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1. What kind of equipment is used to determine the specific gravity of oil?


2. Why is an upper limit switch used when handling lifeboat tools?


3. Why is an upper limit switch used when handling lifeboat tools?


4. To prevent excessive pressures in the fuel oil filing system during bunkering, you should ___________..


5. Theoretically propellers are either right hand or left hand depending on their rotation when observed from _____.


6. Main air compressor is used for launching of main engine at pressure of ____________ bar.


7. The potable water piping systems in ships needs to be ____________.


8. Ejectors are described as simple, reliable, inexpensive, effective and ______________.


9. What is used for bilge systems, evaporators and gas freeing systems on tanks?


10. A pneumatic pressure tank is installed in a hygienic system to _____________.


11. The feedwater in an auxiliary boiler should be chemically assessed daily for alkalinity and __________.


12. What is the efffect of improper fireside water washing of a steam boiler?


13. Steam boiler tube breakdown can result from ___________


14. As part of a safe and effective maintenance onboard, what is the first valve to be opened after completing the assembly of a newly ovehauled and clean big luboil cooler?


15. Oil consumption, engine wear and friction in a diesel engine are directly relayed to _____________ of the oil.


16. Heavy soot accumulations in an auxiliary boiler could be an effect of ______.


17. What does it mean if a metal can be easily drawn, stamped, or hammered out thin?


18. Phenolphthalein indicator is used to measure boiler water for _________.


19. Why phosphates are used in the chemical treatment of boiler water? To _____.


20. Which statement is TRUE with regards to mechanical seals?


21. A stopper is inserted into the spout of a closed container which contain water heated to a temperature of 100 degrees. If additional thermal energy is imparted, what changes will take effect to the pressure and temperature inside the container?


22. The position of a vessel’s frame stations may be obtained from which of the listed drawings?


23. Any unusual, or new vibration in the hull or propeller shafting can be a sign of ____________.


24. Helical gears are preferred over spur gears for reduction gear units considering that they _______.


25. A special grade steel with an "H" remark is used by the classification societies to denote __________.


26. What is the limit of an angle from which the rudder angle should not exceed?


27. What is the curvature of the deck in a longitudinal direction measured between the deck height at midships and the particular point on the deck?


28. Which one is fitted between oil tanks and other compartments and has to be at least 760mm. wide?


29. Who among the following authorities must be consulted on draught of vessel and trim required before getting into the drydock?


30. The stability of a ship is similar as that of a solid object and the influence on the center of gravity of the ship depends upon its position relative to that point is called ___________.


31. Which of the following places should be locked up before entering the drydock?


32. What is the purpose of the propeller fair water cone?


33. A vessel whose fuel tanks are half full is expose to ___________


34. You may progress a vessel’s stability by________


35. How is the wear of a lower main bearing on a large low-speed propulsion diesel engine usually determined?


36. If there is an adjustment in the degree of fuel atomization in a diesel engine, what could be greatly affected in the combustion process?


37. For a constant operation of diesel engine, why is it that the use of a duplex filter unit would be the best arrangement?


38. If oil mist detector takes a succession of air samples from all the compartments within the crankcase, then when will the oil mist detector alarm activates?


39. To effectively limit the load of diesel engines, what component must governors be equipped with?


40. Immediately after any diesel engine is started, the engineer needs to check the ______________.


41. Which of the following situations could contribute to the cracking of a diesel engine cylinder head?


42. Prior to starting, what is the purpose of turning over a main propulsion diesel engine with the cylinder test cocks open?


43. How often should the compressor side of the turbo charger be cleansed


44. On modern vessels, what valve type is most commonly used in conjunction with hydraulically actuated controls?


45. If an operating bilge pump is developing good vacuum, but it is unable to discharge any water, then what problem is the most probable cause?


46. What control measures must be done before putting into operation a steam driven cargo pumps?


47. When making entries in the Oil Record Book, all quantities needs to be _____ .


48. What is the lowest temperature at which fuel combustion becomes self-sustaining in the presence of a source of ignition ?


49. In a diesel engine cooling water system, a pH of 6.0 means a/an __________.


50. Besides sodium, and sulfur as a component of residual oil, what can result to exhaust valve grooving and corrosion?


51. What is the reason of the possibility of non-atomized fuel dripping from the fuel injection nozzles after injection of the fine fuel mist has finished?


52. An air conditioning system with clogged filters will have the condition ____________________.


53. An increased in heat load in an R-12 refrigerant system will result to _________________.


54. What is the part of diesel generator engine that must be checked first if heavy smoke is emitting from the funnel during it's operation?


55. When the turbocharger air cooler have insufficient cooling ______________ will occur.


56. A limited air intake to a diesel engine may result in the engine __________.


57. What condition is indicated by the presence of water in the scavenging air receiver?


58. After a normal firing, you should watch out for a/an __________.


59. A sudden increase in lube oil pressure to the main turbine defines __________.


60. Excessive thrust bearing wear in a main propulsion turbine rotor should FIRST become noticeable by __________.


61. Steam supply for the operation of the low pressure evaporators may be acquired directly from the __________.


62. Short cycling of a refrigeration compressor regards to__________.


63. When liquid reaches the compressor of a refrigeration system through the suction line, the status is called __________.


64. What is the pressure range between the system cut-in and cut-out pressures in a refrigeration unit?


65. To decrease pulsations in pipe lines, the discharge side of a steam reciprocating feed pump is equipped with a/an __________.


66. What condition causes the feed pump for an auxiliary boiler to lose suction?


67. What is the correct procedure in order to prevent inadequate discharge of a reciprocating bilge pump?


68. If an operating horizontal centrifugal pump becomes air bound, then you must vent it at the____________.


69. Lantern rings are provided on centrifugal pumps with the purpose of _________.


70. Why centrifugal types of pumps fail to discharge liquid?


71. Which of the following is used to lessen cargo pump leakage to the pump room bilge of most tanker vessels?


72. Which of the following could be the reason why centrifugal pump may fall short to deliver water whenstarted?


73. Which among the statements is correct regarding the starting of centrifugal pump?


74. What is the purpose of wearing ring in the centrifugal pump?


75. When re-assembling the bowl of a disc-type centrifuge, the bowl locking ring is revolved __________.


76. What is the substance that can be satisfactorily removed from diesel fuel by centrifuging?


77. Whether using a centrifuge or a simple filter, oil cleaning and filtration will be the most successful when the oil is at a __________.


78. Every time a tanker vessel will commence transferring petroleum cargoes, which of the following needs to be carried out?


79. Those reports that are to be submitted by the master and the agent are regarded as_____________


80. What is the process of killing the ineffective bacteria from the water so as to make it safe for drinking?


81. What is the process of killing the ineffective bacteria from the water so as to make it safe for drinking?


82. Which of these areas is known an enclosed space?


83. The most vital of all UN treaties dealing maritime safety is the ____________.


84. MARPOL 73/78 encloses not only accidental and operational oil pollution but NOT pollution by _________.


85. The purpose of GMDSS is to secure that no matter where the ship is it can_________.


86. Which among the following is the most ideal in keeping behavioral working group?


87. What is a significant economic impact of automation of ships?


88. Who is accountable to the Operation Manager for the technical aspects and seaworthiness of the ships, except for the engineering spaces and personnel?


89. As per the ISM Code, in matters of safety and pollution prevention, whose commitment, competence, attitudes and motivation establishes the end result?


90. Who shall provide evidence of its commitment to the improvement and implementation of the QMS and continually developing its effectiveness?


91. Which of the following document is used to determine lowest number of crew that can safely run a vessel?


92. Closing mechanism of water tight doors must be assessed of its effective operation every __________.


93. Oil pollution regulations require any transfer, or discharge of oil or oily water should be documented in ________.


94. Under the ISM Code, what is an identifiable deviation that consists a serious threat to the safety of personnel or a serious risk to the environment that requires immediate corrective action and includes the lack of effective and systematic implementation?


95. What is the objective evaluation of all facts, opinions, statements, physical evedince and related information, as well as determined action steps to reduce the possibility of recurrence?


96. What refers to building objectives and processes necessary to deliver results in accordance with customer requirements and the organization's policies?


97. The purging point on some compressors inlow pressure refrigeration systems is joined to the ________.


98. What tool is used to measure the calorific value of any fuel?


99. Progressive flooding on a MODU is monitored by securing watertight boundaries and _____________.


100. When modifying a lube oil purifier from a separator to a clarifier, you ______________.


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