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1. The frame size of a non-adjustable molded case circuit breakers are expressed in __________.


2. Motor controllers are seldom troubled with grounds due to __________.


3. What is the function of a cage rotor winding placed on the rotor of a synchronous motor?


4. What is the function of the auto-transformers used with the starters of large AC motors?


5. What is the sign of sparking at the brushes of a running motor?


6. All electric cables run through watertight bulkheads shall be __________.


7. Which of the listed instruments can be best use to locate a grounded coil in a synchronous motor?


8. What kind of circuit that has one wire in contact with the hull of a ship?


9. What will exist if an operating D.C. generator's voltage when the field resistance is increased?


10. Wiring aboard ship from the switchboard to the panel boxes and branch circuits is installed by __________.


11. Which statement is true regarding step-up transformers?


12. Which statement is true regarding step-down transformers?


13. It is found in primary of a transformer if the secondary is stepped up?


14. When secondary of a transformer is stepped down, the primary will be __________.


15. Which of the following characteristics has a "Low Voltage Release" (LVR) protection, being used in some shipboard motor starters and other control equipment?


16. Current measuring instruments must be connected in __________.


17. Which of the following manual means is commonly used if a controlled system fails to operate?


18. What part of the human body that corresponds to the computer in an automated plant?


19. A transducer in automation is a part that __________.


20. Valves and motors are automatically controlled by __________.


21. Which of the following cannot be done by automatic printer in an unmanned machinery spaces (UMS)?


22. The monitoring system that tests the plant to read its temperatures and pressures is called __________.


23. What kind of tube is used to transmit a mechanical movement?


24. What metals are used as a linear resistance in a Wheatstone bridge for temperature indicating results?


25. The reference input and feedback signals are compared in __________.


26. The system has a means of comparing the actual output with the desired output, the results of their comparison that are used to determine corrective changes in the system, is called __________.


27. What button is used in silencing an audio alarm after the engineer has determined the malfunction?


28. Which of the following, that upon receiving a control signal it can carry out the necessary operations of a control system?


29. It is combined processes used aboard ship that have the ability to control work, notify the operator of its status and warn of malfunctions?


30. What scheme in which the value of a process is compared against a desired value and corrective action taken to correct the deviation without the use of human help?


31. In automated system, which of the following permit the operator to use a valve or control in case of a failure of the system in use?


32. What is the set point or reference input signal for the desired level the engineer wishes in an automatic system to maintain?


33. The ability of a material to allow electrons to flow is called __________.


34. What part in electronic system that allows electrons to flow in one direction but is highly resistant to the flow of current in the opposite direction?


35. The use of low voltage and low power signals in the field of communications and computers for the purpose of control, logic computation and transmission of information is __________.


36. A photo electric cell in an automated oil burner that is energized by light energy from a fire is called __________.


37. A components and parts that physically make up a computer is known as __________.


38. An electrical parts that make a high energy spark to jump across a gap in order to light off a burner is called __________.


39. What do you call a manual process whereby information is not fed back to the control system?


40. What is a contactless type switch working on the principle of a magnet on the moving leg and a coil on the fixed leg?


41. An electrical part consisting of a coil that when energized it will open or close one or more contactors is called a __________.


42. What is a pneumatic part that sense pressure, temperature and level and convert them into a pneumatic equivalent for display, evaluation and control?


43. Which of the following is a function of voltage regulators used in AC generators?


44. A direct current from a separate source is passed through the windings of the rotor in an AC generator by __________.


45. A single-phase induction motors that has a relatively high starting torque is __________.


46. The part of the line current that flow in a compound-wound motor is ___________.


47. What is used to control the propeller speed of an AC synchronous motor turbo-electric power plant?


48. The purpose of the commutator in a DC motor is to __________.


49. What is the result if an induction motor were run at 90 percent rated voltage?


50. The factor responsible for the change in voltage as load is applied to an AC generator with constant speed and excitation is __________.


51. Which of the following is not a part of a squirrel cage motor?


52. Which of the following determines the speed of a squirrel cage induction motor.


53. Most common type of AC service generator found aboard ship is __________.


54. The function of the auxiliary winding in a split-phase, single-phase motor is to __________.


55. The result on the FREQUENCY of the incoming alternator at the time the circuit breaker is closed during parallel operation with one on the line will __________.


56. What is the outcome if a three-phase induction motor is operated under a light load and it develops an open in one of its supply lines?


57. A fuse will be “blown” if ________.


58. A current-carrying conductor that makes accidental contact with a wiring conduit will __________.


59. The electrical connection between the wiring of an electric motor and its metal frame is __________.


60. What is the cause of discoloration of the rotor bars in a squirrel cage motors?


61. The rotor of a motor protected when disassembled for maintenance or overhaul be __________.


62. The defect if a three-phase, squirrel cage, induction motor will run hot is __________.


63. What is a small generator whose output is proportional to speed?


64. It is used to avoid an alarm from ringing because of a variation in level due to the rolling of the ship is called__________.


65. What action has to be taken in checking faulty electric control equipments?


66. What part of the transformer will overload if connected to a DC source?


67. A device that protect and sustained overload in a molded-case circuit breakers is __________.


68. What controls the frequency of an operating alternator?


69. Which of the following motor is fitted with an operating alternator?


70. Which of the following circuits in a sound-powered telephone system has a correct definition?


71. What is the unit of capacitive reactance in AC circuits?


72. What measures pressure and converts it into an electrical signal?


73. If a resistor is in parallel to the output of a power supply, it will __________.


74. What is the objective of a step-down potential transformer?


75. What does ambient temperature means?


76. What statement is true concerning a split-phase induction motor?


77. Any construction of electric motor is made to be __________.


78. What is true concerning the operating feature of a squirrel cage motor?


79. Low voltage winding when a transformer is used for step down, the voltage is ___________.


80. Which statement is true during the charging of a lead-acid storage battery?


81. What is the effect if less resistance is applied to the shunt field of a DC motor?


82. What should be done when the voltage to be measured in the circuit is not known?


83. What will be the result if you reverse any two of the three rotor leads on a wound-rotor induction motor?


84. What is the feature of a wound-rotor induction motor with a high resistance rotor winding?


85. Which statement is true in the resistance of copper material due to temperature change?


86. The speed of a 2-speed squirrel cage induction motor is changed under normal condition by __________.


87. The principle that a transformer works is called __________.


88. What is true if the counter EMF of a DC motor is at maximum?


89. What is the induction motor with a low resistance motor winding?


90. What effect occurs on idle electrical equipments such as cargo pump motors?


91. What is critical in determining the size of cable to be used in a particular circuit?


92. What circuit uses a dual-element fuse?


93. Why is copper often used as an electrical conductor?


94. What is the trouble if a magnetic controller contacts become welded together during operation?


95. What is the use of an ohmmeter?


96. It is the requirement of logical troubleshooting of electrical equipment is:


97. What is the purpose of ventilating battery rooms?


98. When checking the specific gravity of battery electrolyte with a hydrometer, the __________.


99. What should be check if a lead-acid battery is to be considered fully charged?


100. Which of the following solid AWG wire sizes has the least cross-sectional area?


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