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1. During loading the cargo hose joint or coupling starts to leak badly, what needs to be done?


2. Which of the following warnings may indicate there is serious water contamination in the M/E lube oil system ?


3. Which of the following methods will tell you that the lube oil being used by the engine is still in good condition?


4. Which of the following methods will tell you that the lube oil being used by the engine is still in good condition?


5. Accepted boiler water treatment includes repeated blow down, adding sodium carbonate to maintain an excess alkalinity for preventing corrosion, and adding __________.


6. Where is sludge most likely to be developed?


7. Excessive oxygen in boiler water is usually the end result of __________.


8. What will happen to the magnesium and calcium if they are not taken out before they got to the boiler?


9. Where do chloride accumulate in a steaming boiler?


10. In a distilling plant, air and non-condensable gases tend to assemble in the _____________.


11. What is used to get rid of scale from feed heater of a flash evaporator?


12. A fluctuating and unsteady vacuum in an evaporator may be a result of ___________.


13. Electrohydraulic steering units are secured from pounding forces by _________.


14. What is the emergency action to be taken if the bridge telemotor unit fails?


15. Which of the following would be an signal of air entrainment in a hydraulic steering system?


16. Hand operated gear pumps suited in the hydraulic steering system are to be used only for emergency steering ___________.


17. Regarding the thermo hydraulic feedwater regulator, creation of steam in the outer tube is caused by _________.


18. A combustible gas indicator is gauging an explosive atmosphere. What will the needle do?


19. A vessel is equipped with automatic combustion. While the boiler was steaming, the steam started to cycle along with intermittent black smoke, this would occur due to ___________.


20. What do you plug into a flame jack to assess a flame control scanner?


21. What is the result of foreign matter in the oil of a hydraulic transmission?


22. A restrictor valve in a hydraulic hatch cover system _______________________.


23. What is a gas pocket formed in a liquid due to decreased pressure?


24. Instead of air, why do we use nitrogen with oil in closed hydraulic accumulator system?


25. What is the quantity or condition that is measured and controlled?


26. When the vessel’s steering wheel on the navigation bridge is turned, what then is the difference existing between the position of the wheel and that of the rudder?


27. Any constraint in the instrument air piping of a pneumatic control system will _________.


28. Restrictions occurring in the small orifices of pneumatic control system components can be results of____________.


29. If the loading air pressure for a diaphragm controlled valve falls below the designed operating pressure, the valve will _________.


30. In a pneumatic automation system, a unit creating a signal to govern the position of the controller of the measured variable, relative to the value of the measured variable, is said to have __________.


31. What is the most usual cause of machinery vibrations when the vessel is maneuvering?


32. The progress in internal leakage, in addition to poor hydraulic response and inadequate lubrication is a result of __________.


33. If the salinity indicator placed in the main condensate pump discharge piping causes an alarm to sound there is a danger of __________.


34. What is an indication of an overloaded main propulsion diesel engine?


35. An auxiliary diesel engine may fall short to start due to __________.


36. Which of the following conditions is most likely to happen if the electric starter motor pinion gear fails to disengage from the flywheel of a diesel engine after the engine has started?


37. A smoking burner in anautomatic auxilliary boiler is a result of _____.


38. Air trapped in the hydraulic fluid of steering system would be identified by ______.


39. A loud clicking noise from the valve compartment of an operating diesel engine would indicate _______.


40. A diesel engine fails to start, even though it can be barred over, but not cranked over.The probable reason is __________.


41. What have happened when there is enough supply of fuel oil and engine failed to turn over after air staring valve has opened?


42. What is the cause if there is a charge air pressure drop in a generator engine?


43. What is the effect if the foundation bolt for a reciprocating air compressor are loose?


44. If there is too much freon in the refrigeration system, the result will be ____________.


45. The concentration of total dissolved solids in the water in a boiler could increase as a result of _________.


46. The direct cause of a crankcase explosion will cause _________.


47. Turbocharger that has dirty blower could lead to __________.


48. What could be the possible reason why a main diesel engine fires violently when starting ?


49. What is the ultimate care that should be taken to guard against water hammer in steam piping?


50. What will be the effect of a faulty fuel injector nozzle in a diesel engine operation?


51. When any low pressure distilling plant is manipulated with less than the designed vacuum, the _______.


52. Water emulsification of water in engine lubricating oil will lead to __________.


53. When fuel oil has seriously contaminated your lube oil, you need to __________..


54. The most recurrent cause of fires on tank vessels is _____________. .


55. A dent in a cylinder liner can be caused by ____________..


56. What may cause an unrelenting gland packing leakage on a reciprocating steam pump?


57. A dirty intercooler on the ship's service air compressor will cause ______________.


58. What is the cause if a motor driven air compressor repetitive blows fuses upon starting?


59. Air blowing from the intake air filter of an operating air compressor specifies _________.


60. Excessively minimal air pressure in the intercooler of reciprocating air compressor would be caused by ____________.


61. What will occur if there is late fuel injection in a diesel engine?


62. What is the possible cause for a turbo-charged four-stroke cycle diesel engine to have a high exhaust gas temperatures from all cylinders?


63. Theoretically, the operating speed of a turbocharger is depending on the ____________.


64. What could be the possible cause why a diesel generator engine freely turns over but unsuccessful to ignite properly?


65. What is the normal pH Value range of feed water to the boiler?


66. If two different fuel oil are mixed in one tank during bunkering, what substance will be produced?


67. One way of non-destructive examination of surface for crack is through ________.


68. Oil contamination or deposits can be detached from the waterside of boiler "boiling out" with a/an _____.


69. When washing the fireside of a boiler with water, which method should you follow?


70. A knocking noise from one cylinder of an operating reciprocating air compressor shows _______.


71. In the operation of an auxiliary boiler onboard, there was a concern where the feed pump can hardly fill up the need of the drum coming from the cascade tank. The most probable cause of this problem is due to ____________.


72. Turbocharger which has a dirty suction air filter will resullt to __________.


73. Very small irregularities on the seat and disk of a globe valve may be manually fixed with the valve in place by the process known as____________.Very small irregularities on the seat and disk of a globe valve may be manually fixed with the valve in place by the process known as____________.


74. What condition will result to "panting" in steaming auxililiary boiler?


75. What governed the statutory regulations?


76. Which of the following is not indicated in the three most important impact on the design and construction?


77. Which of the following manufacturer's instructions manuals needs to be consulted for the maintenance and repair procedures which differ from one engine to another?


78. The reason of an intercooler installed on a high pressure starting air compressor is to ___________.


79. Air is normally bled from a diesel engine fuel system upon __________.


80. Water regulating valves are installed to differ the water flow through the water cooled refrigeration condensers in response to __________.


81. What is the component for a refrigeration system is required for a two box system, but not for a one box system?


82. The refrigerant flow through a thermostatic expansion valve is at its best when the __________.


83. What is the function of the hydraulic telemotor transmitter used in an electro-hydraulic steering gear system?


84. What is the purpose of nozzles in a liquid mud system?


85. When a refrigerated space reaches the desired temperature in a multi-box refrigeration system, what action will occur FIRST?


86. When used for regulating fluid through a pipng system, what is the valve that could be damage?


87. What would be the best effect if the compensating adjusting needle in a hydraulic governor was not adjusted properly?


88. Where are contaminated drains commenced to the main feed system?


89. Heavy carbon accumulation in an auxiliary boiler was a result of _________________.


90. What is the reason why anti-friction bearings should not be excessively lubricated?


91. Fuel oil is transported into the settling tank so the oil may be ______________.


92. Burning fuel with a high sulfur content in a diesel engine will have effect of ______________. .


93. When there is a sudden increase of lubricating oil pump discharge pressure in a force feed lubricating. system, you should FIRST check the ______________.


94. What is the condition that will cause excessive lube oil consumption in a diesel engine?


95. Why is it that oil oxidation as a result of excessively high lube oil temperature is harmful to a diesel engine?


96. What are the two most important function of oil additives?


97. Failure to use the turning gear prior to warming up a mainturbine will break the __________.


98. A low discharge pressure in a refrigerating compressor maybe an effect of __________.


99. What does not cause high suction pressure?


100. If you hear a 'crackling' sound while standing on watch in the engine room the most probable position of the noise would be the __________.


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