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1. The amount of oil atomized by a straight mechanical fuel oil burner depends on the sprayer plate size and the __________.


2. What are the two most common gases that dissolve in boiler water and cause corrosion on the internal parts of the boiler?


3. Which of the following represents a significant system limitation to be aware of when a burner management system is operated in the 'HAND' mode?


4. What happens to the steam as it moves across the moving blades in a reaction turbine?


5. An advantage of using boiler furnace studded water wall tubes packed with refractory is that __________.


6. If the water level in the boiler water gage glass is not in sight and the automatic feed water regulator is in the closed position, the __________.


7. Which of the following systems is designed to use auxiliary exhaust steam?


8. During cold ship start-up, you should open the feed water outlet and condensate valves to a DC heater in order to __________.


9. In a boiler automation system, if a burner fuel oil solenoid valve continually trips closed under normal steaming conditions, you should __________.


10. The “end point for combustion” for a boiler furnace is reached whenever __________.


11. While your vessel is steaming with one boiler, the automatic combustion control system sensing line for the idle boiler is accidentally opened. How will this effect the steaming boiler?


12. Packing rings installed on auxiliary turbines are generally lubricated by __________.


13. When the automatic combustion control fails, what should you do to control the air supply to a boiler?


14. In a boiler water gage glass, a ball check valve is installed on the __________.


15. In an automatically fired boiler, the steam pressure regulator controls the supply of fuel oil to the burners by responding to variations in the __________.


16. Vent condensers are usually an integral part of deaerating feed heaters and serve to condense __________.


17. The greatest deterrent to heat transfer from the fireside to the waterside of a boiler is __________.


18. For a large main propulsion turbine, the most commonly used turbine thrust bearing is the __________.


19. The minimum feed water inlet temperature to a boiler economizer is determined by the __________.


20. In automated boiler operations, a dirty flame scanner will most likely result in __________.


21. The two-element feed water regulator functions similarly to the three-element feed water regulator, but does not utilize __________.


22. The purpose of the re-circulating line between the turbine driven feed pump and the DC heater is to __________.


23. If a quantity of saturated steam consists of 90 percent steam and 10 percent moisture, the quality of the mixture is __________.


24. When too much excess air is supplied to an operating boiler, the __________.


25. Which of the listed types of strainers are installed between the fuel oil heater and the burner manifold?


26. Dissolved and suspended solids in boiler water are kept at minimum levels by __________.


27. Bi-color water level indicators, connected directly to the boiler drum, operate on the principle of _________.


28. The difference between the temperature of the condensate discharge and the temperature corresponding to the vacuum being maintained at the exhaust inlet to the main condenser is defined as __________.


29. If the bellows in a thermo-hydraulic feed water control valve ruptures, the boiler water level will _________.


30. Feed water heaters are used aboard steam vessels to reduce thermal shock to the boiler and to _________.


31. As the percentage of CO2 in the stack gas decreases, you can assume that __________.


32. The valve located between the fuel oil header and the burner valve is known as the __________.


33. The end product of reactions occurring when boiler water is chemically treated, remain in the boiler and increase the need for __________.


34. The purpose of the mica used in a boiler water gage glass assembly is to prevent __________.


35. When the flame scanner senses flame failure during boiler operation, which of the listed events will occur first?


36. Most marine boilers are designed to produce __________.


37. Excessive combustion air in a boiler is indicated by the flame ends appearing as a/an __________.


38. Fuel oil atomizers are used in boilers to __________.


39. A continuous blow is used to __________.


40. Which of the following statements is correct regarding axial thrust in a high pressure velocity- compounded turbine?


41. Where is the “dry pipe” located in a boiler?


42. The weight of saturated steam is a factor dependent upon its __________.


43. The pressure in the feed water system must exceed boiler steam drum pressure in order to _________.


44. Steam line water hammer can be best prevented by __________.


45. The photoelectric cell installed as part of the combustion safety controls of an automatically fired boiler will __________.


46. The glass used in a flat-type boiler water gage is protected from the hot steam and water by a/an __________.


47. In a given weight of steam, four-fifths is vapor and one-fifth is moisture. The steam in this mixture is best described as __________.


48. Increasing the temperature of the feed water entering the steam drum will ultimately result in a/an __________.


49. Condensate is pumped from the condenser to the DC heater instead of directly to the boiler because __________.


50. In what section of a boiler would you find a steam quality of 90%?


51. Fuel oil viscosity to the atomizer can be reduced by __________.


52. To minimize axial thrust in an impulse turbine, equalizing holes are located __________.


53. If the low water level alarm sounds on an automatically fired boiler, and the low water cut-out fails to function you must immediately __________.


54. Combustion control systems on automatic boilers are designed to prevent immediate burner ignition after a normal or safety shutdown in order to allow time for __________.


55. If it is necessary to operate a turbine driven main feed pump at shut off head, or at less than 20% of its rated capacity, what will prevent the pump from overheating?


56. Discharging an excessive amount of cold water into the DC heater during normal steaming conditions could cause __________.


57. The turndown ratio an automatic combustion control system is the ratio __________.


58. A bridge gage is normally used to determine turbine __________.


59. Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR) requires machinery driving the fuel oil transfer and fuel oil service pumps to be fitted with a remote means of stopping that machinery __________.


60. If a ship is to be laid up for an indefinite period, the saltwater side of the main condenser should be __________.


61. Assume that steam has formed in a boiler in which all of the steam stop valves are closed, and the water level is held constant. When there is an increase in the temperature of the steam and water in the boiler, which of the following effects will occur on the pressure and the specific volume of the steam?


62. When a mixture of steam and water in a boiler has reached the point at which no further change in state can occur with the addition of heat, the mixture is considered to have reached its __________.


63. If the water level cannot be seen in the lower part of the boiler gage glass, which of the following actions must be carried out immediately?


64. Fuel oil solenoid valves at the burner fronts should be of the manual reset type to __________.


65. In a properly designed boiler, which of the end points should be reached first?


66. To obtain the best mixing of air and fuel with a fuel oil atomizer, you need to adjust the __________.


67. Dissolved oxygen can be removed from the boiler water by __________.


68. Which of the following statements is true concerning a photocell flame scanning system?


69. When a turbine is in operation, a rotor position micrometer is used to determine any change in rotor __________.


70. How is the nozzle in a nozzle reaction safety valve held in place?


71. If the control air pressure for an automatic combustion control system is lost during maneuvering, you should immediately __________.


72. A turbine-driven centrifugal feed pump used for boiler feed service should normally be stopped by __________.


73. In addition to monitoring flame quality, flame scanners are used in combustion control systems to __________.


74. Fuel oil passing through the burners is divided into fine particles by the __________.


75. If an automatically fired burner ignites repeatedly goes out within two seconds, the cause could be a/an __________.


76. A sulfite test is conducted on boiler water to check for __________.


77. Which of the following represents the function of the diffuser used with a mechanical atomizing oil burner?


78. Coast Guard regulations require that the relieving capacity of boiler safety valves must be checked __________.


79. Which of the following statements represents the function of a turbine gland exhaust condenser?


80. A centrifuge should satisfactorily remove which of the listed substances from lube oil?


81. If a burner were inserted too far into the boiler furnace, it could cause carbon deposits on the _________.


82. Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR) permit repairs and adjustments to boiler safety valves while installed on a main propulsion boiler and may be made by __________.


83. Which of the following statements best describes the actions occurring to the oil as it flows through a disk type centrifugal purifier?


84. The phrase “boiler water column” as defined in the regulations, refers to the __________.


85. Which of the following boiler stack (smoke color) conditions indicates efficient combustion?


86. Low steam pressure in a steaming boiler can be caused by __________.


87. Boiler fuel savings gained by the use of an economizer can amount to __________.


88. A photoelectric cell is installed in an oil fired boiler safeguard system to introduce proper resistance values to the electronic control circuit. This device is primarily sensitive to __________.


89. Treatment of boiler feed-water for the control of hardness is necessary to prevent __________.


90. In a DC heater, which source of steam is commonly used to heat and deaerate condensate?


91. If the boiler water level of one boiler drops out of sight while your vessel is steaming, and the burners have been secured, you should __________.


92. When a high pressure turbine is operating at sea speed, the pressure of the steam leaking through the shaft gland packing may be slightly higher than the pressure setting of the gland seal regulator. In this situation, the excess steam at the regulator is directed to the __________.


93. Which of the following statements best describes the actions occurring to the oil as it flows through a disk type centrifugal purifier?


94. Dissolved oxygen in the condensate can result from __________.


95. In a disk type centrifugal purifier, the bowl is mounted on the upper end of the __________.


96. Which of the listed substances from lube oil a centrifuge should satisfactorily remove?


97. Insufficient air for combustion in a boiler furnace could result in a __________.


98. One function of the disks, in a disk-type centrifugal purifier, is to divide the bowl space into many separate passages to __________.


99. Flame scanners are used with boiler combustion control systems to monitor flame quality and to __________.


100. Ultraviolet light sensing flame scanners installed on an automated main propulsion boiler are designed so they __________.


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