transforms inputs into outputs is called _______________.


68. A significant economic effect of automation of ships is ______________.


69. A source or a situation with a potential for harm in terms of human injury or damage to property, damage to the environment, or a combination of these is __________.


70. An agreement among States which are Parties to subject convention is _________.


71. Enforcement by the national administration of the relevant provisions of international maritime conventions on foreign ships visiting its ports is ________.


72. International act whereby it means that the State establishes on the international plane its consent to be bound by a treaty is ___________.


73. International agreement concluded between States in written form and governed by international law, whether embodied in a single instrument or in two or more related instruments is ____________.


74. International agreement relating to maritime matters, concluded between two or more States in written form and embodied in a single instrument or two or more related instruments, governed by international law is ___________.


75. Existing or potential condition or procedure which, by itself ot through interaction with other variables, may result in death, injury, or damage to property is _____.


76. Which of the following is considered a Serious Marine Incident?


77. It is defined as anything owned by an individual that has a cash value, including property, goods, savings, and investments is called ____________.


78. It is defined by the United Nations Convention on the High Seas as all parts of the sea that are not within the territorial sea nor in the internal waters of a State is called __________.


79. P & I Insurance means ___________.


80. The quality policy is required for __________.


81. It is something sought, or aimed for, related to quality, what is it?


82. The possibility of incurring misfortune, or loss, or incident, or accident, what is it?


83. The basis of competence of personnel performing work under QMS is for ________.


84. The exercise of the freedom of navigation in order to make a smooth and spontaneous transit of the strait between one part of the high seas or an EEZ and another part of the high seas or an EEZ is for _______.


85. The method of identifying workplace precautions (operational controls) as a result of accidents, what is that method?


86. The objective evaluation of all facts, opinions, statements, physical evedince and related information, as well as defined action steps to reduce the possibility of recurrence, what it is?


87. The primary reasons why shipowners opted to register ships in open registry to ______________.


88. The purpose of risk assessment is ____________?


89. The shorebased department in charge of the cost control budgeting and Marine Insurance of the ship is the ____________.


90. The unplanned, unwanted event which disrupts the orderly flow of activities which resulted to NO injury is called ____________.


91. The term refers to coordinated activities to direct and control an organization with regard to quality is called _____________.


92. Which type of vessel is approved by VRP?


93. A ship maybe called a ship without a nationality, when?


94. An international maritime convention becomes part of the municipal law of the State, when?


95. A seaman on a vessel engaged in foreign trade be paid before earning the wages, when?


96. The Master release the cargo without the production of a Bills of Lading, when should this happen?


97. Which of the following reasons will NOT influence the premium?


98. Which of the following factor has the rights to maintain a register of ships and assume jurisdiction under its domestic law over each ship flying its flag and its masters, officers and crew?


99. One of the main threats to future survival of shipping in Europe is __________.


100. Which of the following phrase maybe done by a coastal State for the purpose of ascertaining that the State laws relating to exploitation and conservation of marine resources within its EEZ are not violated?


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