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1. High pressure steam drains are normally discharged to the __________.


2. To provide emergency feed water supply to a steaming boiler, if it becomes necessary to secure the DC heater, suction should be taken on the distilled water tank using the __________.


3. The purpose of the steam control valves installed in the auxiliary exhaust line is to__________.


4. The gland exhaust fan draws steam and non-condensable vapors from the gland exhaust condenser and discharges to the


5. Proper lagging of a single-element feed water regulator is accomplished by applying the insulation material __________.


6. A two-element boiler feed water regulator is controlled by __________.


7. A pneumatic dual element, main propulsion, boiler feed water regulating system commonly used aboard ship utilizes __________.


8. A single element boiler feed water regulating system used aboard ship utilizes


9. Excess free oxygen in the boiler feed water can be the result of __________.


10. If the DC heater relief valve lifts frequently, the cause can be excessive __________.


11. Which of the conditions listed may be indicated by the lifting of the DC heater relief valve?


12. Excessive water loss from the main feed system can be caused by __________.


13. In a closed feed and water cycle, which of the conditions listed could prevent vacuum from reaching the desired level?


14. The water level in a steaming boiler has risen to within 2 inches of the top of the top gage glass. Your immediate action should be to __________.


15. On a steam vessel, if a centrifugal main feed pump were operating at shutoff head with the recirculating line closed, which of the following conditions could occur?


16. Air accumulated in the inter condenser of the air ejector assembly is discharged directly to the __________.


17. Which statement is true concerning two-stage air ejector assemblies?


18. Serious tube leaks in the air ejector condenser assembly will cause __________.


19. ( Why does air entry into the main condenser reduce the efficiency of the steam cycle?


20. Which of the devices listed is used to keep overheated condensate from flowing to the deaerating feed tank?


21. Which statement listed represents a vital function of the main condenser?


22. The leakage of air into the pump casing by way of the packing gland of a condensate pump, is prevented by __________.


23. Air accumulated in the after condenser of the air ejector unit is discharged directly to the __________.


24. One of the basic rules applying to the operation of a single-pass main condenser is that the __________.


25. Maintaining low pressure in a condensing turbine exhaust trunk __________.


26. The steam separator as used in conjunction with a steam whistle normally drains to which of the listed drain systems?


27. Which of the following statements represents the function of a turbine gland exhaust condenser?


28. What type of sensor is normally used with the automatic recirculating valve in the main condensate line?


29. High pressure and low pressure drain systems are part of the __________.


30. Which of the components listed prevents water from flowing back into the auxiliary exhaust line if the deaerating feed tank becomes flooded?


31. Cooling water to the vent condenser in a DC heater is supplied by the _______.


32. In a main propulsion steam turbine installation, the condensate pump initially discharges to the __________.


33. Condensate pumps have distinctly noticeable characteristics and can usually be recognized by their __________.


34. If a ship is to be laid up for an indefinite period, the steam side of the main condenser should be __________.


35. Vapor blowing from the air ejector condenser vent may be caused by __________.


36. Scale in the air ejector first-stage nozzle could cause a decrease in the __________.


37. If the cooling water flow through the air ejector inter condensers and after condensers is inadequate, which of the problems listed will occur?


38. Excessively hot water returning to an atmospheric drain tank indicates __________.


39. Dissolved oxygen in the condensate can result from __________.


40. Salt water contamination of condensate could occur at which component?


41. If the salinity indicator periodically registers high salinity in the main hot well, the cause may be


42. Which of the conditions listed could prevent a centrifugal condensate pump from developing its rated capacity?


43. Excessive condensate depression can result in __________.


44. While maneuvering out of port, you answer a stop bell. You notice a lot of steam coming out of the gland exhaust condenser vent, in addition to the main condenser hot well level being low. For this condition you should __________.


45. From which of the areas listed are condensate drains normally collected and returned to the low pressure drain system?


46. A basic comparison can be made between a low pressure evaporator operation and a main condenser with regards to the removal of non-condensable gases. The vacuum drag line for the main condenser is specifically connected in which area?


47. Which of the listed systems would be a potential source for the high pressure drain system?


48. The property of a fuel oil which is a measurement of its available energy, is known as its __________.


49. Which of the significant combustible elements of fuel oil is a major source of boiler corrosion?


50. The minimum temperature requirements for fuel oil in storage tanks is related to the ______.


51. The most harmful slag forming compounds found in fuel oils are __________.


52. Which constituent of fuel oil determines the specific heat?


53. Which combustible element in fuel oil is considered a significant and major source of air pollution?


54. The BTU value of fuel oil is determined by a/an __________.


55. The flash point of a residual fuel oil should be used to determine the highest temperature to which the oil may be heated __________.


56. When testing boiler flue gas with a chemical absorption apparatus, to obtain accurate results __________.


57. The absence of carbon monoxide in the flue gas of a boiler indicates __________.


58. When burning fuel oil in a boiler, a high CO2 content is desired in the stack gas because __________.


59. A mechanical carbon dioxide recorder operates by detecting the difference between air and the __________.


60. A flue gas analysis is performed to determine the __________.


61. Which of the following chemicals is used in an Orsat apparatus to absorb carbon dioxide?


62. If an analysis of boiler flue gas determines there is no excess air for combustion, you should expect the nitrogen content of the flue gas to be approximately __________.


63. Generally, a 12% to 14% content of carbon dioxide in boiler flue gases indicates


64. The temperature of the fuel oil received during bunkering operations is critical in determining the __________.


65. When you are transferring fuel oil to the settling tanks, precautions to be observed should include __________.


66. When you are transferring fuel oil from one double bottom tank to another, precautions to be observed should include __________.


67. Which of the pumps listed takes fuel oil suction from the double bottom tanks and discharges it to the settling tanks?


68. The main reason for having a low suction line on the fuel oil service or settling tanks is to __________.


69. Which of the following actions should be taken FIRST when water is found in the fuel oil settling tank?


70. Fuel oil is transferred to the settling tanks for __________.


71. The relief valve on the discharge side of the fuel oil service pump may discharge directly to the suction side of the pump, or to the __________.


72. Pumps normally used for fuel oil service are __________.


73. The valve located between the fuel oil header and the burner valve is known as the __________.


74. The primary purpose of the sprayer plate in a mechanical atomizing oil burner is to __________.


75. The amount of oil atomized by a straight mechanical fuel oil burner depends on the sprayer plate size and the __________.


76. In a steam assist fuel oil atomizer, the steam pressure is higher than the oil pressure at __________.


77. In most installations, the firing rate of a boiler using steam atomization is indicated by the __________.


78. In a steam assist atomizer, the fuel oil/steam mix takes place entirely within the ________.


79. Compared to the return flow oil burner system, an internally mixed steam atomizer requires __________.


80. Boilers equipped with steam atomizers can operate over a wide load range without cutting burners in and out because __________.


81. A boiler has a steam delivery capacity of 100,000 pounds per hour, and is equipped with four steam atomizing burners. If the load range of the burners is 4 to 1, this means that __________.


82. In an air register assembly, the majority of air passes through the __________.


83. The purpose of a 'peep' hole in the boiler casing is to __________.


84. The fins on the tubes of a fin type fuel oil heater are provided to __________.


85. When warming up a fuel oil service system, you should open the steam supply to the fuel oil heaters __________.


86. Boiler furnace brickwork can be fractured and broken by thermal shock caused by __________.


87. Which of the conditions listed can cause the flame of a mechanically atomized burner to be blown away from the burner tip when you are attempting to light off?


88. Fluctuations in the atomizing steam pressure at the burners could be caused by a/an __________.


89. In a multi-burner firebox, a burner tip with a worn and enlarged orifice will __________.


90. If the temperature of the fuel oil entering an atomizer is too low, the burner will __________.


91. A leaky fuel oil heater relief valve could be indicated by an increase in the


92. Condensate accumulation in the steam side of a fuel oil heater could result in __________.


93. The rate of fouling on the oil side of a fuel oil heater is inversely related to the


94. A boiler feed stop-valve must be mounted __________.


95. The pressure in the feed water system must exceed boiler steam drum pressure in order to __________.


96. Which of the following statements is correct regarding the start-up operation of a non-condensing turbine-driven feed pump?


97. Recirculation of the feed water ensures a flow of water through the __________.


98. During initial starting of the standby turbine-driven boiler feed pump, which of the listed valves should remain closed?


99. A turbine-driven centrifugal feed pump used for boiler feed service should normally be stopped by __________.


100. Why is it necessary to have a relief valve protect the deaerating feed tank from internal pressure?


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