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1. Wooden shoring is used in shipboard damage control to __________.


2. After an emergency shoring installation has been completed, the __________.


3. An acceptable method of temporarily sealing a crack formed in the hull of a vessel is to __________.


4. It is generally not advisable to drive a wedge into a crack occurring in the hull because wedges


5. The wooden plug fitted tightly in the vent of a damaged tank may prevent the tank from __________.


6. Your vessel has run aground and upon taking fuel oil tank soundings, you find that a fuel tank level has increased. You therefore should suspect __________.


7. The bypass valve on a self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) bypasses __________.


8. Which of the components listed are interchangeable between different backpack self-contained breathing apparatus produced by various manufacturers?


9. Which of the following conditions represents a particular advantage of using a positive pressure type self-contained breathing apparatus in an atmosphere that is immediately dangerous to life or health?


10. Manufacturers of self contained breathing apparatus use color coded face pieces to indicate different sizes. Which of the following statements is true concerning the colors of SCBA face pieces?


11. Which of the following limitations is correct regarding gas or filter masks?


12. A rigid lifesaving device designed for a group of survivors to hold on to while in the water is defined as a _______.


13. Which of the following statements is TRUE concerning lifejackets?


14. Lifejackets should be stowed in __________.


15. Kapok lifejackets require proper care and should NOT be __________.


16. You are involved in an emergency landing of a helicopter on the water. You should inflate your life jacket __________.


17. The external flotation bladder on an immersion suit should be inflated __________.


18. Which of the following statements is true concerning an immersion suit and its use?


19. An immersion suit should be equipped with a/an __________.


20. Which of the following is required to be included in the fireman's (emergency) outfit?


21. The hand brake of a lifeboat winch is __________.


22. In order for the automatic lifeboat drain to operate properly __________.


23. When lowering lifeboats as the vessel is pitching in heavy seas, a good practice is to rig frapping lines __________.


24. The purpose of the wire stretched between the lifeboat davit heads is to __________.


25. Your vessel is equipped with totally enclosed lifeboats. Which of the following statements is correct should the boat be enveloped in flames?


26. In heavy seas the helmsman should steer the survival craft __________.


27. When the survival craft is supplied with bottles of compressed air, they are used for __________.


28. While retrieving the survival craft, the engine should be stopped __________.


29. To activate an air regeneration canister on a survival craft, you __________.


30. When inspecting a survival craft, you should check to make sure that the __________.


31. When collecting condensation for drinking water, __________.


32. The survival craft engine is fueled with __________.


33. When launching an inflatable life raft, you should make sure that the operating cord is __________.


34. When personnel are lifted by a helicopter from an inflatable life raft, the personnel on the raft should __________.


35. If a life raft should capsize, __________.


36. While adrift in an inflatable life raft in hot, tropical weather __________.


37. Which of the following operations aboard a tanker must be recorded in the Oil Record Book on a tank-to-tank basis according to Coast Guard Regulations?


38. A gurgling noise is heard from within a cargo tank when discharging cargo, this would indicate that the __________.


39. Pressure-vacuum relief valves, as used on tank vessels, are usually set to operate at two points, __________.


40. Pressure-vacuum relief valves on tank vessel cargo tanks should be kept in good working order to prevent


41. Which of the following pressures represents the normal pressure setting of a pressure-vacuum relief valve as normally found on tank vessels?


42. Tank stripping is accomplished more effectively by using a __________.


43. A Crude Oil Wash (COW) system is considered as __________.


44. In order for you to operate your vessel's crude oil wash system, the cargo tanks to be washed must be __________.


45. Both crude oil washing and water washing use direct impingement to remove residue from tanks. Crude oil washing has an additional advantage, in utilizing __________.


46. Bottom mounted crude oil washing machines are primarily used for _________.


47. When tanks have been washed with crude oil, and ballasted without being water rinsed, the ballast is referred to as _________.


48. Crude oil washing has which of the following disadvantages?


49. To avoid excessive electrostatic effect in the crude oil washing process, due to the presence of water in the crude oil washing fluid, the contents of any tank to be used as a source of crude oil for washing must first reduce a portion of the tank contents by a vertical height equal to __________.


50. When the inert gas system is temporarily unable to maintain a positive pressure, or an oxygen content less than 8%, cargo operations should _________.


51. The component in an inert gas system used for cleaning the gas of solid and sulphur combustion products, while simultaneously cooling the inert gas, is called the __________.


52. The blowers of an inert gas generation system aboard a tanker, will be automatically secured if __________.


53. How does an inert gas system on a tanker function to prevent explosions in cargo tanks?


54. Each inert gas system must be equipped with the following instruments: oxygen concentration indicator and recorder, pressure indicator and recorder, and temperature indicator. The point of measurement for these instruments must be located __________.


55. Each ship having an inert gas system must have a portable instruments to measure concentrations of hydrocarbon vapor in inert atmospheres and also to measure __________.


56. Excessive recirculation of inert gas is _________.


57. When securing the operation of an inert gas system, the final step should be _________.


58. "Portable" oil tank cleaning machines are usually provided with a water supply from the __________.


59. An electrically "charged mist" will be found in a __________.


60. When using portable tank cleaning machines, the hoses may be disconnected when __________.


61. When water washing epoxy-coated cargo tanks, the temperature and pressure of the wash water should generally not exceed __________.


62. Reserve buoyancy is the __________.


63. In the absence of external forces, the center of gravity of a floating vessel is located directly above the


64. Stability is determined principally by the relationship of the center of gravity and the __________.


65. Clogged limber holes can endanger a ship's stability by __________.


66. Static water pressure on the hull of a ship is greatest at the __________.


67. What standard mathematical formula is commonly used to calculate a vessels waterplane area for stability purposes?


68. The weight of the liquid displaced by a vessel floating in sea water is equal to the __________.


69. If the cause of severe list or trim of a vessel is due to off-center ballast, counter flooding into empty tanks will __________.


70. If the cause of a sudden severe list is due to negative initial stability, counter flooding into empty ballast tanks may __________.


71. The distance between the bottom of the hull and the waterline is called __________.


72. After transferring a weight forward on a vessel, the draft at the center of flotation will __________.


73. Many uninspected motor vessels require load lines. For the purpose of the Load Line Regulations, the term 'surveyor' means __________.


74. With no environmental forces acting on the vessel, the center of gravity of an inclined vessel is vertically aligned with the __________.


75. A vessel's center of gravity is lowered when the __________.


76. The important stability parameter 'KG' is defined as the __________.


77. When a vessel is inclined, the tendency for it to return to its original position is caused by the __________.


78. The center of volume of the immersed portion of the vessel is the __________.


79. The water in which a vessel floats provides vertical upward support. The point through which this support is assumed to act is known as the center of __________.


80. Which abbreviation represents the height of the center of buoyancy?


81. A vessel trimmed down by the bow has __________.


82. The tendency of a ship to resist a change in trim is __________.


83. In the absence of external forces, adding weight to one side of a floating vessel, will cause the vessel to __________.


84. What effect will transferring fuel oil from #1P double bottom to #3P double bottom have on the trim of a vessel?


85. If a vessel rolls to the starboard side, and there are no movable or moving weights onboard, the center of gravity will


86. You may improve a vessel's stability by __________.


87. Increasing the free surface of a confined liquid has the effect of raising the __________.


88. Excessive free surface occurring in tanks carrying liquid cargo should be avoided in order to __________.


89. Adverse effects due to free surface will result when __________.


90. A vessel which is subjected to 'hogging' __________.


91. A vessel having a concentration of weight toward the top of the vessel is said to be __________.


92. What is the usual effect of moving weight from low in the vessel to above the main deck?


93. Which of the listed conditions will occur to the ship's center of gravity if 200 tons of steel is transferred to the ship’s cargo hold from shore side?


94. The horizontal fore and aft movement of a vessel is called __________.


95. The vertical motion of a floating vessel is known as __________.


96. The angular movement of a vessel about a horizontal line drawn from its bow to its stern is __________.


97. Pitching is the rising and falling motion of the bow of a ship oscillating about which axis?


98. In a compartment that has been completely flooded, the greatest pressure will be exerted __________.


99. A flat block placed under the end of a shore for the purpose of distributing pressure is referred to as a __________.


100. After measuring the length to which a section of shoring should be cut, you should cut the shoring __________.


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