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1. Which of the following statements is the correct answer regarding the lubrication system for a high power turbine flexible coupling?


2. The lap of a steam valve of reciprocating steam engine is gauged when the valve is in the _______.


3. When turbine rotor shafts extend through the casing, sealing steam is used in combination with labyrinth packing to _________.


4. What equipment is used to engage the main engine turning gear to the high pressure turbine high-speed pinion?


5. The valve opening sequence for bar-lift nozzle control valves in a marine steam turbine is referred by __________.


6. Reduction gears for main propulsion turbines are oiled by __________.


7. An increase in clearance between reaction blade tips and the turbine casing will cause __________.


8. One of the safety measures that should be observed prior to starting a turbine driven cargo pump is ______.


9. Stack type air heaters are bypassed when a vessel is in port in order to avoid _____________.


10. Labyrinth seals used to lessen leakage around a turbine shaft are constructed of __________.


11. The steam coils in a maximum pressure contaminated evaporator used in a steam plant should be descaled with __________.


12. Steam traps should be installed at the minimum outlet point of the heat exchanger in a horizontal run of pipe and that ____________.


13. In automatic combustion control systems, increasing or decreasing a loading pressure by a set amount is called __________.


14. A boiler de-super heater is installed in high pressure boilers to __________.. I. maintain flow through the super heater II. raise the steam temperature in the steam drum


15. Once a huddling chamber type safety valve has begun to initially open, it will then pop open due to the __________.. I. expansion of the steam leaving the nozzle II. forces exerted on the projecting lips


16. A common gas dissolved in water contributing to the greatest amount of corrosion in a condensate system is __________.


17. In a water tube boiler, water-wall tubes are effectively used to __________.. I. decrease the amount of refractory material necessary in non-water wall installations II. allow for significant increases in the combustion rates


18. Shortly after shutting off the fuel to a boiler which is to be secured, the __________.


19. A sudden increase in boiler water hardness or chloride content could be indicated by the following, except __________.


20. The most critical period of main turbine operation is during cold start-up, rather than hot shutdown because __________.


21. Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR), require main propulsion lube oil systems to be designed to function satisfactorily when the vessel has a permanent __________.


22. An accumulation test is performed on the boiler to determine the suitability of the safety valves and the set points __________.. I. if the boiler normal operating pressure is permanently reduced II. when the steam generating capacity is increased


23. Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR) require the temperature of the water leaving an oil fired, cast iron, low pressure, hot water heating boiler must not exceed __________.


24. Excessive carbon dioxide formed by improper chemical treatment in the boiler, may cause corrosion in the __________.


25. The main reason for having a low suction line on the fuel oil service or settling tanks is to __________.


26. What is the purpose of the movable air doors in an air register?


27. The diameter of a dummy piston installed in a reaction turbine is determined by __________.


28. The first adverse effect resulting from main bearing wear in an impulse turbine is __________.


29. Engineering Control Centers for minimally attended machinery plants shall, in addition to the general alarm required by Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR), be provided with a/an __________.


30. Why are the condensate drains from the fuel oil heaters and fuel oil tank heating coils returned to the drain inspection tank?


31. In accordance with Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR Part 62) for vessels propelled by steam turbines, the navigation bridge primary control system, except one of the following, must include safety limit controls for __________.__


32. In addition to being hazardous to personnel, gas leaks through the boiler casing can also __________.


33. In what classification of steam turbines are the moving blades and the adjacent fixed rows of blades shaped to act as nozzles?


34. If the maximum steam generating capacity of a boiler is increased, Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR) require that the safety valves' __________.


35. Which condition could not cause a low level in the deaerating feed water tank (DC heater) as the vessel is increasing from maneuvering to sea speed?


36. In a propulsion boiler, diesel oil is generally supplied to the burners when __________.


37. Turbine blade erosion is accelerated by, except __________.


38. In an oil fired water-tube boiler, inner casing air leaks can cause __________.


39. Which of the Coast Guard publications listed contain the information regarding allowable repairs to boilers installed on cargo vessels?


40. Many steam plants are designed so that diesel oil can be provided to the burners when __________.


41. Which of the journal bearings listed most easily accommodates the minor turbine shaft misalignment?


42. Foaming in a lube oil system can cause the following, except __________.


43. Boiler fuel oil atomizer parts should be cleaned by soaking in ?tip cleaner? or diesel fuel and _________


44. Prior to relieving the watch you should first check the fire room status by verifying the boiler water level and __________.


45. Prior to relieving the watch you should first check the fire room status by verifying the fuel oil pressure to the burners and __________.


46. When relieving the watch in the fire room, you should first check the __________.


47. Which of the conditions listed would indicate water carryover to a turbine?


48. To properly remove the burner tip nut from the burner barrel, the barrel should be __________.


49. The primary purpose of a control desuperheater installed in the steam drum of a boiler is to __________.


50. A leaky fuel oil heater relief valve could be indicated by an increase in the __________.


51. Before placing the jacking gear in operation on a main turbine unit, you must always insure that _________.


52. On an fully automated vessel steaming at sea speed, which of the following engine room responses will automatically be actuated when the bridge throttle control is changed from full ahead to slow ahead?


53. Which condition would cause a high level in the deaerating feed water tank (DC heater)?


54. After properly lining up the main propulsion turbine for warm up, steam should first be admitted to the rotor through the __________.


55. Which combustible element in fuel oil is considered a significant and major source of air pollution?


56. Improper fuel oil burner atomization can be generally attributed to __________.


57. White stack smoke from a main propulsion boiler could indicate __________.


58. In a closed steam and water cycle, which of the conditions listed could prevent main condenser vacuum from reaching the desired level?


59. The property of a fuel oil which is a measurement of its available energy, is known as its __________.


60. Fine metallic particles, which may originate from wear or failure of the lube oil service pump internal parts, are prevented from contaminating the bearings served by the lube oil system by __________.


61. Fuel oil is transferred from storage tanks to the settling tanks to allow for __________.


62. Fuel oil accumulation in a boiler double front is generally caused by __________.


63. In order to operate the main engine with only the high pressure turbine in service, the unit should be arranged __________.


64. You are standing a sea watch in the engine room of a steam vessel. To operate at maximum efficiency, adjustments to the boiler combustion control system should be made by setting the __________.


65. In a double reduction gear, the function of a quill shaft is to provide flexibility between the second reduction pinion and the __________.


66. The labyrinth packing ring in an inter-stage diaphragm of an impulse turbine is prevented from rotating by __________.


67. Boiler refractories previously baked out and fired are most sensitive to __________.


68. Boiler water samples should be circulated through a cooling coil prior to analysis because __________.


69. Which system should be used when required to raise the water level in an idle boiler?


70. Which statement is true concerning two-stage air ejector assemblies?


71. Auxiliary steam at full operating pressure is supplied from the boiler directly to the __________.


72. The primary function of the contaminated drain inspection tank is to __________.


73. One of the most effective methods of improving purification in tubular and disk type centrifugal purifiers is to __________.


74. The internal feed pipe of a power boiler distributes the feed water into the __________.


75. Cooling water to the vent condenser in a DC heater is supplied by the __________.


76. What is the type of piston is commonly used for four cycle engines?


77. A lathe dog filled with a headless set screw, is known as a________.


78. It is known as a __________ lathe dog filled with a headless screw.


79. ___________ lathe dog is known which is filled with headless screw.


80. What kind of lathe dog which is filled with headless screw?


81. ___________ is filled with headless screw lathe dog ?


82. The main difference between a common lathe dog and a safety lathe dog is that the later _________.


83. Working during milling operation on hard metal materials for an accurate and efficient machining, the major or important parts of the electric driven milling machine are __________. I- dividing head II-table III-tailstock


84. What is the best tool to use for removing the carbon ridge at the top of an engine cylinder, prior to removing the piston?


85. Bunker "C" fuel oil is heated even before atomization to __________.


86. What is the best in-place cleaning medium for turbine compressor?


87. Copper piping is used in R-12 systems due to __________.


88. If the intercooler of a low-pressure air compressor becomes fouled either internally or externally, then the _______________.


89. If a fire occurs in the boiler room as a result of a leaking fuel line, you must IMMEDIATELY ____________.


90. The lube oil temperature leaving the lube oil coolers is controlled by throttling the_____________.


91. Why are strainers mounted in boiler fuel oil service lines?


92. Maintaining the lowest possible scavenging air temperatureat all times in a marine diesel engine is not recommended because of the possibility of the __________.


93. Maintaining the lowest possible scavenging air temperatureat all times in a marine diesel engine is not recommended because of the possibility of the __________.


94. To avoid vibration damage to the fuel supply line of a diesel engine, you may use __________.


95. The main function of the relief valve in a fuel oil service system is to __________.


96. Relief valves in the fuel oil service system releases to either the service pump suction or the __________.


97. Why is that fuel oil is first transferred to the settling tanks from storage tank?


98. What is the main reason for having a low suction line on the fuel oil service or settling tanks?


99. With reference to bunkering operation, the innitial step in avoiding oil spill going overboard is to _________.


100. When you are transferring fuel oil to the storage tanks, precaution to be observed consist of _____________.


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