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1. If you reach shore in a liferaft, the first thing to do is __________.


2. While your vessel is docked port side to a wharf, a sudden gale force wind causes the vessel's bow lines to part. The bow begins to fall away from the dock, and no tugs are immediately available. Which measure(s) should you take FIRST?


3. You must evacuate a seaman by helicopter lift. Which statement is TRUE?


4. When a man who is conscious has fallen overboard is being picked up by a lifeboat, the boat should approach with the wind __________.


5. You have taken another vessel in tow at sea. You can tell that the towing speed is too fast when the __________.


6. Your vessel is in distress and the order has been given to abandon ship. If you must enter the water which of the following would aid in preventing hypothermia?


7. When personnel are lifted by a helicopter from an inflatable liferaft, the personnel on the raft should __________.


8. You are involved in an emergency landing of a helicopter on the water. You should inflate your life jacket __________.


9. You are picking up a conscious person that has fallen overboard. Recovery is easier if you approach with the __________.


10. A situation has occurred where it becomes necessary for you to be towed. What action should be taken to prevent your vessel from yawing?


11. You have a large, broken-down vessel in tow with a wire rope and anchor cable towline. Both vessels have made provision for slipping the tow in an emergency; however, unless there are special circumstances __________.


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