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1. If you noticed smoke is coming from the crankcase exhaust fan outlet of an operating diesel engine, you would suspect __________.


2. If a clicking sound is being produced from within the valve compartment of a diesel engine, the cause may be __________.


3. The operating speed of a turbocharger is directly dependent upon __________.


4. The bore of a diesel engine describes the __________.


5. The starting air rotates a diesel engine at the proper speed, but the engine fails to start. You should check __________.


6. The starting air rotates a diesel engine at the proper speed, but the engine fails to start. You should check __________.


7. At rated engine load and RPM, the diesel engine turbocharger is powered by __________.


8. Exhaust gases in a two-stroke/cycle diesel engine are discharged through __________.


9. If the speed of a turbocharged diesel engine is maintained constant as the load on the engine is increased, the speed of the turbocharger will __________.


10. Valves in the cylinder head of a diesel engine are opened by the direct action of the __________.


11. Engine displacement is equal to piston __________.


12. Most practical diesel engines today operate on a cycle which is a combination of the Diesel and Otto cycles. In this process, compression ignition __________.


13. The force exerted by a valve spring to close the diesel engine valves, is proportional to __________.


14. If a diesel engine rotates slowly when cranked but does not fire, the __________.


15. If all other conditions such as bore, stroke, speed, and mean effective pressures are equal, a two-stroke/cycle diesel engine will develop approximately __________.


16. A diesel engine may be hard to start if the __________.


17. The formation of carbon monoxide in diesel exhaust gases is reduced by __________.


18. Compared to four-stroke/cycle engines, two stroke/cycle diesel engines have the disadvantage of __________.


19. A large, low-speed, main propulsion diesel engine exhaust is designed to drain off __________.


20. Which of the following effects will excessively cold lube oil have on the operation of a diesel engine?


21. In comparing engines of equal horsepower, higher exhaust gas temperatures occur in a/an __________.


22. Decreasing the exhaust valve clearance of a diesel engine will cause the exhaust valve to open __________.


23. A disadvantage of a two-stroke/cycle diesel engine is __________.


24. A restricted diesel engine exhaust manifold operating under a normal load is indicated by __________.


25. Excessive exhaust temperatures in a two-stroke/cycle diesel engine can be caused by a/an _________.


26. High-speed, multi-cylinder, diesel engines commonly use counterweights placed opposite to the crankpins to __________.


27. A dry-type exhaust silencer clogged with soot, will cause __________.


28. Clogged or partially obstructed exhaust ports on a diesel engine can cause __________.


29. If you observe smoke coming from the turbocharger of an auxiliary diesel engine, you should __________.


30. Which of the following notations does the "N" represent in the formula for IHP= PLAN/(33000)?


31. The angular distance a flywheel rotates between the firing of the cylinders of a V-16, four-stroke/cycle diesel engine is __________.


32. Engine operating conditions may be indicated by the color of the exhaust smoke. Black smoke could indicate __________.


33. The primary purpose of the open combustion chamber used in diesel engines is to __________.


34. The quality of air filtration, effectiveness of lubrication and type of fuel used are important factors for the __________.


35. The cetane rating of diesel fuel is an indication of the __________.


36. Which of the following conditions could contribute to the cracking of a diesel engine cylinder head?


37. The ignition quality of diesel fuel oil is indicated by the __________.


38. To measure bearing clearances, a special small diameter plastic rod (plasti-gage) is placed between the crankshaft journal and the connecting rod bearing shell. The actual reading is obtained by __________.


39. To determine the main bearing clearance of a propulsion diesel engine, you should measure the main bearing shell using a ball anvil outside micrometer and measure the crankshaft journal using a/an __________.


40. Which of the following represents the significance the fuel oil cetane number?


41. On a large low-speed main propulsion diesel engine, lower main bearing wear is usually measured by using a/an __________.


42. The ignition quality of a fuel oil is an important operational consideration because it __________.


43. In addition to the main starting air compressor, another air compressor driven by a separate power source is installed to __________.


44. In a hydraulic starting system, oil to the starting motor flows from the __________.


45. Hydraulic starters are installed on many lifeboat diesel engines instead of comparable air start systems, because __________.


46. The valve stem expansion associated with engine warm-up is allowed for by the __________.


47. Which type of starter motor is normally used in a diesel engine hydraulic starting system?


48. Which type of motor listed is most commonly used in hydraulic starting systems for diesel engines?


49. When an engine fitted with a hydraulic starting system starts up, the starter is protected from the higher speed of the engine by __________.


50. In a Bendix starter drive, the pinion engagement with the flywheel ring gear is initiated by __________.


51. In a diesel engine starting motor equipped with a Bendix drive, the pinion moves and meshes with the flywheel ring gear due to __________.


52. If the bowl of a disk type centrifugal purifier when operated as a separator is not primed, the __________.


53. The device used to engage a diesel engine starting motor with the flywheel ring gear is the __________.


54. Marine auxiliary diesel engine starters utilizing Bendix drive gear are powered by an electric starting motor or __________.


55. Electric starting motors for diesel engines require high current for operation and __________.


56. Auxiliary diesel engine electric starting motors use __________.


57. Diesel engine electric starting motors generally require heavier duty motors and operate at higher voltages than comparable starting motors for gasoline engines due to __________.


58. Which of the following statements best represents how the start air valve, operates to admit starting air to the main engine cylinder?


59. The admission valve is fitted to an air supply manifold for opening and closing off the supply of compressed air to the starting valves, as well as air distribution to the main propulsion diesel engine. The admission valve is opened by __________.


60. When the air valve is opened to admit starting air to a diesel engine pneumatic starting motor, the valve should be opened rapidly to __________.


61. Diesel engine air start system check valves are opened by __________.


62. In a direct cylinder admission air starting system, once the engine begins to fire, the air starting check valve is closed by __________.


63. If a four-stroke/cycle diesel engine is started by admitting high pressure air into the cylinders, the pistons receiving the charge of starting air must be __________.


64. When an air started, four-stroke/cycle diesel engine is being cranked over, the starting air is admitted to each cylinder during the beginning of its __________.


65. In a medium-speed marine propulsion engine equipped with direct admission air starting valves, the cylinders without air starting valves fire first because the __________.


66. An eight cylinder, air started, two-stroke/cycle, direct reversing, marine diesel engine can be rotated from any crankshaft position by the air start system only if it has __________.


67. Which of the routine maintenance procedures listed is required for starting air receivers?


68. In some Bendix drive electric starting systems, the sudden shock of the pinion gear being engaged with the flywheel is absorbed by the __________.


69. Which of the following operating characteristics of the Bendix drive friction clutch is associated with a Bendix drive starter?


70. For a diesel engine, approximately how long can an electric starter motor be operated continuously before damage may begin to occur due to overheating?


71. The purpose of the engine-driven hydraulic pump in an auxiliary diesel engine hydraulic starting system is to __________.


72. As soon as a diesel engine has started, which of the listed engine operating parameters should be checked first?


73. An auxiliary diesel engine may fail to start due to __________.


74. Before any auxiliary diesel engine hydraulic starting system is opened for servicing or repair, you must __________.


75. If the jacket water temperature rises rapidly above normal in a diesel engine, you should first __________.


76. Which of the listed conditions will result in the failure of an auxiliary diesel engine to shut down?


77. Which of the routine maintenance procedures listed is required for starting air receivers?


78. If the relief valve on a diesel engine cylinder lifts, the cause could be due to __________.


79. When it is necessary to adjust the compensating needle valve in a hydraulic governor, adjustment shall be made while the engine is __________.


80. In an automatic auxiliary heating boiler, the fuel oil strainers located in the fuel oil service are either duplex type or __________.


81. Identify on the following statement why the designed of ring belt narrower in diameter than the skirt of a piston for diesel engine?


82. The diameter of the piston is smaller at the crown than at the skirt in order to allow __________.


83. In diesel engine excessive wear on cylinder liner will cause __________.


84. During routine blowing of tubes at sea, there should be a decrease in temperature in the __________.


85. The scavenging air is supplied to steam soot blower elements in order to __________.


86. While inspecting a pistons, liners and piston rings on large two-stroke diesel engine through its scavenging ports it was noticed that the piston crown on one cylinder is wet, this symptoms is caused by __________.


87. The part of modern diesel engine that carries the load is referred to as __________.


88. During engine maintenance and inspection of bearings which of the following will indicate that the bearings is well lubricated?


89. In order to prevent air binding, waste heat boiler may be equipped with vent on the __________.


90. On formula; IHP = PLAN over 33,000, letter “N” represent __________.


91. In the operating cycle of a four-stroke/cycle diesel engine, blow down to exhaust manifold pressure must occur before the piston begins the exhaust stroke to minimize __________.


92. If a diesel engine turned over freely but failed to start, the cause could be __________.


93. A four-stroke, cycle, turbocharged,1000 horsepower diesel engine has been operating under load. The load suddenly increases, causing excessive black exhaust smoke, and a rapid rise in the lube oil temperature. In response to this condition, you should __________.


94. Which of the operating characteristics listed would apply to the turbocharger?


95. Which of the following procedures should be carried out when a large, low-speed, diesel engine is operated with one cylinder secured?


96. A diesel engine could fail to start because of __________.


97. Excessive vibration in an operating diesel generator may be caused by __________.


98. A bronze bearing liner with a lead-tin flashing has a milky-white color over most of its surface and some areas of exposed bronze. The white coloring indicates __________.


99. Irregular engine speed in a diesel generator can be caused by __________.


100. Water accumulation in the cylinder of a secured engine is an indication that the __________.


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