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1. C6 - On 11 February your 1832 zone time DR position is LONG 110°52.6' W. At that time you observe Polaris with a sextant altitude (hs) of 26°19.8'. The chronometer time of the sight is 01h 34m 56s, and the chronometer error is 02m 16s fast. The index error is 2.7' off the arc, and the height of eye is 60.2 feet. What is your latitude by Polaris?


2. C6 - The highest point on your towboat is 67 feet above the water, and the Helena Gage reads +22.3 feet. What is the vertical clearance when you pass under the A-span of the Helena Highway Bridge?


3. C6 - Vessels should maintain a sharp lookout, especially during December through March, when navigating the right whale's only known calving grounds which lie off the coasts of __________.


4. C6 - What option does an Electronic Plotting Aid (EPA) not have?


5. C6 - When navigating using GPS, what is an indicator of the geometry of the satellites that your receiver is locked onto?


6. C6 - When using a radar in an unstabilized mode, fixes are determined most easily from __________.


7. C6 - When using a recording depth finder in the open ocean, what phenomena is most likely to produce a continuous trace that may not be from the actual ocean bottom?


8. C6 - When using an Electronic Plotting Aid (EPA), what should you consider in order to evaluate the information displayed?


9. C6 - When using the ARPA in heavy rain, which action should you take?


10. C6 - When using the Electronic Plotting Aid (EPA) in heavy rain, which action should you take?


11. C6 - When using the radar for navigating __________.


12. C6 - Which will cause the ARPA to emit either, or both, a visual or audible alarm?


13. C6 - You are approaching a sea buoy which emits a racon signal. This signal is most frequently triggered by which type of radar?


14. C6 - You are using a radar in which your own ship is shown at the center, and the heading flash always points to 0°. If bearings are measured in relation to the flash, what type of bearings are produced?


15. C6 - You have another ship overtaking you close aboard to starboard. You have 3 radar targets bearing 090° relative at ranges of .5 mile, 1 mile, and 1.5 miles. In this case, the unwanted echoes are called __________.


16. C6 - Your radar displays your ship off center. As you proceed on your course, your ship's marker moves on the PPI scope while echoes from land masses remain stationary. What is this display called?


17. C6 - Your radar has a beam width of 2°. The radar gyro bearing of the right tangent of an island is 316°. The gyro error is 1°E. Which true bearing should be plotted on the chart?


18. C6 - Your radar indicates a target; however, there is no visible object at the point indicated. A large mountain, approximately 50 miles away on the same bearing as the target, is breaking the horizon. You should suspect the radar target is caused by __________.


19. C6 - Your radar is set on a true motion display. Which of the following will appear to move across the PPI scope ?


20. C6 - What is used to warn the observer if ang distinguishable target closes to a chosen range or transit a zone chosen by the observer?


21. C6 - Which condition indicates that your radar needs maintenance?


22. C6 - A great circle track would be most advantageous when compared to the rhumb line track on which route? (Use gnomonic tracking chart WOXZC 5274)


23. C6 - At 1227, on 19 October, you pass under the Greenville Highway Bridge (mile 531.3 AHP). What speed must you average to arrive at Jimmy Hawken Light (mile 663.5 AHP) at 0930 the following day?


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